Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review

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Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 3D Printer

Do you need a 3D printer which comes fully assembled from the manufacturer with high quality parts? If you don’t want to spend hours of time learning how to assemble the 3D printer, then Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 is the right choice. Just check bed level, load some filament and start printing preloaded model. Get a detailed review on this 3D printer.

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[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

Isn’t it true that the majority of low-cost 3D printers aren’t up to standard in terms of performance?

The Monoprice Select Mini V2 is the least expensive of the four 3D printer models from the Monoprice stable. It’s also one of the best 3D printers in its pricing range, with excellent print quality. Most buyers will also appreciate the strong yet compact body.

There are a few drawbacks, but the thrill of seeing stuff emerge out of this tiny machine is unimaginable.

The Monoprice Select Mini V2 includes a few key features over its predecessor. Also some compromises made by the manufacturer to balance the pricing.

The 3D printer, on the other hand, is a piece of brilliance.. The accolades for making it bang for the buck goes to its slick body and visible print quality. There isn’t anything about this printer to dislike.

Those who have expertise operating with an inexpensive machine can like experimenting with this one.

The 3D Printer has simply the proper combination of ingredients to stay one incarcerated for years. This 3D printer may attract the interest of 3D printing enthusiasts or home users.

Monoprice chose mini V2, designed to impress newcomers with its smaller footprint and conveyance. The simplest at this price range, excites anybody curious about the printer. Let’s take a glance at the Monoprice choose mini V2 review in its entirety to ascertain what the printer is capable of.

Monoprice MP Select Mini V2
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Important Features

[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

When Monoprice introduced its first iteration, it chose mini. Users greeted it with wide arms.

It has the correct feature set that is capable of involving those that want  to have a 3D printer. Yet skeptical to pay thousands  of greenbacks at once. Things became much more exciting with the release of version 2. 

While many features are taken from the previous model, several new ones have been introduced as well.

1. Fully Assembled:

If spending too much time setting up your printer isn’t your cup of tea, go for one that has already setup. The Monoprice is a one-piece 3D printer that is fully assembled.  As a result, when you unpack, you won’t be confused as you look through the many components.

2. Print Bed (Insulated)

The new build space has a heated print bed as well as other features. There is also a pre-setup BuildTak mat, as well as increased stability and rigidity of the z-axis motions. All of which combine to produce clean and really remarkable prints.

The heat bed allows you to print with a wider range of filament types from more manufacturers. It’s a minor improvement over the previous version, but one that is quite amazing.

3. Fully Metallic Hot End

The Monoprice Select Mini V2 has a fully-metallic hot end, a surprising feature for a low-cost printer. This one, astounds everyone with this incredible upgrade from the previous model. The metallic hot end aids in the heating process. It also aids in the prevention of congestion. Prepare to be wowed by some absolutely stunning creations.

4. Twin Cooling Fans

The Monoprice Select Mini V2’s first edition had a single cooling fan on the extruder. The updated version includes two cooling fans, one for the extruder and other for the main board.

As the filaments demand a higher temperature range for the heated bed and the hot end, the fans will aid in maintaining the temperature.

5. A Hot Print Bed

With the print bed that is heated, one is all set. The heated bed is very helpful to work out settings for ABS printing. Even though the 3D printer doesn’t have a closed frame. It is not easy, but it is possible. Yet, while working with PLA, the printer performs admirably. The great news is that a heated bed not only improves first-layer adhesion, but it also reduces warping.

6. Extra Build Plate Pad Material

The Monoprice Select Mini V2 has a pad substance on the top of the construction plate, as on the BuildTak. This is supplied to help with the initial layer’s adherence, and it works well. Aside from improved adherence, it also makes it easier to remove the prints from the bed once printing is finished.

7. Color Touch Screen

This small printer gets a boost from a new 3.7″ color touchscreen. It is far more practical and capable than the previous edition, making the machine, settings, and printing much easier to handle.

It allows for direct printer control over all parts of the print. This is particularly useful when printing from a microSD memory card or while connecting to Wi-Fi from a different room.

8. Internal Fan for Cooling

In this second iteration, Monoprice has bypassed competitors by introducing a variety of new and better features.

The internal fan has better cooling now. This helps achieve accuracy and preciseness of the pieces. It keeps the layers from warping and ensures that they settle correctly. This prevents excess heating of the electronic chips.

