Flashforge Inventor 2S Review

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Flashforge Inventor 2S 3D printer

The Flashforge Inventor 2s is designed for newbies attempting to print their first few models. The company ships it in fully assembled form and assists in calibration. Read our detailed review below:

  • Build chamber that is enclosed
  • Sensor on Door
  • Built in Camera and WiFi
  • Print resume upon power failure
  • Sensor for filament runout
  • Removable print bed
  • Usage is easy
  • No assembly required
  • No auto bed levelling
  • Lack of heated bed
  • Camera UI is not great
  • Build volume is small

Flashforge Inventor 2s: Introduction

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

Let’s introduce the Flashforge Inventor 2s and speak a bit about it before we go into detail. The Inventor 2s 3D printer is an entry-level printer that has a lot of different features. If you are an experienced printer though, beware! The Inventor 2s is not as good as the original Inventor in many ways. It has a worse build volume and lacks a heat bed. This means it cannot print with high-temperature materials like ABS. The logic is that the newer versions should be better and not worse, but here we are. There are reasons for this though. The Flashforge Inventor 2s 3D printer is not meant for experienced users. It targets newcomers and children who can learn about 3D  printing in educational institutes and tries to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. Flashforge claims that the printer is very safe and easy to use. They are expecting to use this product to introduce people to 3D printing and ensure that their experience is painless

Flashforge inventor 2s
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Who Is Flashforge? 

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

Flashforge is a very popular 3D printer company that makes 3D printers that range in price. They make everything from commercial printers to easy to use, consumer printers. They also make print materials for 3D printers. They gained popularity soon after their entry into the market in 2011. They hold the top position in the domestic market and that’s a huge achievement! Their printers are exported and sold in a huge number of countries around the world. This shows their hold on the market


About the Printer

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

The Flashforge Inventor 2s 3D printer is a consumer-grade desktop printer featuring a frame made with high-quality injection moulded parts and an enclosed body. This makes the printer more sturdy and results in less vibrations. You can jump straight into printing as it comes fully assembled. Factory assembled printers are reliable and avoid any and all issues that might come with users making mistakes while setting up the printer. The printer has an assisted bed levelling system that is claimed to be extremely easy to use. The minimum layer height for the printer is 100 microns. This provides a nice surface finish to all prints. While the build volume is lesser than the previous model, it is still plenty for new users and features a smart door design and other great features. It also has a filament runout sensor which is a great addition to an entry-level machine. The 3D printing journey is made safe and easy


The Flasforge Inventor’s Aesthetic

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

The Flashforge Inventor 2s 3D printer is a cute little machine that is neat and looks elegant. The centre of the body is black and has blue trims on the top and bottom and has curved edges. Any potential danger with wires is avoided with all the wires being put into an alloy box. It also features a touch screen on the top of the printer. At the front, the printer has a see-through window that ensures you can keep an eye on the print as it’s happening. It features a dimension of 420 X 420 X 570mm and weighs in at 11KG. It’s small enough to keep on a working table of any size. The 3.5-inch, HD IPS touch display has colour and is on the top. This features an easy to use menu that helps you preview the model, track print status, get an ETA for the print, and print a model in one click


What Do These Features Do?

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

a. Enclosure and Build Volume

The Flashforge Inventor 2s is a printer meant for people new to 3D printing. The build volume measures 150 X 140 X 140mm. For newcomers and educational institutes, this is ample space for printing. Large models won’t fit in the printer, but it can be broken into smaller parts that can be glued together for a great end product. If you don’t want to print large models anyway, this printer helps print more than 1 small model at a time. The Flashforge Inventor 2s is safe from issues that plague a few printers like temperature changes, delamination and more due to the fact that it’s fully enclosed. Safety is something that comes with the printer due to the enclosure. The print can’t be touched by kids or knocked over by a pet. It also keeps your room from smelling during printing or being too noisy. 

