Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review : Features, Specifications, Conclusion

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Tronxy XY-2 Pro 3D Printer

The Tronxy XY2 Pro 3D printer is a potential Creality Ender 3 Pro competitor with a bevy of unique features.


Introduction to Tronxy XY-2

Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review

When a standard 3D printer gets famous, the manufacturers usually modify a few elements and introduce it with a “Pro” flagship. Although they contain only minor hardware advancements, Tronxy has given the Pro name more meaning.

The features of Tronxy XY-2 Pro are quite distinct for their advancements and beat many in the competition. It is a completely rebuilt model based on the Tronxy XY-2, and it is almost a distinct 3D printer.

The XY-2 Pro has a larger build volume, measuring 255 x 255 x 260 mm, as well as automatic bed leveling and a slew of other new capabilities, which come under $250.

But the question arises, can Tronxy XY-2 Pro compete with the budget hegemony of other printers? Well, it is definitely one of the promising challengers. Read our demonstration to know why.

Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review
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Components within the box

Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review

Tronxy XY-2 is easy to assemble and comes with various items for easy installation. The following components are the ones that come along with the package.

  • Two Filament Entrances
  • Rapid heating
  • 2-In-1-Out
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fast assembly
  • 3.5-inch touch screen
  • Wearable pulley
  • Single cable design
  • Auto leveling
  • The double fans extruder head
  • Adjustment nuts
  • Resume print after power-off
  • Filament run-out detection

It’s a do-it-yourself assembly machine. It is more ideal for some 3D printing aficionados to buy. For any user having a zeal for learning and assembling 3D printing, Tronxy XY-2 is a good buy. 


Salient Features

Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review

Let’s have a look at the Tronxy XY-2 Pro’s features:

a) Quick Assembly

The Tronxy XY-2 Pro 3D printer arrives partially constructed and is relatively simple to assemble. All you need to do is connect the touch screen display to the higher bracket and attach it to the printer’s base.

The single cable design is a good perk because it allows the users to connect the wiring in one step without having to deal with the wire tangles.

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b) Large Scale Construction

The build space of 255mm x 255mm x 260mm is a significant improvement over the previous edition, which had a print space of 220mm x 220mm x 260mm. The Tronxy XY-2 Pro has a greater build space than the Ender 3 Pro.

c) Bed Leveling “AUTOMATIC” 

The auto-leveling sensor is the most unexpected feature of the Tronxy XY-2 Pro. It measures a grid of 16 locations across the bed. Then, it provides readouts on each and gives suggestions on each bed-leveling knob that needs tuning for improving the level. It’s not entirely automatic, but it does ease some tedium.

d) Extra Features

The Tronxy XY 2 Pro also has the following features:

  • The printing process can be resumed.
  • There is a filament runout sensor as well that detects whether a filament is running.
  • Tronxy claims to provide 24-hour technical support for life. 

Printing and Setup 

Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review

Like other budget printers, the assembly of the Tronxy XY-2 Pro is quite simple. It involves the installation of the gantry to the base unit, tightening a few eccentric nuts, belt pulleys and plugging in the cables. To set up and be ready to print, we estimate it will take about ten minutes.

While we admire Tronxy’s foresight in placing many test prints on the microSD card, they take an eternity to print. Avoid these prints and slice your own if you need to run a fast job to check your level or make other minor adjustments.

Unfortunately, there are no profiles for common slicers included within the Tronxy XY-2 Pro. It does come with Tronxy Slicer, a proprietary Cura (15.04.06) skin that may be modified in the options to allow more control over your prints. So, for fine-tuning, it is better to check some of those items, especially for the support structures.

Overall, the Tronxy Slicer isn’t bad, but we still wish it had profiles for the most often used slicers.

The Tronxy XY-2 Pro prints with good quality right out of the box. However, some stringing, as well as zits and blobs, can be seen even after adjusting the retraction settings and printing speed.


Technical Specifications

Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review

Do you want to view a detailed breakdown of this machine? The Tronxy XY-2 Pro’s technical characteristics are as follows:

a) Specifications in General

  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is the technology employed.
  • The item is only partially assembled. 
  • It was manufactured in the year 2019.
  • It was manufactured by Tronxy.
  • Cartesian-XZ-head is the mechanical configuration.

b) Printer Properties

  • Its volume of construction is 255*255*260 mm.
  • Bowden Drive is its feeder system.
  • The size of the nozzle is 0.4 mm.
  • It has a single nozzle print head.
  • It doesn’t have a camera.
  • A filament sensor is present.
  • It has an aluminum frame. 
  • The leveling of the bed is aided.
  • MicroSD cards and USB cables are required for connectivity.
  • Recovery of the print is available.
  • It has a flexible sheet for the print bed. 
  • 275°C maximum hot-end temperature.
  • The temperature of a heated bed is a maximum of 120 °C.

c) Filament Specification

  • The diameter of the filament is 1.75 mm.
  • It is a third-party filament.
  • Items used for making filaments are PLA, PETG, ABS, and Flexibles.

d) Weight and Dimensions

  • The frame dimension is 460 x 455 x 520 mm.
  • The weight is 8.5 kg. 

e) Software Applications

  • An advisable slicer is Tronxy Slicer.
  • Windows and Mac OSX are the two operating systems available.
  • STL, OBJ, and AMF are examples of file types.


Tronxy XY-2 Pro Review

Overall, the Tronxy XY-2 Pro has some appealing features for a device that costs roughly $250. Beginners will appreciate the simple construction, assisted-leveling sensor, and affordable pricing. The bigger build capacity and fast-heating print bed will certainly appeal to advanced users.

Tronxy’s efforts in producing a well-rounded machine are commendable. The big print volume and bed leveling aid are excellent for the price, and they may attract people away from the Ender 3 Pro. Unfortunately for Tronxy, the XY-2 Pro appears to be a little late in the game. The competition is fierce and $250 can get one with a lot of printers elsewhere these days.

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