Flashforge Adventurer 3 Review: Detailed

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Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer

Flashforge Adventure 3 is a high performance Single extruder FDM Printer that can print large volumes. Here’s a detailed of the same.

Print Volume
Print Quality
User Friendliness
  • Design that is ready to use right out of the box
  • Case for high-resolution ABS prints
  • Several advanced features
  • Cloud printing with onboard camera
  • The Flashforge Official User Group provides excellent help.
  • The reel size is limited by the onboard filament chamber.
  • Physically leveling the print bed is impossible.
  • Some prints fail right at the start, diminishing the print's reliability.

Flashforge Adventurer 3: Overview

Tired of the old printer’s screeching noises! Looking for a multi-tasking printer that can print on the go? Introducing a 3D printer for personal or corporate usage. One that is both efficient and affordable. 

It is tough to get a suitable printer within a budget these days. There is a lot to choose from on the market, but they all have some negatives that can’t be avoided. Flashforge has released the Flashforge Adventurer 3, a very advanced 3D printer.

It comes with several intriguing upgrades that have piqued the interest of many 3D printer users and professionals.

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What’s Included in the Flashforge Adventurer 3?

[ Flashforge Adventurer 3 Review ]

The Adventurer 3 comes fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box. To avoid product damage or loss while transportation, the packing is extraordinary. It is a user-friendly device that can be switched on and got working quickly. Here’s everything Flashforge has to offer in one convenient package:

  • 1 3D printer Flashforge Adventurer 3 (Amazon)
  • 1 x Service card with sales information with all the terms and conditions
  • 1 x Buyer’s Guide 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 oz. grease packet
  • 1 screwdriver 1 x screwdriver 1 x screwdriver 1 x
  • 1 × Pin Unclogging Tool
  • 1 x Power supply
  • Allen wrench (one)
  • 1 × 250 g PLA filament sample roll

Flashforge Adventurer 3’s Features:

[ Flashforge Adventurer 3 Review ]

Here are some features of the Flashforge Adventurer 3 that distinguishes itself from competing 3D printers on the market:

1. A Compact Professional Look

The professional appearance and enclosed design provide something to admire in a 3D printer.

Its design is user-friendly in terms of portability, as it is lightweight. The sleek, compact appearance attracts everyone and makes it more easy to use. The design is completely encased in a casing, with a slit for a filament to run through to the nozzle.

2. Simple to Set Up Slicing Software

Flashprint must be installed before connecting the 3D printer to the power supply. This user-friendly and multi-functional tool performs admirably in the majority of scenarios. 

To connect it to Amazon Adventurer 3 printer, scroll via the touch screen, find the IP address, and enter it in the area. A minor issue is about the device’s IP address getting changed every time it is switched on. As a result, users must set it up every time they have to start using the printer.

3. Nozzle can be easily changed

It’s simple to get to the nozzle and unmount it. The function is necessary for complete cleaning and then returning it to its proper location. If one needs to remove the nozzle, the design is engineered to allow for easy installation.

4. Touchscreen with 2.8-Inch Multi-Functional Display

A large high resolution, multi-functional touch screen is available to help with navigation. This 2.8-inch touchscreen allows one to navigate and choose between numerous settings and user notifications. The screen functions are straightforward and straightforward to use and operate.

5. Leveling System that is Automated

The device has a leveling feature that is automatic. Because the leveling feature is based on conventional factory leveling, it requires pre-calibration to function effectively.

When one has some automation going on, it makes the printing journey a lot smoother, especially when it comes to one of the most crucial aspects of 3D printing: having a well-leveled print bed.

6. Flexible Removable Bed

The nicest part about the bed is that it is detachable as well as adaptable. This flexibility made removing and handling completed projects a breeze. Remove the finished prints with caution because they are incredibly hot to access using bare hands.

It can reach temperatures of 100°C tops, therefore be cautious and use gloves resistant to heat, when using materials for printing that require high temperatures.

7. High Heat Capacity

The gadget can operate at a variable high temperature, which distinguishes it from other printers on the market. Users are allowed to use whatever filament they like, not just those given by Flashforge. 

One won’t have to wait long for the capabilities to activate and the device to warm up. Without any problems, in less than 50 seconds the nozzle reaches 200°C.

8. Loading Pathways for Multiple Files

The device has multiple file loading options. After selecting the build material, load the file from Flashprint. By providing several wireless channels, Flashforge has simplified the file transfer procedure to the printer.

Cloud printing, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, USB Drive or are all options for transferring data. The Adventurer 3 is a rare 3D printer on the market supporting cloud services at this pricing point. It also includes several sliced files and re-stored cloud designs.

