Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades


Introduction to Creator Upgrades

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

Making use of a 3D printer to create upgrades for a 3D printer seems so fascinating. And this is what the Creator Pro 3D printer from Flashforge creator Pro upgrades is capable of. 

Ever since the Flashforge 3D Printer Creator Pro has come into the market, there is a certain buzz. It is a mid-priced printer with outstanding quality and features. It stands out for its aluminum frame structure, efficient build platform, acrylic covers, and dual extruders. 

Apart from this, it also has good compatibility with PLA and ABS filaments. Today, it has come up with various necessary printed upgrades that have enhanced its utility. 

Continue reading to review the different upgrades that have elevated its utility to another level: 


Alignment Bracket for filaments

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

For traditional printers, a better filament guide was an absolute must. Whatever changes were made, the filament from the left extruder would loop behind the spool and become caught in the spool holder. On the second printer, this was less of a problem, but it did happen at least once. It was, fortunately, a simple repair.

On Thingiverse, there are numerous filament-guide pieces, however, most of them require support material. On the contrary, Makersome’s filament guide is excellent, and it prints without filament supports. 

It prints pretty well without any support system. The filament-guide tubes on the printers are loosely fitted in the Makersome filament guide, and they move around during the print. With a few minor zip ties, this was readily remedied.


Holders for spools of filament

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

The spool holders bundled with the Creator Pro are designed in a way to suit the large diameter holes in the filament spools. These filament spools sell FlashForge. 

The Shaxon Spool Holder is the best spool holder on Thingiverse. This spool holder is tiny enough to store all of one’s spools into one. Hatchbox makes that spool, and it fits quite appropriately.

The spool holders that users generally use at home are extremely thin in comparison to the models offered for the FlashForge. Yet, they are strong enough to carry two spools without any issue.


Glass Print Surface and Glass Clips to Print On

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

A BuildTak sheet is included with the Creator Pro. It works remarkably well when it works. 

BuildTak appears to perform better at higher temperatures, although the 0.1mm prints would bend at the edges at such temps. 

However, the ABS filament is too difficult to attach to the BuildTak. The users can try it out at TheLab.ms and six of those and two new 8″ x 8″ sheets for their home printer.

ABS adheres to glass excellently with a little hairspray, and the hairspray can be easily removed after soaking in water. When a flawless print is required, the glass can be wiped then for a slick finishing on the bottom. The majority of the glass plates have been in use for over two months and have never been cleaned.

The users should spend a little extra on the glass next time. It is important to stay cautious of the rough, jagged edges. After a few minutes in the freezer, the prints pop right off the glass, but at least one member of TheLab.ms has grown impatient. They snatched a large print from the glass while it was still warm and yanked a chunk out of the middle.

Users might have to wait for things to cool down before removing a print with the BuildTak. 

With the glass, the print can be easily taken off the printer. As a result, the next person in line will not have to wait for more time to begin printing. Go for the ones mentioned below:

  • Knobs for Glass Clips at Thingiverse 
  • Knobs for Glass Clips at Thingiverse FlashForge Creator Corner Glass Clips 
  • 12mm M3 Brass Standoffs at Amazon

WebCam on a Mount

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

This is not a must-have. However, users can buy this as it comes quite beneficial in a public setting. Although the camera brackets are not perfectly designed, they are a better version of the traditional IKEA arm mount. 

The arm mount is fantastic—I have two at home—but it’s not ideal for our setup at TheLab.ms. They take up a lot of space and are easily knocked out of alignment. When you point them through the acrylic covers on the printers, they see a lot of glare.

The new camera mount fixes most of these issues, however, the angle is still not ideal. They aim at the print jobs and pick up a lot of glare from them during the first inches of the print work because they are parallel to the glass print surface. This isn’t the best situation.

Attaching the cameras on the printer’s handles is a fantastic idea, however, the execution could be much better. Stay tuned for further information!

Logitech C270 HD Webcam, HD 720p, Widescreen HD Video Calling

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Upgrade to Easypeel Build Plate that is Interchangeable

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

The flashforge Creator Pro upgrades and the Dreamer 3D Printers from Flashforge can benefit from this upgrade. 

Removing 3D Prints from the 3D printer is now easier than ever. The users can easily peel off their 3D print with this technique. 

Because this is a new system, replacing the build plate is not required. For greater usability, the users can use the greatest adhesive and spring steel plates. 

1x MK EasyPeel adhesive-backed magnetic sheet and 1x MK EasyPeel spring steel sheet can be used which are included in the kit (both-sided).


Fully Metallic Miniature Swiss MK10 Hotend Kit

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

For MK10 style extruders, this is an all-metal micro swiss hotend improvement. A modified heat barrier tube and a modified mk10 extruder nozzle are included in this upgrade.


  • Can sustain much higher temperatures when printing.
  • Because of the improved heat conductivity, printing takes less time.
  • Prints with less stringiness are of a higher grade.

Components of the Kit

  • 1 packet Thermal Compound
  • 1 Thermal Tube
  • 1 High Lubricity Wear Resistant Nozzle

Extruder Plate and Lever that is CNC Machined

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

For Dual Extruders, this is an extruder plate and replacement lever. CNC crafted using aluminum (6061 billet make), the lever and plate have weight-saving features.

It will replace a stock plastic assembly that has a proclivity to deform due to heat and stress over time. This is a direct replacement requiring no further modifications. For malleable mods of Filament, the Extruder Plate is built with a 4mm hole.

Components of the Kit

  • The Lever that has been CNC machined and has a high-quality bearing
  • Plate with CNC machining
  • Screws with a Flat Socket Head and a Spring


Exclusive Miniature Swiss Nozzle for MK10 All Metal Hotend 

Flashforge Creator Pro Upgrades

This is a type nozzle for the miniature Swiss MK10 all metal Hotend Kit that works only with the miniature fully metallic Swiss MK10 Hotend Kit.

The nozzle comes with invariably unique interior space for working with the thermal barrier tube.

Its coating is also resistant to abrasion and very hardy. Any Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, or other metal-filled filaments’ nozzle life can be considerably extended.

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