Geeetech A10m 3D Printer Review

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Geeetech A10

The Geeetech A10 is a personal FDM 3D printer kit from the Chinese manufacturer Geeetech and is one the most affordable models on the market.

Print Quality
Balance between quality and speed
Multi Filament Support
3rd Party Software
  • Excellent print quality
  • Modular and upgradable design
  • Good balance between quality and speed
  • Assembling is difficult
  • Poor WiFi COnnection

The Geeetech A10m is a personal FDM 3D printer kit from the Chinese manufacturer Geeetech and is one the most affordable models on the market.

The printer has to be assembled manually, this is one of the reasons for the low price. However assembly is easy as some of the parts are shipped pre-assembled, meaning you only have to assemble the more modular units, with a little patience you will be printing in under 30 min! 

This is as the individual parts can be assembled in a modular fashion, all you have to do there after is connect the frame and display to the base and power supply.

Additionally to the parts you will receive a manual and SD card, some spare screws and tools for assembly as well as a small amount of filament – only enough for your first print. 

There is also a USB cable provided, which you can use to install the firmware.

Now, once the printer is assembled, it has a sturdy aluminium build complete with an effective build plate and a Bowden Extruder –  with an open build so you can keep track of its printing progress.And can be connected to your computer using USB,SD or WIFI.The Geeetech A10 is also compatible with IOS,Windows and Linux.

Coming in at a weight of 7.5 kg and size of 478x413x485 mm³, making it a small to medium size printer.

The printer is entirely open source, meaning that this cost-effective kit can be upgraded to obtain high-end results – perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, while offering a quiet printing experience and good quality printouts with an accuracy of 0.1 – 0.2 mm.

It is also notable that there is Extensive online support in various social networks.

Print Quality

The Geeetech A10 is an FDM 3D printer that can print layers at 100 microns with a max speed of 120 mm/s and nozzle size of 0.4 mm ( the nozzle can be heated to 250°C while the platform is manually heated to 100°C) . While good enough for prototyping and household use, smoother finishes can be obtained with more expensive printers.

Printed objects are however quite detailed and transitions are flawless, the printer itself works very well and is very good value for money.

Using Extrusion technology, the printer has a moderate print volume of 220x220x260 mm³ while the Bowden extrusion system allows for stable motion and printing efficiency.

Build quality is notably good, reducing the risk of clogging.While the build plate is built from a rough, textured glass made of tiny dots – meaning once it’s cold your prints will easily pop out – a spatula is no longer needed for removal! The manufacturers refer to this plate as the ‘Super plate’, which is glued to the aluminium plate instead of being clipped.

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The Geeetech A10 prints with PLA, PETG  and other materials – having a heated plate, making it more suitable for printing with ABS-type materials; basically you are free to buy any filaments from other brands, however to insert a filament you have to unscrew the PTFE tube . 

Being entirely open-source the Geeetech A10 can be fully kitted with an array of 3rd party materials or mods – it is recommended to install an enclosed print chamber; printing will then not be affected by temperature fluctuations, drafts or any other factors resulting in high reproducibility, as the printing area is open.

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Build Volume

Pretty much anything can be built with Geeetech A10, given its build area of 220x220x260 mm².

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Printer Controls

The printer is controlled via a LCD screen with a rotating click wheel.

Your 3D modes can be printed from a computer through USB and SD connection options, as well as an optional WI-FI module allowing for seamless connectivity – unfortunately this is not available by default the Geeetech WIFI dongle is needed.

To create or select your objects,the Geeetech A10 comes with a mobile app as well as EasyPrint slicing software, which are both easy to use and configure. However the printer also supports other 3rd party slicing software such as Cura, Repetier-Host and Slic3r so you can start using what you already know.

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What’s in the box

  • Geeetech A10 upper gantry kit
  • Geeetech A10 bottom gantry kit
  • PSU kit
  • LCD display kit
  • Filament holder kit
  • SD card
  • Tool kit
  • Spring washers
  • Ejection pin
  • Zip ties
  • Mouse pad
  • Starter filament
  • USB cable
  • Spare nozzle
  • Power cord
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Look and Feel

The Geeetech A10 has a sleek design, outfitted with a blue and black design and will look great at home or in the workshop!

The print head runs on V-shaped rails made with aluminum profiles, allowing for sharp and precise movement, while operating the machine is easily done through the wide array of supported software.

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The Geeetech A10 comes in at $219, which is exceptionally good considering the printer’s open-source nature.

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Geeetech A10, while not the most affordable printer in its range, offers an excellent print quality as well as a modular and upgradable design. 

In terms of raw performance the printer has a good balance between quality and speed.The Geeetech A10  is also quiet during printing and supports many different materials for printing. It also supports a wide array of 3rd party software, as well as coming with EasyPrint 3D from Geeetech.

Although there are a few cons to note, such as the self assembly, having to unscrew the PTFE tube to insert filament, not being able to connect to WIFI by default (Geeetech Wifi dongle is required) and the Super Plate being glued to the base.

But considering the Geeetech A10’s robust design and modular nature it is an excellent choice of a printer.

Packaged with the thriving online community, all this makes a very good deal for the price.

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