Tronxy X5SA Pro Review

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Tronxy X5SA Pro 3D Printer

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  • Very Economical
  • Sensor for Auto leveling
  • Detachable print bed
  • Support variety of Filament Material
  • Resume in case of Power Failure
  • Sensor for detection of filament run-out
  • Printer requires assembling using DIY Kit

Product Overview

Tronxy X5SA Pro Review

The Tronxy X5SA Pro is an upgrade over earlier models of large-format 3D printers from Tronxy. The most liked and economical model, the Tronxy X5S was released in 2018. 

The X5S costing about $300 appeared to give a lot of value for the price, with a build volume of 330mm x 330mm x 400 mm and a CoreXY frame architecture.

Though this model was a big hit on stores such as Aliexpress and Gearbest, it also got a fair amount of negative feedback. 

There was reporting of myriad problems with the DIY package. These included heating issues with the heat bed, outdated Marlin firmware and cracks in the acrylic Z mounts.

The company had to hurry and correct these issues by launching the Tronxy X5SA, which has new metallic Z-axis mounts and a slew of useful features. More recently, Tronxy refined the FDM technology with the Tronxy X5SA Pro.

Source: Tronxy

Salient Features

Tronxy X5SA Pro Review

The Tronxy X5SA Pro may look a lot like the earlier model at first glance. It comes with the same design, the CoreXY and a bigger build volume of 330mm x 330mm x 400 mm.

Tronxy has put a lot of effort into enhancing this 3D printer. This includes adding new capabilities, refining the structure, and making internal changes.

Let’s check out these new features and make out the differences between the Tronxy X5SA Pro, to the original Tronxy X5S and the Tronxy X5SA.

a. Improved Design: More Metal, Fewer Issues

The frame design is one of the most noticeable enhancements of the Tronxy X5SA Pro. The acrylic mounts on prior models were delicate and prone to breaking, a common complaint.

By replacing thermoplastic components with metallic parts, Tronxy has tried to address this issue.

From an Amazon review, the Tronxy X5SA Pro currently only has four acrylic components. The remaining machine was built of sheet metal and aluminum.

A twin-axis guide rail has also been incorporated by the manufacturer. Thus enhancing the printer’s precision and stability.

Please note that the Tronxy X5SA Pro is still a do-it-yourself kit. This means, one has to spend a few hours to put it together, depending on the user’s competence. 

The prospect of assembling a 3D printer from the ground up may intimidate inexperienced users. 

But, there’s enough help by way of a setup manual and other online links for the user’s guidance.

b. Features to Delight Users

Aside from the cosmetic enhancements, the Tronxy X5SA Pro also has a wonderful set of features. These are also available on the Tronxy X5SA model. Nonetheless, these characteristics will aid in streamlining the 3D printing process for all types of users.

The incorporation of a sensor for auto-leveling for the X5SA Pro’s price point is a big plus. It makes the generally difficult bed leveling process easier to cope with. With a removable print bed, users can easily remove 3D objects on completion of printing – just pull off the print and push on the bed.

Print resume, which protects makers from losing their 3D prints due to power disruptions, is still here. As it was present in the previous model, the Tronxy X5SA. Not surprisingly the X5SA Pro also retains the sensor that detects filament run out.

c. Titan Type Extruder along with Upgraded Accessories

The addition of a Titan type extruder is the most significant difference between the Tronxy X5SA Pro and earlier models. This more refined extruder permits printing using flexible materials such as TPU, thanks to a tighter filament route.

The Tronxy X5SA Pro also boasts a redesigned 3.5-inch display with touchscreen.  Tronxy claims this offers easier navigation along with a neat interface.

Users do not have to confront a tangle of wires in the printer as a result of integrated and improved wiring design. This results in a straight and clean connection. 

The power supply with an output of 24V, solves this issue with the original Tronxy X5S’s print bed heating time.

Finally, users may upload 3D models through USB cable or SD memory stick, to the printer. Tronxy has also added the ability to print through Wi-Fi, but this requires the purchase and installation of a separate Wi-Fi module.

d. Do-It-Yourself Kit

The DIY Kit takes hours to put the printer together. Furthermore, if one is a newbie, the setup may take even longer than intended. The positive thing to note here is availability of numerous online help forums. These teach how to put the machine together in a clear and concise manner.

The getting started guide is also excellent for beginners. In other words, regardless of the user’s skill level, they can assemble the machine easily using the DIY Kit.

e. Durable Design

There was a great deal of criticism from clients on the shaky frame and faulty acrylic mounting of earlier models. This encouraged the development of the Tronxy X5SA Pro.

Parts made of sheet metal and aluminum have replaced the majority of the thermoplastic components in this upgrade. The entire printer is now made of metal except for four parts made of acrylic.

f. Detachable Print Bed

Keeping track of prints is easier when one can remove the build plate to get the finished prints out of the printer. Users have to simply pull out the print bed and take out their 3D prints from the plate. They can then do what they want with the output models and move on.  

g. Filament Run out Detection

The ability of the Tronxy X5SA Pro to detect filament run-out is one of its most impressive features. As a result, if the printer has no filament during printing, the prints won’t be ruined.

