OVERTURE PLA Filament Review: Is OVERTURE Filament Good?

PLA also known as Poly Lactic Acid is the most widely used filament type in the 3D printing space. It is known for its easy usage and strength. In this article, we’ll discuss the Overture filament review.

While PLA is so popular, many brands manufacture it with their own custom parameters.  

Because of many PLA filament brands available in the marreket, one may find it difficult to locate the best PLA brand for 3D printing. 

While every brand tries to produce high-quality PLA filament, some brands will give great results for the 3D users. 

Out of many available brands, OVERTURE has established its legacy and is known for its name. Let us discuss the details of the Overture PLA filament below:

If you are into 3D printing space, you would have come across OVERTURE PLA filament. Many users have praised Overture for its top quality standards.

In this OVERTURE PLA review, you will understand how good this filament is and its details. 

Benefits of OVERTURE PLA Filament 

Let’s go through the benefits of OVERTURE PLA Filament and why so many users are using it in their 3D printing projects:

  • Low price without compromising on quality
  • Printing is easy with simple print settings
  • OVERTURE PLA is eco-friendly and gets decomposed with soil.
  • Warping issue is reduced.
  • It doesn’t produce toxic fumes while printing.
  • Customer service is great with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


OVERTURE PLA Filament is made from a premium class PLA material that can melt at low temperatures. It can be printed without a heated bed and it doesn’t produce any odor or fumes while printing. The filament is also eco-friendly and safe to print in internal environments. 

  • OVERTURE PLA Filament comes with quality which can be printed on 200×200 mm build surface without any issues. 
  • Filament packaging has weight and length instructions which indicates the left out filament. 
  • It doesn’t produce any bubbles and won’t even clog the nozzle while printing. 
  • Each Overture PLA spool is ensured fully dry before packaging and sending it.
  • It is compatible with almost every 3D printer. 
  • No Clogs & Bubbles: This filament is produced with a clog-free patent that provides the stable and smooth experiences while printing it. OVERTURE PLA Filament is completely dried for 24 hours before packing it. It is also transported with desiccant packs in transparent bags. 
  • Easy Usage & Less Tangle: Filament is monitored manually with strict mechanical winding to reduce the tangling and line tidiness. This reduces line breaking and snapping. The inner diameter of the Spool is larger and this makes the feeding smoother. 
  • Accurate Dimensions & Uniformity: OVERTURE PLA is manufactured with self-adaptive control system & advanced CCD diameter measuring yielding the accurate diameter of 1.75mm with an accuracy of +/- 0.03mm. 
  • Low Price & Wide Compatibility: OVERTURE has 8 years of R&D experience producing tons of filament every month. This filament is cost-effective and compatible with most of the 3D printers in the market such as FlashForge, Creality Ender 3, MK3.etc


  • Overture PLA Temperature for Nozzle: Ranges from 190 Deg C – 220 Deg C
  • Overture PLA Filament Print Bed Temperature: 25°C to 60°C
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Filament Weight: 2 Kilogram

Customer Review for OVERTURE PLA Filament 1.75mm

As a matter of trust, it is always better to hear feedback from customers who are using OVERTURE 3D filament already. This product has plenty of reviews on Amazon (12,070 at the time of writing) expressing their praises and how they enjoy quality printing with it.


Below are some of the reviews given by real users on Overture PLA Filament:

  • Easy setup process, Less printer tuning and can be printed right out of the package. 
  • OVERTURE filament once used by anyone makes them to shift from other brands due to its quality and price. 
  • It is much better than Amazon Basics filament.
  • Filament diameter doesn’t fluctuate and users love it as it avoids uneven prints.
  • Not to worry about jams and clogs. This filament comes with consistent quality and some users claim that the OVERTURE PLA filament is the best brand to work with. 


  • Some colors of this OVERTURE PLA Filament such as white do not appear well while blue comes out well. 
  • Some users have experienced Warping and Adhesion problems while this is dependent on individual 3d printers too.

Final Verdict

Around 85% of the Amazon user reviews are 5 out of 5 stars. This indicates that OVERTURE PLA FILAMENT is worth it’s quality for its price. 

I recommend buying the OVERTURE PLA FILAMENT from Amazon and enjoying its high quality. Happy printing!

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