9. LCD Control Panel

It contains an inbuilt control for managing the print parameters. As a result, you may operate with the printer without needing to be connected to a computer all of the time. 

Toggling through different settings is done using the rotary dial and the screen. It’s also simple to operate.

10. Solid Build

Unless you make a slicing software error and prepare the model incorrectly, the printer won’t fail mid-print too often.

This is in part due to its heated bed and sturdy build. Not to ignore the physical limitations of the printer, it is strongly advised to have some support while printing.

11. Filament Feeder with Quick Release Steel Gears

Yes, the printer is simple to operate, making all tiny tasks considerably simpler. And don’t forget about the filament feeder. It’s a breeze to feed filament for printing with this one-of-a-kind method.

12. Connection with Wi-Fi

The printer allows you to connect via WiFi, making it easy to share and process digital files. Aside from that, you can connect through a USB or MicroSD card.

13. Fully Metallic Composites Extruder

This 3D printer is now made by Monoprice with a fully-metallic hot-end extruder. This is a modest but important modification since it prevents filament clogs. It also allows one to print with a variety of filament types from different makers.

The hot end’s maximum temperature is +250°C, while the print bed’s maximum temperature is +60°C. You can print with any filament as long as it matches these specifications.

14. Factory Configured

One must be certain of the settings that come with your 3D printer when purchased. It is normally calibrated at the manufacturing stage. Yet, always do a little design test for personal satisfaction. And, as with most of these machines, there is plenty to play around a bit to locate the sweet spot.

15. Study and Compact

The 3D printer is small, which means that it has a modest build volume. Those who do not need to print larger objects, on the other hand, will find this machine to be very precise and satisfactory. 

It has the ability to place your laptop on the work surface. You don’t need to ask for assistance to move its space at any time.

Furthermore, this machine has a nice appearance and elegance. In addition, it comes in black and white color. 


Unpack and Assembly

[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

Unpacking one can find the printer, a hex key to level the bed platform, an AC power adapter, and a little spatula made of plastic to scrap prints from the bed.  A micro USB cord and a 256MB microSD memory card are also provided.

Basic setup instructions are written on a slip of paper. On it will be a URL that opens the link to download the Monoprice Select Mini V2 handbook in its entirety.

Inside the Monoprice Select Mini V2, there’s a folded sheet metal in rectangular shape. The use of this isn’t immediately evident though it’s a spool holder that attaches to the main unit’s side.

It should be noted that the Monoprice Select Mini V2 does not come with any filament. Ensure availability of a 1.75 mm spool of preferred material on hand. One can also pre-order the filament along with the printer.

Do use the click-wheel to navigate a full-color LCD interface during the configuration step. The menus are well-thought-out and well-structured. To start the calibration process, preheat the hotend, and then load the filament via the interface.

The calibration is a little complicated; it should have been adjusted at the factory. Placing a sheet of paper between the hotend and the print bed is a good idea. If not possible, adjust the springs on the corners of the print bed with the hex key. It may take some time to perfect everything. 

The Monoprice Select Mini V2’s heated bed is an uncovered aluminium slab.  Except for a layer of builders tape, one of the many quirks. Because this tape may quickly degrade if used for an extended period of time, have additional tape rolls as a replacement when needed.

The Monoprice Select Mini’s AC power adapter may stop working after prolonged operation of up to 12 hours. One can get a generic power adapter for roughly $30 as a replacement if needed.


Design and Build Quality

[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

One of the most appealing qualities of the Monoprice Select Mini V2 3D printer is its build quality.  It’s solid and robust, with the electronics housed in a folded sheet metal casing. It’s made like a tank, but it’s also compact and portable, so it won’t get destroyed during transport.

This is a Cartesian style fused filament fabrication (FFF) printer. It consists of a one-sided arm holding the print head, similar to the Printrbot Simple.  However, the Monoprice Select Mini V2 only has one fan to cool the nozzle, which may limit your ability to use exotic filaments.

The main pillar is topped by a spring-loaded “quick-release” extruder with a steel gear. It’s an excellent design, and the filament is fed to the hotend through a Bowden cable. This may, once again, limit your options, particularly if you wanted to print using flexible filaments.

The Monoprice Select Mini V2 hotend features a 0.4 mm extruder diameter and can reach 230°C temperatures. We were unable to determine how simple it would be to replace the nozzle, which is an essential consideration in the long run. Nozzles deteriorate with time and must be changed.

