Wanhao Duplicator 6 Upgrades

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades : D6 is a Wanhao renowned 3D printer, manufacturer’s industrial strength FDM 3D printer. Its best qualities are high definition print resolution and rapid printing.

It can print complicated structures and high-quality models in a shorter amount of time. Thus, allowing one to do fast prototyping with ABS, HIPS, PLA, Wood PLA, PVA, and NYLON.

Models up to the size of a domestic toaster oven can be printed with a volume of 200mm*200mm*175mm.


Upgrades on Thingiverse

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

Thingiverse is a site for sharing digital design files made by users. It allows contributors to choose a user license type for the designs they contribute.  It is mostly free, open-source hardware designs. 

They are released under the GNU (GPL) or Creative Commons licenses. Users can utilize laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines, etc.

The RepRap Project and MakerBot operator use Thingiverse in the DIY technologies and Maker industries. It was founded by Zach Smith in 11/ 2008 as a companion site to MakerBot Technologies.


Wanhao Duplicator 6 Silicon Boot

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

This is a silicon boot for the heater block on the Wanhao Duplicator 6. Boot’s major function is to keep the warmth of the hot-end stable. 

It has 2 extra advantages. It helps to avoid burns from coming into contact with the hot-end when clearing the nozzle. Second, because most plastic will not attach to silicon, it helps keep the heater block clean.

It’s a five-sided boot that users put on from the front. The top portion of the cover is divided to allow it to slide over the cold break. On all sides, the boot is around 2mm thick, which provides ample insulation. The back is completely exposed.

Guidelines for making the silicon boot have been included. Also included instructions on how to season the boot. It’s impossible to remove the silicon section in one piece if users don’t apply enough Vaseline to the mold’s base. 

So, better to change the design to allow for the removal of the base if necessary. Sprues are added to the top of the mold, as well as a lip to help align the mold insert with the mold.


Printing Options

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades
  • Printer : D6 by Wanhao
  • Rafts : Null
  • Supports : Null
  • Resolution : .2mm
  • Infill : 25 percent

Important: PLA was the material used. There are four layers on top and four layers on the bottom and three shells. Because of the precise resolution, the inside of the mold was smooth to the touch. 

To provide a good sliding fit between the mold and the mold insert, a minor bit of sanding was required.


A Filament Spool Holder with Printed Bearings for D6

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

There are many Wanhao Duplicator 6 (Monoprice Ultimate) spools to replace the machine’s short one. 

However they all appear to require additional hardware. For example, nuts, threaded rods, and metal bearings. 

Printed bearings(x2) are inserted inside the spool tube in this variant. Simply print, slap the spool, and twist to release the bearing rods, then install!


Printing Options

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades
  • Printer : D6 by Wanhao
  • Rafts : It Makes No Difference
  • Supports : Yes
  • Resolution : .2mm
  • Infill : 20-40 percent

Important: Prints well at a resolution of.2mm or less. Specify the lightest support that the printer is capable of. It is created with PLA, which has strict tolerances. So, ABS or any other shrinking filament is not recommended.

The stl file’s objects are all aligned for printing in this method. Take care when removing the pin thing from the bed. it’s sensitive. Users can use a paperclip or something else small instead of the printed pin if they don’t want to hassle with it.


Extruder Plate and CNC Machined Micro Swiss Lever for Wanhao Duplicator 6

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

For Wanhao Duplicator 6 and all clones, this is a new lever and extruder plate. The plate and lever are made of aluminum (6061 billet) and have weight-saving features. It replaces a stock plastic component that has a proclivity to deform due to high temperature and stress.

This is a direct substitute that does not require any modifications. Wanhao Duplicator 6 and Monoprice Maker Ultimate Printer are compatible. It costs 28 dollars.

  • Good Quality CNC machined
  • Wanhao D6 and Monoprice Maker Ultimate are compatible
  • Manufactured in USA by Micro Swiss

Item specs:

  • Brand : Micro-Swiss
  • Ean : 7432114896805
  • Part No. : M2570
  • UNSPSC Code : 39120000

Information on the product

  • Product being phased out? : No
  • Dimensions : 2 x 2 x 0.5 (inches); 1.59 Oz
  • First Available : 19/05/2016
  • Manufacturer : Micro Swiss LLC
  • Origin : USA

Glass with a Carborundum Coating for Construction

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

These beds are composed of tempered glass that has been coated with a unique substance. 

Durability and resistance is increased to warping. Also it provides some cool printing benefits.

The beds are based on the Anycubic UltraBase design. They feature a crossing pattern that traps air bubbles and aids in the formation of a vacuum at high temperatures.  This is ideal for 3D printing since it provides grip during the printing process. Thus, allowing for easy removal after the print is complete.

