Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K Review

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Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K 3D Printer

Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K  has a 22 cm Z-axis and dual-linear rails, allowing hobbyists to produce tall and spectacular 3D Models. Read our detailed review

  • Resolution for large prints is very impressive
  • LCD build plate of 9.3"
  • 4K Monochrome
  • A large construction plate
  • It's easy to use by anyone
  • Options for personalization
  • Only USB [No network connectivity]
  • (2.8") Small touch panel
  • Plastic Resin Vat (Some may not like)
  • Z-axis is short [8.66"]


[ Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K Review ]

The Sonic Mighty is a large-format 3D printer using resin print technology. It is easy to use and one that delivers at higher speed and quality.

Phrozen has created a larger version of Sonic Mini 4K, i.e. Sonic Mighty 4K. Indeed its size has an important function here. Phrozen is the first company that launched monochrome LCDs. Later it came up with Super-fast cure times and then budget resin printing. 

This printer has a 200 x 125 x 220 mm print volume and a 4K 9.3-inch monochrome LCD. This sounds amazing.

It comes with various price compromises to keep it affordable.  Though this may not be find appeal to all users, it’s a terrific printer for all skill levels if one is ready for larger, high-resolution prints.  

And of course ready to commit to the pricing range.

Source: Phrozen

Design of Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K

To think of the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K as a larger version of the Sonic Mini 4K is an oversimplification. 

Despite this, the Mighty 4K follows the design aesthetic and layout. To begin with, the Sonic Mighty 4K has the same 2.8″ touch panel on the front as the Mini 4K. Given the larger printer, it could offer more. 

The touch panel is still responsive. This printer is Phrozen’s first cost-cutting move to balance out its other services.

The Mighty 4K has a USB (A) port on the side similar to Mini 4K. All resin printers have this USB facility which is not surprising. But, networking compatibility is the one that’s missing here.

Mighty 4K’s back panel is where the power button and fan is located. Turning it on/off requires a bit more reach. The position of the touch panel and USB already directs the user’s hand in that direction.

Users who have used the Mini 4K feel at home with the Mighty 4K. Phrozen’s straightforward layout makes it simple to use right out of the box for new users.

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Setting Up

It’s always the best practice to do Z calibration and test for LCD before setting up the Phrozen Mighty 4K. By these two tests, Mighty 4K performs a great job of giving on-screen prompts to take the user through trials. The Z calibration is critical because it results in incorrect prints if it’s done in the wrong way.

Remove the vat [tightened by two screws], release the bolts, and slide in some paper on the LCD screen. After that, turn on the Mighty 4K to employ the Z-Axis calibration feature in the tools menu. Wait until the on-screen instructions say to tighten the hex bolts. Then one can lower the build plate.

The user succeeds if the paper is tight on both sides. If not, unfix the bolts and fix them again in correct pattern by pressing down on the plate. The additional pair of hands can be beneficial. 

Sometimes the user may need to perform the process more than once. The handles above the four hex bolts may also be a hindrance.

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Salient Features

[ Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K Review ]

a. Potential for Printing Larger Models

The 3D printer industry’s recent trend is low-budget and large format resin printers. Phrozen introduced Mighty 4K and made itself to be in the forefront.

With such a massive volume of 200 x 125 x 220 mm, it is apt to its name and is four times Mini 4K’s volume. It can also compete with similar-sized competitors like the Anycubic Mono X.

It is excellent news for anyone who wishes to 3Dprint more massive figures. It may be battleground figures, complex structures, or any other model that’s bigger. And, let’s face it, more is always better.

b. Resolution

The Sonic Mighty 4K is unlikely to equal the Sonic Mini 4K. Even though both printers have a 4K resolution screen, Mighty 4K creates more fine prints. This difference is very hard to find out. But it may be very critical for some professional cutouts. 

c. Potential for Quick Printing

The Mighty 4K, according to Phrozen, has a peak speed of 80mm per hour. By using a monochrome screen, lowering curing durations down to those speeds is possible. These speeds are the new industry norms. 