The Monoprice Select Mini, according to the comments, does not include an auto-leveling probe. A Z-home microswitch instructs the printer when to stop lowering the head to avoid colliding with the build plate. Please accept my apologies if this has caused you any inconvenience!

The second oddity is that the control interface informs us that wi-fi has been turned off and that there is no way to activate it. Wireless connectivity appears to be a feature of the printer, but Monoprice has opted to turn it off in the firmware.


Performance of Printing

[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

Don’t let the low price fool you: the Monoprice Select Mini V2 prints beautifully.

Our first print with the Monoprice Select Mini V2 was the infamous ‘lucky cat’ mode. Monoprice pre-loaded it onto the printer’s SD card. It went out brilliantly because most versions like this are fine-tuned by the manufacturer. We tested the V2 through our normal suite of benchmarks to get a better picture of how it performs.

As is customary, the 3DBenchy: a tugboat-shaped torture test designed to reveal a printer’s capabilities, limitations, and quirks was the first of them. The Monoprice Select Mini V2 performed admirably, much to our joy. No of the parameters we specified, the tugboat always came out clean, accurate, and consistent from layer to layer.  It’s worth noting that practically all FDM printers suffer in this area. and the Monoprice Select Mini V2 outperformed (if not outperformed) most printers costing ten times as much. Other challenging elements, such as steep overhangs and unsupported spans, were precisely replicated.

We discovered that the Monoprice Mini V2 is also quite reliable after a few weeks of printing odd (mostly Star Wars-related) stuff we found on Thingiverse. Whereas some 3D printers make you nervous and wondering if they’ll finish the task, we were really confident in this one.

The V2’s main serious flaw is its very small build envelope.

The printer’s heated bed and strong structure ensure that it rarely fails in the middle of a print. Unless, of course, you make a slicing mistake and prepare the model incorrectly. Because the laws of physics still apply to this printer, we strongly advise printing with supports unless you’re positive you won’t need them.

Overall, Monoprice’s new-and-improved Monoprice Select Mini delivers excellent performance. We did have a few missteps, failures, and odd-looking prints, but they were the exception rather than the rule. The V2 prints equally as well (and in some cases, much better) than printers costing much more. The V2’s sole significant flaw is its tiny build envelope, which restricts the types of items you can make with it.


Important Specifications

[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

The following are some significant features of the MP Select Mini V2:

Print TechnologyFDM 
Build Area  4.7” x 4.7” x 4.7” 
Extruder Temperature482°F / 250°C (Maximum) 
Platform Temperature140°F / 60°C (Maximum)
Printer Speed 55 mm/s 
Filament Types PLA, ABS, Copper Fill, Wood /, Bronze /,Steel Fill,
Layer Resolution Normal/Fast/Hig : 131 / 200 / 90 microns
Extruder TypeSingle Extruder
FirmwareOpen Source
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm 
Connectivity Wi-Fi, microSD card, USB
SoftwareCura Software, Repetier-Host
Warranty 1 year 
Price $219.99


[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

Monoprice backs all of its printers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The item comes with a one-year limited guarantee once the user opted to keep it.. There is no risk of breaking anything during the construction process.

It provides basic troubleshooting tips and 3D printing courses. You can use the ticket system, email, phone, or live chat to get additional information. The returns link works on certain pages but not others, resulting in an error.

To be honest, the outpouring of support was unexpected. Low-cost 3D printers frequently make an attempt to sell their product before abandoning it.  Monoprice is certainly not like that, and we congratulate them for it.


Final Thoughts

[ Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 Review ]

The Monoprice Select Mini is the one of the best machines for 3D printing one can buy for less than  $250.

However, this machine cannot compete for print quality with the likes of an Ultimaker 2+ or a BCN3D Sigma.

It’s library of bizarre idiosyncrasies and modest build volume makes it more advanced.

However, if one wants a low-cost, low-risk way to get started with 3D printing, this is the ideal option.

Despite the problems we have identified, the Monoprice will give plenty of amusement and instruction for only $219. It’s simple to use and produces print quality that rivals 3D printers that cost three times as much.

As a result, the Monoprice is an excellent choice for teachers, students, and beginners who want to learn the foundations of 3D modelling and printing in a simple manner.

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