Glowforge Plus Review: Specifications, Features, Pros, Cons

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Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer Review

The Glowforge Plus has the power to bring your vision to life with a top engraving speed with upgraded components. Read our detailed review below:


Product Overview

Glowforge Plus Review

When the time has come to let one’s imagination run riot, it is time to buy a Laser Engraver. One does not have to be an ace artist to bring their fantasy to reality.

The Glowforge Plus can be the perfect device for someone who is just getting started with a Laser Engraving. Let’s have a look!

Glowforge Plus Laser Cutter 3D Printer
Source: Glowforge Plus
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Reviewing the Glowforge Plus

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The Glowforge Plus is a great 3D laser printer. It’s built for making personal items for self and presents for friends. Using this printer, one can even make a variety of products to sell.

When one opens the box containing GlowForge Plus, there is a completely enclosed frame with the majority of functions working. The attractive look and even superior work outcomes would allow the most difficult of tasks to be completed in a short period of time.

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Who Finds a Laser Engraver Useful!

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The Glorforge Plus is for someone who can handle a sophisticated laser engraving tool.

There is no difficulty in setting up and operating this printer, because there is nothing to configure. 

The in-built application can be a perfect tool on a phone, computer, tablet, or Mac.

Besides the printer, the kit includes a hose that can discharge externally via a dryer exhaust or an external outlet. The hose measures 8 feet in length and 4 inches in width.

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Salient Features

Glowforge plus laser cutter

The previous model, the GlowForge Pro, was designed for experienced users. It had a pass through slot that enabled users to work for an indefinite amount of time.

The Plus model does not come with this feature. So, the manufacturer has reduced the price by over $2000. That may seem like a fantastic deal! Something that may make some overlook the feature as they get an identical machine for a fraction of the price.

There are numerous features that make the device worthy of being among more sophisticated 3D printers. Let’s check out some of the more important ones.

a) CO2 Laser Tube of 45W: The machine has a 45W CO2 laser tube, which is extremely efficient. This laser has a powerful slicing function with an accuracy of 1/1000 per inch. The laser tube was created by Glowforge in-house. As a result, it employs a distinctive Mode 0′ architecture. The laser is designed to deliver a higher density of power in totality.

b) Fitting for Desktop Design: The Glowforge Plus is intended for use in small workshops and homes. It’s a desktop-level laser cutter and engraver that fits easily on working tables and takes very little space. The design is highly compact, and hence very appealing and practical for personal use.

c) Supporting more Materials: The printer can work with many types of materials. Leather, wood, cardboard, acrylic, glass, and cloth are just a few of the materials that can be used. The printer isn’t restricted to these specimens. The printer can also make use of a variety of metals like titanium and anodized aluminum.

d) Integrated Water Cooling: A confined water cooling system is included into the GlowForge Plus. As a result, the need for an extra cooler or water pump is reduced.

e) Filtering out Fumes: An air filter is used by the laser engraver to help remove the fumes produced due to the laser. This also helps prevent ignition and thus protect the lens.

f) Encasing of Equipment: When lasers come into touch with the human body, they can be extremely destructive and harmful. Hence, the company has ensured an encased design to assure user safety. When the equipment is running, the gases and laser beams are kept away from the users.

g) Optical Mechanism is Auto-Adjusted: This is among the most appealing qualities of the product that distinguishes it from the competition. It also minimizes any need for correction of the lens manually. A perforated baseplate is also included with the printer. This is provided in order to improve the material’s heat exchange into the atmosphere.

h) Solid Build: The product is pre-assembled with high-quality aluminum, glass, and plastic components. CNC machining is used to make all of the machine’s components. The body is strong and durable, ensuring the entire process runs smoothly.

i) Material Settings Auto-Configured: Glowforge Plus identifies by itself the configuration parameters for obtaining the best results. This is applicable only when using proprietary materials. Users can keep the default settings on the printer. This helps in achieving excellent results of engraving and also for cutting.

j) Friendly for Newbie’s: GlowForge has devised the simplest method that can be used by anyone, even if they have no previous technical expertise. To use the equipment, users do not need to have extensive practice or have extra skills. The user has to bear with a simple learning curve that is gained when using the machine.

There are many features that make this machine well worth the investment. One significant difference is the gap in the cost of its earlier variant, the GlowForge Pro. Yet, the GlowForge Plus has the majority of the advanced capabilities that Pro possesses.

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Technical Specifications

Glowforge Plus Review

The Glowforge Plus’s specifications are as follows:

Printer Specs:

  • External Dimensions : 965mm x 527mm x 210mm
  • Dimension of Air filter : 965mm x 527mm x 178mm

Working Specs:

  • Depth of Material – Maximum : 455 mm
  • Width of Material – Maximum : 515 mm
  • Area of Cutting : 495 mm wide / 279 mm deep
  • Height of Material – Maximum : 50mm
  • Height plus Tray – Maximum : 13mm

Material Specs:

  • Material Type for : Fabric, Leather, Wood,  Paper, Plexiglass, Cardboard, Delrin,
  • Cutting and Engraving Rubber, Mylar, Sandpaper, Cork, Food, etc.
  • Engraving Only : Marble, Glass, Stone, Rubber stamps, Ceramic tile,   

Titanium, Anodized aluminum, etc.

