Flashforge Creator Max Review – Detailed

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Flashforge Creator Max 3D Printer

FlashForge Creator Max is the updated model from FlashForge one of the leading 3D printer manufacturer.


About Flashforge Creator Max

Flashforge Creator Max Review

Flashforge Creator Max Review: The Flashforge Creator Max is a twin extrusion FFF system based on the very popular Creator Pro. It is produced by the famous company Flashforge. The machine costs 879 dollars. It is geared at dedicated amateurs and small businesses. Hence it provides cost-effective multi-material, multi-color fast prototyping.

Its sturdy 15 kilograms metal frame measures 467mm x 381mm x 320mm. This implies that it will need a large specialized workplace. If the alternative acrylic overhead cover is employed, the modest 148mm x 150mm x 227mm build chamber is fully covered. 

The printer has a 3.5″ full-color touchscreen on the front and 2 external spool holders on the back. 

A SD card, Wi-Fi and USB connector are among the connectivity possibilities.

Because the dual extruders are housed in the same print head, the print speed may be reduced. The print head goes along the Y and X axes, while the bed goes along the Z axis, in a Cartesian coordinate system. 

The machine claims to be able to print with PETG, Wood, PVA, and ABS filaments. It has an extreme nozzle temperature of 240 degree Celsius and bed temperature of 120 degree Celsius.

Flashforge Creator max 3D Printer
Source: Flashforge

Flashforge Creator Max’s Specification

Flashforge Creator Max Review

Following are the various specifications of the Flashforge Creator Max 3D printer:

Printing Specs

  • Technology for printing : FFF
  • Volume : 5.9 x 9.1 x 5.9 inches (150 x 230 x 150 MM)
  • Precision of prints : 0.1~0.2 MM
  • Thickness of layer : 0.05-0.5 MM
  • Diameter of nozzle : 0.4 MM
  • Flow of nozzle : 24cc/hr.
  • Max Extruder Temps : 464°F (240°C)
  • Temps of Heated Build Plate : 248°F (120°C)
  • Diameter of filament : 0.069 inches (1.75 MM)
  • Compatibility of filament : High-Speed PLA, PLA, Ultra Strong PLA, PLA color change, Metal-Filled, ABS Pro, PETG, ABS, Elastic (TPU 95A),PVA and HIPS.
  • Precision of positioning :  XY: 0.0004 inches (11 Microns); Z:  0.0001 inches (2.5Microns)

Mechanical and Dimensions Specs

  • Dual Extruder
  • Dimensions of printer : 18.4 x 15 x 12.6 inches (467 x 381 x 320 MM)
  • Dimensions of carton box : 22.1 x 16.4 x 19.7 inches (415 x 500 x 560 MM)
  • Net Weight : 14.8 KG (32.63 LBS)
  • Total Weight : 21.5 KG (47.4 LBS)
  • Spool : External

Electrical Specs

  • Power – Input : 110V or 220V (flexible) 
  • Power Source : 350W
  • Connectivity : SD Card, Wi-Fi, USB cable

Software Specs

  • Software : FlashPrint
  • Format of file input : OBJ / STL (Through FlashPrint)
  • Format of file output : GX / G
  • OS Support : Mac OS X, Vista/7/8/10/Windows XP

Inside the Box

Flashforge Creator Max Review

The following components come bundled in the packed box:

  • Flashforge Creator Max
  • Power Cable
  • Lid
  • SD card
  • USB Cable
  • 2 Build Tape
  • 2 Filament Guide Tube
  • Leveling Card
  • User’s Manual
  • Accessory Kit (extruder)
  • Tool Bag
  • Slicing Software (FlashPrint )
  • Single Spool of PLA Filament

Flashforge Creator Max’s Features

Flashforge Creator Max Review

Let us currently examine the Flashforge Creator Max’s key components and their functions:

a) Dual Extruder – Variety of Colors & Filaments

Flashforge Creator Max’s extruder technology includes turbofans to chill plastic. It exits the nozzle, and with many patented technologies in place, it improves the performance of multi-color and dual material prints.

b) Precision Printing of the highest quality

Flashforge Creator Max is designed from the inside out to become Flashforge’s next 3D printer model. Flashforge Creator Max is a highly qualified program that is dependable. The printer’s motion is more stable thanks to the robust metal frame. The z-axis may be moved precisely thanks to a metal platform support and 10mm guide rods. 

The construction plate is composed of aerospace-grade (6.3mm) aluminum. It ensures good thermal distribution and stiffness. The fully closed printing chamber allows for the using variety of filament materials. It’s simple to get consistently better quality prints with all of these high – end features.

c) It’s User-Savvy & Stylish

Flashforge Creator Max has a sleek and user-friendly interface. Injection-molded pieces hold the metal frame, providing a firm basis. External grips, unibody top cover, levelling knobs, wide-opening front access door, power supply for global voltages and a touch control interface are among the elegant design.

d) Leveling with Sturdy Knobs

Bigger leveling knobs achieve consistent leveling. It also provides convenience when working in the printing chamber’s cramped space.

e) Open-source with Unlimited Possibilities

Flashforge Creator Max is a powerful machine built on open source software. Without boundaries, the possibilities are limitless. One can use Flashforge Creator Max with their chosen slicing program. For example, Cura, Simplify3D, Flash print, and others.

f) Temperature of the Print Bed

With a metal base, the print bed can sustain a maximum temperature of 248°F (120 degree Celsius).

g) Touchscreen LED

LED Touch Screen with Higher Resolution offers a user-friendly interface for controlling print functions. 

h) Construction Volume

The Build Volume of the Flashforge Creator Max is 5, 9 x 5.9 x 9.1 inches (150 x 150 x 230 MM) and spacious enough to produce a variety of objects.  

i) Durable Metallic Platform

The Z-Axis can be moved precisely thanks to a metal platform support and guide rods (10 MM).

j) Compatibility of Filaments

High-Speed PLA, PLA, Ultra Strong PLA, PLA Color Change, Wood, Metal-Filled PLA, ABS Pro, ABS, HIPS, PETG,  PVA and Elastic (TPU 95A) are just a few of the materials available for printing using the Flashforge Creator Max.


FlashPrint from Flashforge

Flashforge Creator Max dual extruder 3d printer

FlashPrint, the manufacturer’s proprietary slicer software, is used by the Flashforge Creator Max. The software is engaging, crisp, and simple to use. It is also evident that it receives regular upgrades, so there should be no problems.

The advantages of FlashPrint are listed as follows:

  • Qualified to meet the needs of both beginners and specialists.
  • Using Wi-Fi, users may control numerous 3D printers.
  • Supports both tree-like and straight supports.
  • Availability of FlashCloud online resource for sharing and downloading 3D concepts

Final Verdict

Flashforge Creator Max Review

The Flashforge Creator Max’s body is sturdy as a truck. It has a slew of design characteristics that make it a valuable asset for a 3D workshop. 

Flashforge’s own slicer, FlashPrint works like magic. Users have a variety of connectivity functions, including the most desired Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The Flashforge Creator Max even has an in-built storage drive, allowing users to save their output gcode files in anticipation of any future use.

The print quality of the device is, at its heart, definitely worth the cost. 

The only catch is that because of the print head’s poorly built cooling system, one can only utilize a single extruder at a time. 

Attempting to print with two materials will almost certainly result in leaking and frequent jams. And also one has to bear the audibly noisy drivers.

The machine truly accomplishes what it should for less than $900. Flashforge appears to have tried to cram too many features into its limited budget. The Flashforge Creator Max offers much more than it can deliver and hence, it fails to meet expectations.

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