Top PLA Filaments with Glow-in-the-Dark Properties

Top PLA Filaments with Glow-in-the-Dark Properties

The glow-in-the-dark filament is identical to regular filament except for one major difference: it emits light after being charged by light. By adding strontium aluminate, zinc sulfide, or calcium sulfide additives into the filament, users can create objects that emit light when exposed to UV radiation. You can get glow-in-the-dark varieties of PLA, ABS, and even more materials, and printing using one of these materials is the ideal method to add a glowing effect to a decorative or cosplay print. 

When shopping for a glow-in-the-dark filament, the same indicators of quality that you use for regular filaments apply. It’s important to look for the roundness of its cross-section, consistency in the diameter, and uniformity in its colour. These are all characteristics of high-grade filament materials and usually won’t be found in inferior versions. Additionally, you should also take notice of how consistent the winding is on the spool; if it has glaring imperfections visible to the eye, it’s a good indication that it isn’t made to exacting standards.

Top PLA Filaments with Glow-in-the-Dark Properties

In addition, If you’re looking for the perfect glow-in-the-dark filament, several factors might influence your decision. Firstly, you’ll want to consider the colour of the glow, as this can also vary between brands. Then you should look at how bright and visible the glow is, and how long it will last before needing a recharge. Lastly, gauge what colour the filament looks like while not glowing since that can also be quite important when considering aesthetics. 

Before we jump into the exciting list of the best brands for printing amazing prints, let’s take a quick look at what types of materials work best when printing. Knowing the optimal material to use can enhance any potential finished product. 

Tips for 3D Printing

When it comes to printing with glow-in-the-dark filaments, always consult your manufacturer’s recommendations. Not only do they know the best way to print their material, but they can also provide you with detailed information on the optimal settings for each filament. There are a variety of options available so look for the one that is best for your application. 

Printing with glow-in-the-dark additives requires extra attention, as the abrasive particles in these materials can damage brass nozzles over time. To counter this problem, it’s important to make sure your 3D printer is equipped with a hardened steel or ruby nozzle instead – a switch that offers an essential safeguard for the longevity of your printer.

it is also important to consider the desired outcome of your project before settling on the infill density and exposure amount of UV light needed. Both the density and amount of light will affect how brightly your printed piece will glow. The higher the infill density, or the more effective UV light, will result in a brighter final product.

And with that, let’s move on to the brands!


Amolen is creating some unique and intriguing options when it comes to 3D printing filaments. With traditional materials, you have a limited selection of colours and shades, but with the selection Amolen offers, the creative possibilities are almost endless! Sure, they have green, two varieties of blue and even an unusual red option – but what makes Amolen stand out from the pack is its rainbow filament. 

Even better, if you’re interested in something that sparkles a little bit more, the Dazzling Green filament that Amolen offers is a fantastic option to consider. Unlike other glow-in-the-dark filaments, this one features various glowing speckles throughout its design. With it, you’ll achieve an intriguing starlike aesthetic that’s truly captivating. 

Also, this filament strikes a nice balance between cost and quality. It goes beyond the most basic of filaments yet isn’t nearly as pricy as some of the premium options that suit very specialized needs.

  • Nozzle temperature: 190-220 °C
  • Bed temperature: Ambient-50 °C
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Colours: Green, blue, deep blue, red, shining green, multicolour
  • Price: ~$33 for 1 kg

MatterHackers Build Series

MatterHackers is widely known as a 3D printing retailer, but its Build Series filament line also stands out for its value and reliability. Unlike its Pro Series counterpart, which offers premium quality at a slightly higher price point, the Build Series provides reliable performance while still staying within budget.

Furthermore, the Build Series PLA filament also comes in glow-in-the-dark options for both ABS and PLA materials – in green and blue colours – to spruce up your printed projects.

  • Nozzle temperatures: 190-220 °C (PLA), 220-240 °C (ABS)
  • Bed temperatures: 25-55 °C (PLA), 80-100 °C (ABS)
  • Diameters: 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm
  • Colours: Green, blue
  • Price: ~$25 for 1 kg


GlowFill is one of ColorFabb’s latest and greatest additions to their growing list of high-quality filaments. It is a PLA-PHA blend filament, intended to have improved toughness compared to regular PLA. This makes it an ideal choice for projects requiring strong materials that still look good. 