9. Technology for Noise Reduction

Unlike other competing printers, the Adventurer 3 is an almost noiseless device. The main drawback of most 3D printers in this space is noise during printing. The Adventurer 3 prints at a volume of 45 decibels (DB).

This printer is good for indoor use for professional work such as schools, labs, offices, and studios because it produces less noise and interruption.

10. Camera Built-In

Most 3D printers don’t come with a camera, but this one does. It includes a cool built-in 2 million pixels camera with Wi-Fi HD for remote monitoring needs.

The most distinct feature of Adventurer 3 is the variety of changeable resolutions for different prints. It features million-pixel cameras for the greatest possible outcomes.

11. Nozzle that can be removed

The nozzle of the printer may be removed to make cleaning easier and to swap out the module if downtime is an issue. While this may appear to be a minor feature, it implies the printer is capable of professional-scale work.  These printers are excellent for a small print farm thanks to Flashprint’s synchronous printing functionality.

12. Print Bed and Enclosure with Heat

A heated print bed, which is more often than not on more recent printers, enables for compatibility with a wider range of filament types. Something printers at this price point may not have. 

ABS, PETG, and other types of plastic have varied strengths, and even the standard PLA filament can benefit from a heated bed to prevent warping and improve adhesion. The enclosure’s construction allows it to trap heat in for materials that tend to deform more when cooled.


[ Flashforge Adventurer 3 Review ]

This printer’s characteristics are fairly reasonable, and it competes well with many other printers on the market.

  • Extruder Number               : 1
  • Extruder Diameter                   :     0.4mm
  • Max Set Temp. of Extruder      :     240 ℃
  • Max Set Temp. of Platform      :     100 ℃
  • Print Speed                              :     10-100 mm/s
  • Support Filament                     :     PLA / ABS
  • Print Volume                            :     150*150*150 mm
  • Layer Resolution                     :     0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Resolution                      :     ±0.2 mm
  • Device Size                            :     388*340*405 mms
  • Screen                                    :     2.8-inch Touch Screen
  • Net Weight                              :     9 kg
  • Gross Weight                         :     13 kg
  • Input                                       :     100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Output                                    :    24 V, 6.25 A
  • Power                                    :     150 W
  • Spool Hold Diameter             :      52 mm
  • Contain Spool Diameter        :     50*200d*52h
  • Internal Storage                     :      8 G
  • Data Transmission                :      USB stick, Wi-Fi, Ethernet FlashCloud, PolarCloud
  • Software                                :      FlashPrint
  • Output                                    :      .gx/.g files
  • Input : .3mf / .stl / obj / .fpp / .bmp / png jpg / jpeg files
  • Camera : 1
  • Filter Fan : Option
  • Noise : < 45 dB
  • Working Environment : 18-30 ℃

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite’s design

[ Flashforge Adventurer 3 Review ]

It is a covered printer that features see-through acrylic panels from all sides, except the bottom.

The printer’s panels are held together with snap-fit components and fastened bolts. Unlike the Makerbot Mini’s acrylic panels, which are renowned for rattling due to loose-fitting panels.  

The printer’s whole build area is enclosed, with an exhaust fan mounted on the back of the machine.

Users didn’t notice any of the odors associated with 3D printing PLA throughout the testing. The enclosure seemed to limit both the total level of noise and the fumes produced by the printing process.

The front panel swings open to reveal the printed item inside, and two magnets at the top and bottom keep it closed. These magnets keep the door closed tightly during printing, yet it may be opened without interrupting the printer’s operation. 

This is a feature that can have two aspects: it’s convenient to be able to access the build area when printing for making changes. But it also undermines safety by failing to pause or halt the printing with an open door.

A Bowden extruder is used in the printer, which pushes the material via a long tube before it reaches the hot end.

Because it does not have a stepper motor placed on it, this form of extruder allows for faster print head movement. However, due to material oozing, this can cause stringing.

While using the printer, Users didn’t have any serious stringing issues, and the extruder module didn’t require any adjustments.

The Adventurer 3 Lite’s detachable nozzle assembly is a unique feature. The nozzle of many 3D printers, including the Creality Ender 3 Pro, is a cheap ($1-$15) part that is removable using a wrench and some practice. 

On the Adventurer 3 Lite, FlashForge has made the process easier by including an inter-changeable nozzle frame that can be quickly changed by pushing two buttons with springs and drawing out the assembly.

Users were able to remove the nozzle quickly and effortlessly, and they thought the quick-change system was well-designed and executed.