b. Detachable Build Plate

One interesting feature of the Flashforge Inventor 2s is the fact that it has a non-heatable plate that can be removed easily. This means you can safely remove the plate when the print is over and detach the 3D model easily. This comes with its drawbacks as temperature-sensitive materials cannot be used in this printer. This is intentional to keep it safer for the target audience. If used with children, there is always the possibility of a child trying to touch the model mid-print that might lead to burns due to heated beds in other printers.  This printer makes the whole process a lot safer. The only issue is that the nozzle will still be hot, and there is no way to keep that from heating. Heated beds are usually important for layer adhesion, but this printer helps maintain adhesion and extra adhesion can be added by the person printing if necessary. 

c. Smart Door Hinge Design

With safety in mind again, the Flashforge Inventor 2s has a child-friendly door hinge design. With the help of a sensor, if the door is opened prematurely, the printing process stops immediately. After the door is closed again, it will continue the printing. This is a great addition to the safety of the device

d. Built-in Camera And Silent Operation

While this isn’t a feature that changes the game, the Flashforge Inventor 2s has a built-in camera that can be used to watch the 3D print or record videos of the printing or even timelapse videos!

The printer also runs very quietly. It has a noise value of 50db which is much, much better than other printers. This won’t interrupt anything and is audible, but very manageable

e. Resume Printing Function and Filament Runout Sensor

The resume print function is an important feature for any printer, but especially this printer. The sensor on the door ensures that printing is stopped when open and continues when closed. This is a great feature to have in case of accidents where children open the printer. This also works with power outages, as the printer will resume right where it left off. The other sensor is the filament sensor and it senses when the filament is running out and stops the printing promptly. If the filament is replaced, the print again resumes where it left off

f. Connectivity

The Flashforge Inventor 2s features many connectivity options. You can connect through USB cables or sticks or simply use WiFi instead. This ensures you can control the printer easily even without the touchscreen!



Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

It is recommended to use the printer with FlashPrint, Flashforge’s very own slicing software. It works with a wide range of file formats like .3MF, .OBJ, .BMP, .FPP, .JPG, .STL, .PNG

The printer runs on all the major operating systems, so you’re covered no matter what you use. It is a powerful slicer that allows for one-click prints and adds support on its own. It also gives you granular control over your settings that lets you be as basic or advanced as you’d like. The UI matches the simplicity of the printer itself and can be used easily


Flashforge Inventor 2s vs the original

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review
Flashforge InventorFlashforge Inventor 2s
Build volume230 x 150 x 160 mm150 x 140 x 140 mm
Min layer height100 microns100 microns
Printable materialsPLA, TPU 95A, ABS, PETG, PVAPLA ,Wood, TPU 95
Max extruder temperature240℃240℃
Max heated bed temperature120℃n/a
Extruder typeDualSingle
EnclosureFully enclosedFully enclosed

Both these printers come from the same line, but there are differences to note. The first iteration of the Inventor has more material compatibility, features a heated bed, has a bigger build volume, and also has a dual extrusion system. This enables the Inventor to be used in professional settings and it has the features to match. The Inventor 2s is much cheaper, though. It also uses eco-friendly filaments and the build quality is honestly enough for educational uses. The Inventor and Inventor 2s target a similar audience, but the Inventor can be used in professional settings while the Inventor 2s is better for educational purposes


A look at a few prints

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

Here are a few print examples of models printed in the Inventor 2s. There might be some visible layering, but they are detailed and smooth

Real world usage

The Flashforge Inventor 2s features a single extruder. This can heat up to 240 degrees and print with materials like PLA, Wood-enriched filament, and TPU 95A which are eco-friendly. Such materials might seem inferior to ABS, but it is much safer to print. PLA filaments are non-toxic and recyclable too. This is perfect for educational institutions

Image: Bird using PLA filament on Inventor 2s
Image: Nylon print using Inventor 2s

The Final Verdict

Flashforge Inventor 2s Review

The Flashforge Inventor 2s is a great printer that is functional and easy to use. It comes pre-assembled and can be set up to print in 15 minutes. It is very safe to use and has features to ensure safety. While the build volume is not large and there is no heated bed, this printer is great for newcomers and educational institutes. The built-in camera is a great way to keep up with the print and also create time-lapse videos. It also features safety-first features like a smart door hinge design, filament runout sensor, and easy auto stop and resume function. All these features make it easy and safe to use with kids. There are a few downsides, but that is expected for a cheap printer aimed at the education sector. It also prints with eco-friendly and recyclable materials which are important in today’s world.  

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