Flashforge Creator Pro Review: Specs, New Features, Verdict

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Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer

Flashforge Creator Pro is dual extruder 3D Printer based on Open Source Designs. It is upgradable, modifiable,

Print Quality
Printing Speed
User Expectations
  • Dual Extruders
  • Print Quality is deccent
  • Bed is heatable
  • Easy assembling
  • Calibration is manual
  • Produces noise


[ Flashforge creator Pro review ]

Flashforge is one of the leaders in 3D printing and filaments. The feature of our topic today, The Creator Pro, is based on the “Replicator”, an open source 3D printer. It is one of the cheaper options with dual extruders in the market. It is sturdy, has a heated build plate, and an enclosed build chamber. This enables the Creator Pro to print using a variety of print materials, specially temperature sensitive ones. Being based on an open source project, there is an active community that helps everyone from hobbyists to businesses to prototyping

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[ Flashforge creator Pro Review ]

a. Dual Nozzle Extruder

The Flashforge Creator Pro features a dual extruder. As opposed to IDEX based Systems, it uses two print heads and both of them are aligned ensuring faster prints. A bit of adjusting might be needed to fix retraction times and to prevent the inactive nozzle from leaking. Everything from PVA to multi-material prints can be done with the dual extrusion system and the enclosed chamber. The materials that can be used include PLA, HIPS, ABS, T-glass, Flex, CopperFill, BrassFill, WoodFill and more. 

b. Encased Printing Chamber

The Flashforge Creator Pro can handle a wide variety of materials and comes with a removable door and cover. This enables the printer to maintain temperatures while printing. This is particularly important with ABS. The enclosure also prevents dust buildup and helps keep everything safe. This also reduces the drone of the printer when it’s active. It also helps maintain the fumes in the case instead of spreading it in the room. Note that when printing with PLA, you will get better prints if the model gets good ventilation

c. Enhanced Mechanical Structures

The Flashforge Creator Pro has a sturdy metal frame. This helps maintain vertical movement and increases the stability of the printer under load. Flashforge claim that their new frame provides upto 60% increase in print speed in contrast to older models from the company. The print quality should also be better as there are less vibrations and has overall structural stability. 

The exterior look and experience of Flashforge Creator Pro can attract the user with its style  and user-lovable. 

Creator Pro consists of a sturdy metal frame which stabilizes the vertical movements and moving parts. Creator Pro claims that the addition of this new frame boosts the print speed upto 60% as compared to older models of Flashforge. The overall build of the printer reduces the vibrations and makes it structurally stable. This increases the quality and precision of the printing. 

d. Heatable Printing Bed

There is an all new heated build platform in the Flashforge Creator Pro which is made out of 6.3mm thick aluminium alloy. This plate results in great heat conduction which avoids deforming when heated. An included build plate sticker should be put on before starting the printer as the plate is not bendable. While the Creator Pro doesn’t feature auto-bed leveling, the three point metal leveling system ideally allows for finer adjustments compared to the previous model’s plastic system. 

e. Open Source Technology

The Flashforge Creator Pro is completely open source and as such will work with any open source slicing software. Some examples of these are ReplicatorG, Simplify3D, FlashPrint, CURA.etc There also modifications that can be made to the printer through 3D printing items like extra filament tubes or spool holders

f. Print with Two Materials

The Flashforge Creator Pro is equipped with a dual extruder setup. This means you get two nozzles to print your models with. The printer also supports PVA and you can get rid of the support by placing the final part in water

g. Metal Leveling System

The Flashforge Creator Pro unfortunately doesn’t come with an auto bed leveling system, but it uses a three-point leveling system instead. This might be tough for beginners, but the flexibility and granular control over settings makes up for it

h. Pre-assembled

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran with 3D printing, everyone will appreciate a pre-assembled 3D printer. Even tightening screws and making sure the printer is working can take a long time and the Flashforge Creator Pro comes fully assembled to help you get started on your prints right away. While it is assembled, you can also remove and add things as per your needs with no problem

First Impressions:

[ Flashforge creator Pro Review ]

The printer seems like a solid choice from the minute you open the box. What you see is what you get. There is also the beauty of the encased compartment that is bordered by a metallic frame, which strikes you right away. The printer can be made better through a multitude of customizable options. The printer offers a great slew of features like multi-material support and the option of printing with different filaments and colors at the same time. The printer also comes with a universal power supply. 

The printer is built with heat resistant metal and the doors open almost fully to 180 degrees. This ensures that people can do large prints with no problem and can take the prints in and out of the machine


[ Flashforge creator Pro Review ]

Unfortunately, the setup of the Flashforge Creator Pro isn’t as easy as 3D printers that have an auto leveling bed. Thankfully, there are lots of resources online to help you get started as as soon as possible. The printer is pre-assembled, so you just need to tweak some settings and be on your way off. This makes it easy for both new hobbyists and veteran printers to start printing immediately

What’s new?