For printing PLA, the nozzle features a cooling fan, as well as two LED lights that face downwards.

Users who aren’t comfortable disassembling printers can still remove and replace the nozzle fast.

The nozzle assembly costs $24 on the FlashForge website, while the entire hot end assembly costs $85. It’s also possible that FlashForge will discontinue producing this particular assembly.

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite is being calibrated.

To establish the offset between the nozzle and the heated build platform on the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite, semi-manual calibration is required. The in-built calibration aid on the Adventurer 3 Lite automatically hooks the X, Y, and Z axes and then shifts the nozzle to five various spots on the print bed.

The printer then prompts to set the offset by placing a paper piece between the platform and the nozzle as a feeler gauge. The LCD display (using touchscreen) will allow users to raise or reduce the offset distance.

Although one will prefer this method over manually leveling the bed because it saves time trimming the extruder across it to level it.

Create a Platform

Parts may be removed from the printer’s removable build platform, which has a rough feel. This build platform is very flexible and light, which comes in handy when removing printed parts.

Users may remove prints from the platform, making it much safer than those that need a blade to remove prints or scrape them out. For example, Lulzbot Taz.

It contains a heating element beneath the removable platform, which prevents printed pieces from curling or delaminating.

Furthermore, the printer’s enclosure restricts the heat within the print envelope, which improves the printed object’s quality. 

The printer’s entire build surface is 150mm x 150mm x 150mm, which is enough for printing a few pieces at a time. But bigger batches of parts or huge models will need a larger platform (such as the one available with Creality Ender 3 Pro).

Software for slicing the Adventurer 3 Lite

FlashPrint is a slicing application developed by Flashforge for their 3D printers. 

FlashPrint is an amazingly powerful slicing program that allows one to use WiFi to connect and control a 3D printer. It also allows the user to cut, scale, and rotate 3D files.

FlashPrint has a basic slicing mode that can process a model in only a few clicks. It also has a more complex option that allows users to fine-tune individual print settings.

The Low, High, Standard, and Hyper settings adjust the layer height, infill density, number of perimeters, speed, and others by default. Toggle material type, support structures, and raft settings from the basic configuration.

Users can use FlashPrint to cycle through the layers and analyze the toolpathing. First import and slice the 3DBenchy FDM 3D printer test model. 

Users knew how long the print would take before sending it to the printer. FlashPrint displays information (print time, complete  print parameters, and anticipated material usage settings).

Transfer the sliced model to the printer wirelessly using FlashPrint’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Use the ‘Standard’ configuration with raft and supports disabled.

Services for Customer Support

The printer comes with a standard 180-day manufacturing warranty from Flashforge. One can also obtain an extended warranty, which may last anywhere from 180 days to a year and covers the printer. Users can also purchase additional parts and accessories for areas that are not covered by the guarantee.

Community of Flashforge

Flashforge online community can be reached through Facebook for immediate assistance. However, one can also go to the actual company headquarters. Additionally, an email option is provided. 

Users can also obtain the online manual and upgrade their Flashprint editions. Multiple lessons are also accessible on the official website and YouTube. These instructions cover everything from un-boxing to installation and use.

There are also a number of videos available to help users with any problems or technical issues they may encounter while using the product.

Final Thoughts on Flashforge Adventurer 3

If one wants a premium machine to start a 3D printing experience with, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a great choice. While it may not be the ideal choice for precise work, this is the most user-friendly printer ever experienced. 

If users are thinking about getting another similar printer, they won’t be disappointed with their decision. The Adventurer 3’s ease of use and comprehensive feature set makes it a delight to use. 

The equipment and software produces some fantastic results.


[ Flashforge Adventurer 3 Review ]

Its large display, attractive compact design, capacity to reach a high temperature, and enclosed setup are all unique. The printer can print ABS and PLA with fantastic results. Although the price may be a little expensive, the product is well worth the money due to its innovative features.

The user experience has been excellent thanks to the community’s continued support. The organization has avoided excessive complications by focusing on user-friendly features and details. 

The website also contains a wealth of expertise and information. Many platforms provide extensive instructions, address user difficulties. They also inform Adventurer 3 users about the product they purchased. This can help them take advantage of its capabilities the most.

This 3D printer is incredibly functional and beneficial in a variety of situations. Such as manufacturing toys, movie props, unique DIY designs, architecture projects, and so on.

Fantastic usability, wireless and wired connectivity and an assembled product allow the user to start using it right out of the box.

Its noise-free technology is the product’s most unique and sought-after feature. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of environments such as laboratories, businesses, residences, and schools.

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