Olsson Ruby Nozzle Review: Features, Pros

If you are new in the 3D printing world, you might not know that some filaments are very abrasive. Some filaments are so hard and so rough that they act as a sanding paper on the Nozzle. A Brass Nozzle is good enough for printing the usual filaments such as PLA, ABS or PETG. This is because brass is much stronger than these filaments.

What is an Olsson Ruby Nozzle?

Olsson Ruby Nozzle is a special nozzle which contains the original Ruby at its tip. Its body is made of brass but the tip is occupied by a Ruby. It is originally made to print boron carbide, the 3rd toughest material on earth. It can print any abrasive materials and all filaments. 

Why Use an Olsson Ruby Nozzle?

If you want to print more exotic or specialty filaments such as Carbon Fiber, Copper, Tungsten or even Glass Fiber Filament then you want to step up your game and use Olsson Ruby Nozzle. The normal solution is to get a hardened steel Nozzle. Hardened Nozzle is very good and will work great up to a certain point. But if you want the best of the best that’s far away from the best.

If a Chinese brass Nozzle is like a Bike, a genuine brass nozzle is like a Prius whereas a stainless-steel nozzle is like a Mustang and Olsson ruby is like a Ferrari of Nozzles.

How is Olsson Ruby Nozzle Different from Other Nozzles?

The Olsson Ruby Nozzle has a real Ruby on its tip. It is manufactured in Sweden by a company named 3DVERKSTAN. It can print any hardest material.

Advantages of Olsson Ruby Nozzle on a 3D Printer?

Olsson Ruby Nozzle can be used to

  • Enable a wider variety of printing materials,
  • To minimize downtime due to maintenance
  • To achieve more precise prints

There are some materials that even the hardened steel nozzle won’t handle. The Olsson Ruby Nozzle was actually designed to print Boron Carbide, the third hardest material on earth. So, throw anything at it except diamonds.

Even the hardened steel nozzle will suffer some deterioration after printing only 4 KGS of Carbon Fiber. Usually the tip of the hardened nozzle starts getting wider and wider decreasing precision. After some time, you need to replace the Nozzle which means downtime.

Hardened Steel Nozzle after 4KG Carbon fiber printing

This won’t happen if you have an Olsson ruby Nozzle. Anything can be thrown at it

The figure above shows the tip of Olsson Ruby Nozzle after printing 18 KGS of Carbon Fiber. You can see that all the edges are still in perfect condition. The dark stuff you see is just a filament residue.

Olsson Ruby Tip after 18 Kgs Carbon Fiber printing

So using this nozzle leads to Less time making repairs and more time printing.

Olsson Ruby Nozzle Features:

Less Expansion: Ruby’s have a smaller expansion coefficient than hardened steel or brass. This means that even when heated to high temperatures, the nozzle width will remain essentially the same.

Thermal Conductivity: to keep thermal conductivity most of the nozzle is made out of brass. Yet the heavy lifting of resisting wear and tear is done by Ruby.

Easy installation: Changing the normal Nozzle to Olsson Ruby is very easy and it is just like a normal one.

High wear resistance: The Olsson Ruby Nozzle is extremely wear resistant due to the properties of ruby.

One user said that after using printing with Olsson Ruby Nozzle for one month he had a great printing experience, Zero problems, no clogs, printing lines are perfect as the first day.

What Materials Can Olsson Ruby Nozzle Print?

The Olsson Ruby Nozzle will work with a huge range of materials basically anything you can think of

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG
  • Nylon
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Steel Filament
  • Wood Filament
  • Copper Filament
  • Boron Carbide
  • Tungsten
  • Glass Filament

All of these filaments will through the Olsson Ruby Nozzle as easy as a knife through butter.

Should You Buy Olsson Ruby Nozzles? Is it worth the Price?

Well, its quite expensive. It is a tad over normal nozzle with 100$. But yet, the answer is very simple. If you rarely print abrasive materials, then better print with a hardened steel nozzle. Those will work just fine.

But, if you frequently use abrasive material then Olsson Ruby is recommended. With Olsson Ruby, you will get a Nozzle that will not wear down no matter how much you use it. You will also minimize downtime due to maintenance. If you are doing a 3D printing business, then time is money, so upgrading to Olsson Ruby is the best choice.

Another important thing to mention about Olsson Ruby Nozzle is that the threader on this nozzle is the same as e3d v6 nozzles. So, if you want to try this Nozzle buy it from amazon here.

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