The Phrozen Mighty 4K can match its smaller sister with a bright light source underneath it. This set the brakes on the Elegoo Saturn, which can only manage a maximum of 30mm per hour.

d. Slicer Application – Chitubox

The ChiTuBox slicer comes with the kit. A capable resin slicer that has before impressed us pairs well with the Sonic Mini 4K.

It includes all the tools the user wants and is simple to operate. It shouldn’t be much trouble learning it, even if it is their first resin printer. This slicer is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

e. Monochrome LCD Display

It’s four times quicker than the standard 3D printers. It can print one layer in two seconds. All LCDs are guaranteed to perform for 2000 hours, and a free 3-month warranty is included.

f. Compatibility with Resin 

Compatible with a variety of resins, including Phrozen’s Aqua-Gray 4K and third-party resins.

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Mighty 4K Slicer Software and Settings

[ Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K Review ]

The Phrozen Mighty 4K is similar to other models when exporting the models. This printer operates with the slicing software ChiTuBox. Mighty 4K includes a drive for USB containing the slicing software. 

For better user experience, load Mighty 4K and all its compatible resin profiles. Lychee Slicer is a good option for individuals who don’t like the ChiTuBox program. In general, both slicers follow the same basic procedure. Load a model, arrange it, and double-check supports to ensure it prints in its entirety.

After that, slice, save, and transfer the file to USB for printing. This gives the procedure in general; it is crucial to note its various settings.

The Mighty 4K’s default settings are fine for small to average prints; but for larger prints, the settings need to be altered. It is important to learn more about settings like liftoff distance. When dealing with large prints, this is more critical.

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Phrozen Mighty 4K Tech Specifications

  • Operating System: Phrozen OS
  • Operation: 2.8in Touch Panel
  • Software (Slicer): ChituBox
  • Connectivity: USB Cable
  • Print Technology: Resin – LCD Type
  • Display:  9.3″ 4K Mono LCD
  • Light source: 405nm ParaLED Matrix 2.0
  • Resolution (XY): 52µm
  • Thickness of Layer: 0.01-0.30mm
  • Speed of printer: 80mm per hour
  • Required Power: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Size of Printer: 28 x 28 x 44 cm
  • Mighty 4K Print Volume: 20 x 12.5 x 22 cm
  • Mighty 4K Printer Weight: 8kg
  • Material Used (VAT): Plastic
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Benefits of Phrozen Mighty 4K

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a. Value for Money

The Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K is usually less expensive than its nearest opponent Mono Mighty 4K delivers the same effects for a lot less money than Mono X. The build quality also exceeds the expectations. 

The Sonic Mighty 4K is a strong printer with high-quality parts and a strong build. The UV array does not leak light, and the linear rail structure is unbreakable. There is also adequate ventilation, and nothing is bent, broken, or missing.

b. Incredible Model Quality

Might 4K’s younger sibling, the Mini 4K, has the same Pros. That’s because Phrozen knows how to manufacture great printers for a low price!

Sonic Mighty 4K requires far less fiddling to achieve good results than the Sonic Mini 4K. Models with fine detail and no defects are possible because of its 4K monochrome screen and UV light.

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Cons of Phrozen Mighty 4K

a. Issues with Building Plates

Leveling and removing the models from the printer is cumbersome. Huge handles, awkward angles, clumsy control knob, 4 hex bolts make aligning and removing models tough. Phrozen wants the user to fix the build plate. It provides a rough strip of sandpaper with the printer. For such a high-priced item, we would allow for more inquiry into the details.

These difficulties do not affect the quality of printing. Yet they create more maintenance discomfort for the printer.

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Final Verdict

[ Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K Review ]

This 3D printer is one of the best Phrozen SLA printers so far in this category.

Phrozen very well balanced the price and functionality with Sonic Mighty 4K. It’s the cheapest and powerful system anyone can use. Whatever the user skill level is, everybody can enjoy stunning results with this. Anyone who opts for it can rest easy knowing the money spent was well worth it.

Is it still feeling like a cheap printer? A little. 

There are no clippers, no expensive slicing software, and no preloaded models from Phrozen. The primary two screw vat enclosure and the outdated build plate design show it as a cheaper option.

Nonetheless, this printer deserves a lot of praise.

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