Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine For LCD/DLP/SLA Printed Models

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Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine

Elegoo Mercury Plus is a 2 in 1 solution for cleaning and post-curing your LCD / DLP / SLA printed models, which is compatible with most 3D printers.

  • Ensures the object’s surface has a finished and firm feel.
  • One machine does both washing and curing.
  • Saves time, cost and offers excellent results
  • Reduces any chance of contact with resin that is not cured after washing the print object.
  • Can wash an object separately or with the construction platform.
  • Can configure frequency of UV light frequencies matching with size, color and complexity or the resin.
  • Smaller objects cure quickly.
  • Adjustable brackets save substantial amounts of IPA.
  • Spinning turntable ensures 360° curing.
  • Works with DLP, LCD, SLA 3D printers from Elegoo as well as Anycubic and other brands.
  • Not suitable for washing objects printed with resins that require washing by water.
  • Supports Objects with dimensions of 125mm x 85mm x 160mm.
  • Washing makes sufficient noise especially when motors are kicking in.
  • Wash container latch looks cheap but offers good sealing.
  • By default the machine sets for curing even though one has selected washing option.
  • Creates a big sound when washing, beeps when buttons are pressed.

One Machine for Washing and Curing

Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine

Mercury Plus from Elegoo is a 2-in-1 wash and cure machine that is both lightweight and simple. 

It facilitates cleaning of objects off uncured and unwanted resin in a big washing tank. Thereafter, the machine does curing on a platform that keeps spinning.

With dimensions of 200mm x 200mm x 353mm, the gadget may be placed on a work desk, although it isn’t the best place. The Elegoo Mercury Plus can wash objects measuring up to 125mm x 85mm x 160mm. For curing, objects with a size of up to 140mm in diameter and 165 mm in height can sit on the rotating platform.

The Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 has 16 UV LEDs lined up in 2 rows, each row having 8 LEDs of 385 and 405 nm. 

As a result, objects constructed of many types of resins can be cured with this machine. The structure can be spun in all directions. It uses magnets similar to that power the wash tank’s magnetic stirrer.

The holder provided for various platforms is also a plus. It allows one to wash the items without having to first remove them. The tank for washing objects can hold approximately 3 liters of washing solution. There’s also a nice basket that slides under the wash tank.

One may simply wash objects that have been taken from the production platform in this basket. A magnetic stirrer at the wash container’s bottom helps the wash solution flow freely. The excess resin is removed efficiently. When washing, the stirrer rotates in a different direction. The resulting vortices wash the resin from all even angles.

Elegoo has equipped the Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 – Wash & Cure with four touch buttons and a tiny LCD for operation. The device’s screen and keys are right on top of the base of the device. The timer’s balance time and the operating mode are shown on the screen. 

The 4 keys are used to change the mode of operation, adjust the timer, and start the gadget. Because the spacing between the four keys is so wide, pressing two of them simultaneously is impossible.

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Salient Features Of Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine

The Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 from Elegoo has some excellent features as described below:

a) Construction and Wash Platform

For all the Mars series of resin 3D Printers, the Elegoo Mercury Plus has an integrated build plate holder. 

Users can now use this machine to wash all their print objects while using the printing build platform. There is no need to extract print objects off the construction plate.  

This minimizes unwanted contact with resin that is not cured and causes injuries. Simply get the construction platform mounted using the platform bracket. Then adjust the bracket’s height to fill the necessary level of the solution in the bucket.  Place this bracket on the pillar’s top and begin the washing procedure.

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b) Sixteen UV LED Beads for Curing

Eight units of 405nm UV curing lamp beads and eight units of 385nm UV curing lamp beads come integrated with the machine. 

This ensures a quick and flawless curing procedure. This makes it possible for UV light to pass through the UV resin without any issue.

Because there is more material to pass through, larger and more complicated objects will take longer to cure.

c) All round Rotating Table

The machine has a 360-degree rotating turntable. The turntable and the powerful UV lights in tandem, deliver perfectly cured prints.

d) Excellent Control with Highly Interactive Touchscreen

The sensitive touchscreen facilitates simple operation and complete control of the machine. This allows one to complete all the activities required for 3D printing.

At the bottom of the device is a tiny TFT LCD panel with a 0.96-inch display.  Using this one can easily operate and manage the machine.

Touch keys facilitate control of all kinds of washing and curing functions on the machine.

Simply place the print object in the spinning plate’s middle and set the curing time. When the curing procedure is complete, there will be a beep. Until then, the set time and time remaining for curing are displayed.

e) Brackets for Adjustment

If one has taken out the print object off the construction plate, they can start washing the object by loading it on the bracket platform.  As the bracket is adjustable, one has to just hook it up on the pillar.

An object with a diameter of up to 160mm can be cleaned using the washing station. The user can utilize this tool to wash any number of prints at once.

One need not load IPA in the bucket as the bracket is adjustable. All one has to do is alter the bracket platform’s height to accommodate lower levels of the solution.

f) Detection of Top Lid for Safety

The curing station has a sturdy acrylic lid that can block dangerous UV rays. This helps protect the user’s eyes by blocking 99.95 percent of UV rays.