a. Chassis

Flashforge usually has a wooden frame, while the Creator Pro uses a steel frame. This makes the printer more sturdy and reduces vibrations while printing. This ensures that the printer performs the best it can at all times

b. Build plate

The Flashforge Creator Pro has a 6.3mm aerospace grade aluminum build plate. Due to the thickness of the plate, there is virtually no chance of your prints deforming during the heat and cool cycles. This also results in better quality prints due to the ability of the plate to retain heat even when the temperature around it changes. The plate can also handle high temperatures and can therefore be used to print blended filaments

c. Enclosure

The Flashforge Creator Pro features an enclosed design. This protects the prints from room temperature and humidity changes which can have an effect on the printed model. ABS, for example, is a fragile filament that should be printed in environmental temperatures. Deformities will occur even with minute temperature changes. Due to this, it is recommended to use the Creator Pro in a room with proper airflow and ventilation. PLA will need to cool as soon as the printing is done. This will benefit from the internal ventilation. The final output will be smoother and better

Flashforge Creator Pro Bed Size

The Flashforge Creator Pro provides ample space. The bed size measures 9 inches wide and 7 inches long. It also has a height of 5.7 inches. The printer can fit 3 12-ounce cans and still have space remaining

Nozzle Cleaning

ABS dust can stick to the print head. This is normal and the nozzle needs to be cleaned regularly. 

Use an X-Acto knife to shave off the build up


Use q-tips with acetone to clean the nozzle

The yellow residue is kapton tape and it gives insulation to the heater. This should not be removed

Flashforge Creator Pro Nozzle Alignment 

  • First, the left clamp and heat sink bolts need to be loosened
  • Next, the left extruder needs to be lifted
  • The right nozzle needs to be leveled with the build plate
  • The carriage should be moved to the middle
  • The left nozzle needs to be pressed down with a gap measuring piece
  • Finally, the heat sink bolts and clamps need to be tightened

Flashforge Creator Pro Build Volume

The printer can print objects up to 225 x 145 x 150mm. The models can be loaded through USB or through an SD card. You can print almost anything as the build area goes up to 225 x 145 x 150 mm.

Update the Flashforge Creator Pro’s Firmware

You can use two methods to upgrade the firmware of the printer. One is to switch on Wi-Fi and connect to your Wi-Fi access point. Then you simply have to choose the upgrade option in the settings menu

The second option is to connect the printer via USB and then update the firmware through the option in the tools menu


The setup of the Creator Pro is a little confusing. Everything is individually packaged and they are not labeled. You can finish the setup quickly after checking the instructions on the box and you should be good to go. It might take a while due to the unclear instructions though. 

Customers in the US will need to set the PSU voltage to 110 volts. The printer needs to be opened to tinker with the power supply. The process is not difficult, but it doesn’t seem to keep the average home user in mind. 

From here on out, all you have to do is screw the extruders, the top cover, and the front door into place. Now, you’re ready to start printing! Simply add the filament into the spools and you’re good to go! The build plate has to be leveled and this printer doesn’t allow auto leveling, so that has to be done manually before printing.

a. Flashforge Creatore Pro Review: Software

Flashforge’s slicer software first came out in 2016, but there is no access to it anymore. Instead users are expected to download and use the ReplicatorG software. The ReplicatorG is currently out of date, but gets the job done. FlashPrint is another option that can be used by users. 

There are 4 standard profiles that are available to you. All these profiles require no changes and work great on their own. After some basic setup, you can mess around with advanced options. Here, settings like the print speed and the type of filling can be entered. Only X3G files will work to complete prints in this software. So, ensure your files are exported as S3G

b. Printing

To print your files, you can either connect it by USB, use an SD card, or use Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi might be a little slow, so an SD seems to be the fastest way to do it. Flashforge also gives you 3M blue tape. The printer is relatively silent and the sturdy metal frame is the reason behind that. If both extruders are in use at the same time, there is audible noise, but overall, it is one of the more silent printers in the market.

As the printer is fully enclosed, it is very rare for a build to fail specially with ABS or PLA materials.

c. Print Quality

Flashforge has a lot of default settings that give great outputs, but advanced settings are available for advanced users.It is recommended to do a test before your final print to ensure that everything is going smoothly. The resolution per layer can be set between 100 to 500 microns. There are ragged edges even at 500 microns, though, so it is suggested to print medium or large objects for best results


Price is always an important question when it comes to printers. The Flashforge Creator Pro is priced at $900, but the price can change between sellers. The Amazon listing for the printer is at $699, but again, different sellers have different prices

Customer Service

Customer service is a very important aspect of any product and Flashforge does a great job with it. Due to their great printers and support, Flashforge have become very popular with the community

Due to the fact that its open source, the printer has a ton of online forums and communities to get help from or share your creations

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

Here are the parameters to consider before committing to a printer

  • Cost: This printer is affordable and user friendly for beginners and veterans
  • Quality: This print excels in bigger prints. Smaller prints have slight imperfections
  • Speed: This printer prints quite fast compared to others in this range
  • Capability: This printer can print accurately
  • Practicality: This printer is great for enthusiasts who want the best
  • User Expectations: This print exceeds expectations and is a great upgrade from the previous version

Final Verdict

The Flashforge Creator Pro is a printer that features amazing features that aren’t available in this price range. It is open source and has a ton of support and community experience. It is priced delicately, not giving up features and not being too expensive. The dual extruder system and the options of printing with multiple filaments at once is something that’s unique to the Creator Pro. It is a great way to get into or upgrade your 3D printing

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