Instead of beginning over, the printer will halt the printing process and allow the user to print the models from where they left off. On refilling the filament, the printer will restart operation, completing the design right on.

h. Resume Printing

Another important aspect of the 3D printer is the ability to resume printing. In this situation, if there is power out in the middle of a print, the 3D printer will halt the print and resume once the power is restored. This will come in handy again if one needs to save their prints due to unforeseen circumstances.

i. Sensor for Automatic Leveling

Finding so many helpful and appealing features at this sweet price spot point isn’t easy. Tronxy has made great efforts in upgrading the system.  Also to ensure that it achieves that sweet spot with the pricing without compromising too much on features.

Users can now stop wasting time in manually leveling the bed with the help of sensors in the Tronxy X5SA Pro that does this automatically. As a result, this 3D printer will appeal to both experts and newbies.

j. User-Friendly Touchscreen

What more can one ask for such a low price?  The Tronxy X5SA Pro has a 3.5-inch display touchscreen allowing users to effortlessly manage printing settings.

Users may operate the printer as a standalone unit using an SD memory card and USB connection, using the controls on the front.

k. Heated Build Plate

Yes, one can print using a hot build plate on the Tronxy X5SA Pro. As a result, users can build parts using different types of filament materials. It can accommodate filaments such as ABS, PLA, and flexible materials like TPU for printing without any problems.

l. WIFI Connection using an Upgrade 

The Tronxy X5SA Pro does have a factory built WIFI connection. This can be added later for an extra cost. For those who do most of their stuff using a wireless connection, this added feature can result in greater performance. 


How is it Different From the Tronxy X5SA Pro?

Tronxy X5SA Pro Review

The Tronxy X5SA Pro and Tronxy X5SA have many of the same features as the Tronxy X5SA. 

These include filament run-out detection, auto-leveling, and similar print space. Yet, the performance of the X5SA Pro is where the key differences are.

To begin with, the twin guide rail technology is believed to provide greater stability, resulting in more precise prints.  The introduction of additional metallic parts results in a more durable overall frame design. This addresses most of the consumer complaints regarding the acrylic portions.

Last but not least, the Titan extruder allows 3D creators to print with a wider range of 3D printing filaments. This includes flexible polymers such as TPU.


Technical Specifications

Tronxy X5SA Pro Review

The Tronxy X5SA Pro 3D printer’s technical specs are as follows:


  • Print Technology: FDM
  • Manufacturer: Tronxy
  • Model: X5SA Pro
  • Assembly: Partly assembled
  • Frame: Sheet Metal and Aluminum

Printing Specifications

  • Print Space: 330mm x 330mm x 400 mm
  • Speed of Printing: 20-150 mm per second (ideal: 60 mm/second)
  • Thickness of Print: 0.1-0.4 mm
  • Positioning Accuracy
  • X/Y-Axis :  0.0125 mm
  • Z-Axis :  0.02 mm
  • Nozzle Size: 0.4 mm
  • Materials: ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, HIPS, PVC, and Exotics
  • Nozzle Temperature: 260 ℃ (Maximum)
  • Print Bed Temperature: 100℃
  • Connectivity: USB cable, SD memory card

Software Applications

  • Slicer : Tronxy slicer (ideal)
  • File Types: OBJ, STL,  DAE, AMF, and G-code
  • Operating Software: Cura, Repetier-Host
  • Operating System: Mac-OS/ Windows / Linux

Power Supply

  • Input: 110V / 220V AC, 50 / 60Hz
  • Output: 24V / 360W

Physical Specifications

  • Printer 
    • Size : 580mm x 645mm x 660 mm
    • Weight: 14.5 kg or 31.96 lbs.
  • Packing 
    • Size: 580mm x 645mm x 660 mm
    • Weight: 16.5 kg or 36.37 lbs.

Product Price

Tronxy X5SA Pro Review

The 3D printer is priced at roughly $479, which falls in the medium budget category. As a result, there are tremendous benefits to users in crafting models of outstanding details at a low cost.

The Tronxy X5SA Pro is only a few dollars more expensive than its predecessor and yet provides many more functions and value.


Setting up the Tronxy X5SA Pro

The 3D printer comes partly-assembled and needs some patience in setting up. The getting started guide with step-by-step instructions is very helpful for users in setting up the Tronxy X5SA Pro. There are numerous videos on the net that describe the machine’s setup.

After one has connected all the parts, leveling the bed shouldn’t be an issue. The sensor for auto-leveling makes the bed leveling procedure into a painless experience. Thereafter, the user can slide the filament and begin printing their initial models.

It normally takes a few hours to set up the printer. And don’t be upset if it takes additional time. In some cases, a lack of experience can lead to unnecessary efforts. Yet, if one has patience, then completing the setup is not that difficult.

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