Thus because of this anti-UV feature, if the top lid is opened, the machine stops functioning. This protects users from dangerous chemical sprays and UV glares.

g) Versatile Compatibility

The wonderful part about the Elegoo Mercury Plus is that it works with most resin 3D printers. That is employing SLA, DLP, or LCD technology.

Though the Elegoo Mercury Plus is manufactured by Elegoo, it can be used with resin printers from Creality, Anycubic and other similar resin 3D printers.

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Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine

Elegoo’s Mercury Plus Wash & Cure comes completely built and ready to use. There is no need for assembling. All you have to do now is unpack and set up the machine. You can start cleaning and curing your first models right after reading the instruction instructions.

The delivery box creates a good first impression. Foam and styrofoam inserts safeguard the unit from harm during shipping.

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Setting up Right Location

The Elegoo Mercury Plus’s functions are almost self-explanatory. Yet, one should check out the instructions guide completely. Only then start working on cleaning and curing the objects.

It is suggested that one uses a balanced table as the installation location. Something that does not shake when someone bumps across it. It is also critical to ensure the Elegoo Mercury Plus is placed in an area that is fully ventilated.

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The solution used for washing has a strong odor and is extremely volatile. It is also potentially combustible. Thus using this machine in a home environment is not desirable.

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Operating the Elegoo Mercury Plus

Users can operate the Elegoo Mercury Plus by four big touch buttons on the machine’s front panel. One can decide to wash or cure using the left button. The timer is set using the middle two buttons. One can start or halt the washing or curing procedure by pressing the right button.

The set timer time and mode are displayed on a little display to the left of the button panel. The timing cannot be more than 30 minutes. 

This amount of time is usually enough to completely remove the resin from the most deformed objects. Otherwise, one can wash the objects once again. Even bigger objects can usually be cured post washing in more or less than 30 minutes.

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Wash Function

Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine

Users can use the Elegoo Mercury Plus to wash models still on the print platform or removed. The Elegoo Mercury Plus comes with a wire basket that inserts into the wash container. This is used for washing objects that have been removed from the print platform.

To wash the objects, just place them in the basket and hang them in the wash container. The washing basket’s pores are quite big. 

This enables a solution for washing to flow without obstruction through the wash basket. Yet, a few pieces of object can emerge out of the mesh.

Ensure that these do not jut out below the basket to avoid getting damaged by the magnetic stirrer. 

If there are some tiny parts, then ensure they slip through the basket’s mesh.

The Elegoo Mercury Plus printing plate holder is versatile and useful. This height adjustable holder may be used with a variety of printing platforms. When washing, join the build platform with the holder ensuring the objects are pointing downwards. Then, hook up the holder with the wash container.

There is a constraint here though. To clean the objects using this holder, the object height has to be no greater than 120mm. A total of 3 liters of washing solution can be stored in the wash container. 

One may also wash objects with dimensions of 125mm x 85mm x 160 mm.

There is a magnetic stirrer below the wash tank. Magnets and an electric motor in the Elegoo Mercury Plus’s casing drive the stirrer. During washing, the motor spins in the other direction, creating more vortices in the wash solution.

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Swirls created by the container’s angular design remove resin from deep parts of a print. One may close the wash container with the provided lid when not using it to avoid having to regularly transfer the wash solution.

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Technical Specifications: Elegoo Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine

Following are the different specifications of the Elegoo Mercury Plus:

  • Company/Brand : Elegoo
  • Color of Body : Yellow
  • Material of Body : Aluminum
  • Type of  Panel for Control : Touch Button
  • Printer Compatibility : DPL, LCD, SLA 3D Printers
  • Type of Machine Type : Washing and Curing
  • Type of Material Compatible : UV Resin
  • Size of Washing Model (Max) : 125mm x 85mm x 160mm
  • Size of Curing Model (Max) : 140mm x 165mm
  • Setting of Time : 0 to 15 Minutes
  • UV Light : 405nm and 385nm
  • Input Power : 200V
  • Power Source : 48W
  • Assembly Type : Fully Assembled
  • Dimensions of Machine : 200mm x 200mm x 352mm
  • Weight : 4.8 Kg (10.58 lbs.)
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Elegoo Mercury plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing machine

The following queries are raised about this printer:

Can one suggest a particular washing solution for the Elegoo Mercury Plus?

One will need IPA or commonly called isopropanol alcohol to wash objects in the Elegoo Mercury Plus. This alcohol is capable of dissolving liquid resin from the objects without harming the cured resin. The other option is methylated spirit. 

Can one use Elegoo Mercury Plus resins that are water soluble?

Elegoo does not suggest using Elegoo Mercury Plus for washing objects built out of water-washable resins. But some users have been successful in using the Mercury Plus for washing their objects. They have used water instead of alcohol as the washing solution.

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Concluding Thoughts

Elegoo Mercury Plus Review

The Elegoo Mercury Plus from Elegoo is a convenient two-in-one Wash & Cure machine.  The machine is well-built and well-designed. It significantly simplifies the cleaning of UV resin 3D objects. After washing, the models are completely free of resin and may be readily cured post washing.

The Elegoo Mercury Plus’s only flaw is that it may not be suited for prolonged use. At the price of the product, this is a fantastic compact machine to wash and cure print objects.

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