Software and Connectivity Specs:

  • Connections : Windows, Mac, Linux, Mpbile devices
  • File Types : PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, and more

Camera Specs:

  • Wide Angle Camera : Lid Mounted, Complete Print Area View, 0.25″ (6mm) Accuracy
  • Larger Camera : Head Mounted, Close Up View with AutoFocus, 0.004″ (0.1mm) Accuracy

Laser Specs:

  • Type of Laser : CO2 Laser – Proprietary CO2 Laser Tube of Glass with non-stop operation of 10,600 nm; 45 watts rating.
  • Alignment : Optical system factory set
  • Sealed Lens (Optics) : Encased optical path with Windows that can be cleaned and replaced also offers protection. 

Mechanical Specs:

  • Casing : Molded Plastic made with High modulus injection
  • Lateral System : Proprietary Extruded Aluminum rails aligned in linear with a v-wheel carrier with belts.
  • For Motion : Twin hybrid stepper for Y-axis; One hybrid stepper for X axis
  • For Cooling : Circular enclosed internal cooling.
  • Assist for Air : Internal without needing external compressor hookup
  • Ideal Temperature to Operate : 16℃ -24℃
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Cost of Glowforge Plus

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The machine costs $3995, which is over $2000 less than the Pro model. But, the price is double that of the Basic model. While the pricing isn’t cheap, it has the advanced features more common with even more expensive printers. Thus the price is justified.

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Setting up the Plus

Glowforge plus 3D laser printer

It’s not difficult to set up. According to the manufacturer, the equipment may be used after only 30 minutes of unpacking. A complicated step of the process is choosing which model to print first.

After connecting the Glowforge to Wi-Fi and plugging it into a standard outlet, one may begin the procedure right away.

Keep the device at least 8 feet away from the window to avoid damaging the exhaust hose.

The streaming camera would be useful for recording the printing process. Integrated cameras are included so that the design sample may be reviewed from within the machine.

All one has to do now is position the design with the finger or mouse as required. 

Users must slide the crumb tray into the printer area base after unpacking the device. Slide until one can feel the feet fitting into place. Then, by moving the metal plate to the right, clamp the printer head back into place.

Finally, press the arm against the device’s back. Slide the orange cylinder into the printer head slowly and carefully. The position printer then passes over the metal plate and pushes it away. Check to see if one can hear a click.

After that, there’s the exhaust. Attach the hose from one end to the printer and the other to the external vent or window. This will prevent pollutants and gases from entering the work environment.

Finally, the machine is ready to be plugged in. The machine would light up when the On Push button is pressed. 

Register for a Glowforge account once all the components are in position. Connect the equipment to the internet using Wi-Fi and calibrate it. After that, one may begin printing.

When dealing with the Glowforge Plus, there are only three stages to reach the final print. The first step would be to create a model design. One may do this with AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator. One can also sketch with the pen in the absence of either software.

Following that, one must incorporate the cutting material as shown in the design example. After pressing the print button, one can print one or many copies of the model at once.

The final stage is to put all of the pieces together to create the finished product.

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Cost of Printing and Type

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The end components are printed by the Glowforge Plus through laser engraving. The cost of operating is largely determined by the material chosen.

One can use common materials like cardboard, wood, and even metals. The printing cost varies for individual designs on the basis of the model size and the quantity of material consumed.

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Quality of Prints

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The printing is of good quality. For a variety of 3D work, one can rely on the machine. The laser engraver is useful for printing on many types of materials. Furthermore, according to the company’s claims, the precision width of the human hair is achievable. As a result, it is extremely exact in the output.

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Software Applications

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For any type of design, one can utilize common applications like CAD, PowerPoint, or Adobe Illustrator.  The GlowForge application is hosted entirely in the cloud. Also, the designs made by the above-mentioned applications can be loaded into it.

This is the reason one needs to keep the printer online at most times.

Glowforge offers a warranty for 2 years. The user manual that comes with the device is extensive. It contains all of the information needed to start printing using the Plus.

Customer service is yet lacking in better service.

But the robust online community, with such a huge number of users, offers speedy solutions to many of the issues with the device.

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Concluding Thoughts

Glowforge plus 3d laser printer

After all, the Glowforge Plus gives one the means to re-design anything one wants. Without having to struggle with the technical intricacies. 

One can create a unique décor concept that completely transforms a home, or one can experiment with different ways to rearrange a location. One can also develop a special boutique or a commercial launchpad. 

Owners can amaze their buddies with one-of-a-kind gifts. One may even open a business if they plan to sell these unique items they manufacture. All this is possible in a very simple manner, requiring no advanced technical knowledge or expertise.

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