These beds have a very nice bottom-layer finish, which is sleek. It has small bumps interconnecting the entire surface. While it cannot match PEI’s ultra-smooth surface finish, it has its own distinct charm. It is particularly for printing huge flat things like enclosure panels.

The surface treatment is made of a semiconductor material (Silicone Carbide), known as Carborundum. It has a similar manufacturing style to glass but has an 8 Mohs rigidity once treated. 

This makes it very hard to ruin the bed, as it is extremely resistant to scratches and other forms of wear and tear.

COMPATIBILITY: Carborundum Glass Bed is 220mm x 220mm in thickness. It is compatible with TronXY X2, Anet A8, TronXY P802M, and other printers.

SUPERIOR LEVELING: The tempered glass has a 0.15mm protective coating that boosts sturdiness to warping. It also improves bed leveling while remaining flat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

SLEEK FINISH: These beds have a very smooth bottom-layer surface finish. It has small ridges interconnecting the entire surface, which is ideal for printing huge flat things. For example: enclosure panels.

SIMPLE TO REMOVE: The crossing pattern captures air bubbles and helps to build a vacuum at extreme temps. It results in high grip throughout the printing process. It is also simple to remove without the use of tools once the print is completed.

LONGER LIFE SPAN: This bed has higher adhesion support and a much longer lifespan. It has exceptional endurance even when subjected to heavy mechanical stepper motor stresses. This ensures the bed is not only very productive but also cost-efficient.

Item specs:

  • Brand : LANTECH
  • Ean : 7415078067283
  • Part no. :   NS0000174
  • UNSPSC Code : 40000000

Advance Specs

  • Size of Bed : 220x220mm
  • Thickness : 3mm
  • Volume : 200x200mm
  • Material : Tempered Glass
  • Surface Hardness : 8Mohs
  • Surface Treatment : Carborundum
  • Compatibility :                        Cocoon 3D Printer Touch, Anet A8, Wanhao Duplicator 6, 
  • Duplicator i3/i3 Plus, TronXY X2, TronXY P802M, Plus, 
  • Ultimate 2, Robo R2.

Bondtech D6 Extruder Upgrade Kit

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

This D6/Monoprice D6 extruder upgrade kit will replace the original feeder. The standard motor is used, and the feed tube of PTFE is secured using a mechanized 4 mm sized push and fit connector.

This kit includes a high-capacity material feeding mechanism. It allows users to upload quicker and with better quality. One may fine-tune the force operating on the filament with the flexible thumbscrew. With conventional tools, it takes half an hour to install.

For better strength and quality, the housing pieces are SLS printed in polyamide.

The maximum movement in the Y-direction must be lowered to 190 mm. This is to avoid the print head from clashing with the rear frame. The essential adjustments are applied in a recent firmware that is available for download.

The print head has problems closing on to the endstop (for the Y-Axis) ahead of the extruder’s front clashing with the frame. To fix this, an o-ring is supplied that slips over the x-shaft and activates the endstop quicker.


Micro Swiss Slotted Cooling Block with All Metal Hotend

Wanhao Duplicator 6 upgrades

The fully metallic hotend kit from Micro Swiss for the Wanhao Duplicator 6 comes with a reworked thermal barrier tube, nozzle, and redesigned cooling block. Two separate materials are used to make the thermal barrier tube. 

The lower half of the thermal break is made of stainless steel, while the upper section is made of aluminum. The thermal break was made of stainless steel because it has a poor thermal conductivity. The upper half was made of aluminum for better thermal conductivity. This allows any heat generated by the filament to be carried away.

The hotend allows users to print at extreme temps than the traditional PTFE-lined hotend. Another advantage of the hotend is improved melt chamber control. The transition zone from hard to molten plastic tends to move upward in a PTFE lined hotend. 

This results in more fibrous prints. A transition zone is frequently present in an all-metal design since it is placed at the heat break. The thermal conductivity of the PTFE tube is insufficient to melt all of the plastic that is being extruded. It costs 57.95 dollars.

  • Wanhao D6 / Monoprice Maker Ultimate are compatible
  • Slotted Clamping system
  • No set screw to scratch and harm thermal tube
  • Improved transfer of heat
  • Made by Micro Swiss in USA

Product Specifications

  • Brand : Micro-Swiss
  • Ean : 0866086000286
  • Volume : 0.02 liters
  • Weight : 0.705 oz.
  • Model no. : M2561-04
  • No. of Items : 1
  • Part No. : M2561-04
  • Size : .4mm

Vital Information

  • Product being Phased Out? :   No.
  • Dimensions  :   2.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches; 0.71 Oz
  • Model no. of item :   M2561-04
  • First Available :   04/08/ 2016
  • Manufacturer :   Micro Swiss
  • ASIN :   B01JPHLSD6

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