Its unique quality is its ability to glow in the dark: users have raved at how bright and vibrant the GlowFill filament looks while illuminated, although they do note that the glow can fade quickly. In the light of day, GlowFill has a creamy colour and a clean finish when printed with quality settings.

  • Nozzle temperature: 195-220 °C
  • Bed temperature: 50-60 °C (not required)
  • Diameters: 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm
  • Colour: Green
  • Price: ~$46 for 750 g (~$62/kg)

Gizmo Dorks

Gizmo Dorks stands out from the competition for a number of reasons, particularly for those on tight budgets. Not only is it one of the most cost-effective options listed, but its wide range of materials—PLA, ABS and HIPS—means that users can choose their glowing filament with precision. 

However, user reviews caution that the charges don’t put forth an intense level of luminosity. Rather than take their word for it, why not sample the products yourself? For a price this good, you may just find your perfect print after all.

  • Nozzle temperatures: 190-225 °C (PLA), 230-250 °C (ABS, HIPS)
  • Bed temperatures: 60 °C (PLA), 110 °C (ABS, HIPS)
  • Diameters: 1.75mm, 2.85 mm
  • Colour: Green
  • Price: ~$24 for 1 kg


Hatchbox is renowned for providing reliable budget materials and the glow-in-the-dark filament is no exception. Its affordability makes it an ideal choice for someone looking to squeeze more bang for their buck. The fame of Hatchbox doesn’t end there; they expanded their range by adding a glowing blue filament besides the standard green one many have come to love. 

A perfect example of what you can expect from their glow-in-the-dark material is the beautiful Golden State Warriors logo that was printed by a maker as seen on YouTube. 

  • Nozzle temperature: 180-210 °C
  • Bed temperature: Not required
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Colours: Green, blue
  • Price: ~$24 for 1 kg


Hello3D is setting a new standard for 3D printing with its variety of glow-in-the-dark filaments. They offer green and multicolour options, both of which have the ability to change colours within different distances. This cutting-edge product has a 4-star rating, with reviews praising its pleasing aesthetic appeal. Those looking for red, blue, and white luminescent PLA filament will have to wait, as they are not currently available. 

This multicolour filament from the manufacturer offers an interesting experience for 3D printing projects. Its spool changes between red, blue, and green about every 30 to 45 grams – making for a unique spiral design. The downside is that unless you expose parts made with this filament to UV light, they will look a dark green in the dark. During regular light exposure though, the entire spool appears milky white.  

  • Nozzle temperature: 190-220 °C
  • Bed temperature: Not specified
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Colours: Multicolor, blue, green, red
  • Price: ~$35 for 1 kg


If you are a maker looking to make your creativity stand out from the crowd, Overture has you covered. With over eight years of experience in the 3D printing filament market, they offer a range of attractive colours that can add a unique finish to any project. In particular, their signature glow-in-the-dark, classic green PLA option is sure to be a hit with makers looking for materials with an exciting new dimension.

These filaments have generally been praised for their reliability, but some reviews suggest that the glow-in-the-dark option has its shortcomings. Specifically, parts made using this filament don’t seem to glow for very long or very brightly. 

  • Nozzle temperature: 190-220 °C
  • Bed temperature: 25-60 °C
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Color: Green
  • Price: ~$30 for 1 kg

MatterHackers Pro Series

MatterHackers Pro Series stands above all their other filament options as the pinnacle of quality. Many users have noticed a significant improvement in their printing aesthetics when switching to the Pro Series, particularly in terms of surface finish and durability. This higher level of quality makes MatterHackers’ Pro Series an excellent choice for those looking for a premium 3D printing experience, including those interested in glow-in-the-dark filaments – currently only available in green.  

  • Nozzle temperature: 190-220 °C
  • Bed temperature: 25-55 °C
  • Diameters: 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm
  • Colour: Green
  • Price: ~$46 for 1 kg

Bonus: NinjaTek

Ninjaflex from Ninjatek is a truly unique combination of flexibility and the ability to glow in the dark. The TPU filament stands out from conventional PLA filaments and offers great durability, ease of use, and excellent consistency. Its glow capabilities aren’t as strong as some other options available but it makes up for this with sheer versatility. For anyone looking for something that can bend to their design needs while also giving off a subtle enchanting luminescence, Ninjaflex from Ninjatek is an ideal choice.

  • Nozzle temperature: 210-225 °C
  • Bed temperature: 20-50 °C
  • Diameters: 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm
  • Colour: Green
  • Price: ~$55 for 500 g (~$110/kg)
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