Creality Ender 5 Upgrades

Creality ender 5 upgrades : Many users who have purchased a 3D printer in the past, have been disappointed when the print quality degraded with time. The frustration increases if the prints are frequently failing.

If a 3D printer isn’t behaving as it should, modifications and upgrades are the best bets.

Some upgrades can assist in avoiding print failures. Other upgrades protect the printer from dust and also enhance print quality.

With the Creality Ender 5, there are a plethora of quick and easy upgrades thanks to the lively community of existing users. As also the innovative manufacturers that build compatible items.

So, let us check out some of the coolest Ender 5 upgrades.


Upgrade Set for Creality Ender 5

If one is experiencing trouble with the Creality Ender 5’s noise, there is an upgrade pack for parts that cost not more than $60. 

The upgrade package consists of an all metal nozzle and extruder, a quieter mainboard and a 39.4 inch PTFE tube of Capricorn Bowden type.

This upgrade set can make the Creality Ender 5 not only quieter but also offer better performance in terms of consistency and speed.

The fantastic part of this upgrade is that all one has to do is unplug the original part and plug in the new one to the mainboard. One can also get the individual parts separately. 


Build Plate of Tempered Glass

Creality ender 5 upgrades

Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with Creality  Ender 5’s heat bed. While some complain about the non-adherence of prints. And some other users note the magnetic heat bed is not sturdy enough.

The upgraded built plate with a silicon and carbon and silicon surface is noted for having strong adherence. After printing, allow the printed object to cool and it will become unstuck off the hotbed. Then just pick it up or scrape it up with ease.

Installing this built plate requires simply placing it over the current hotbed, and using the clips to secure it. Additionally, for cleaning this plate, all one needs is water.

The tempered glass plate is also a wonderful option if the standard magnetic bed starts to look scuffed and outdated. It gets warmed up better than the print bed.

In fact, if one wants to use filaments of ABS, then it is advisable to get this upgrade immediately. 

This is better than waiting for the magnetic bed that came with the printer to fail. The built plate with tempered glass will also protect the prints from warping and deformity.

Furthermore, the inorganic unique coating on this built plate has a Mohs hardness rating of 8.0. 

This makes it tougher than even apatite and quartz, and as hard as topaz. The built plate is 9.25 inches on all sides and can resist temperatures as high as 400°C.


Auto Leveling using BL Touch

BL Touch is an electronic sensor employed for auto-leveling of the 3D printer’s bed with precision. 

The inbuilt automatic level sensor of the Creality Ender 5’s is custom built for the machine’s magnetic bed. 

But if one wishes to switch to a bed made of other material such as glass, one will need to go for the BL Touch sensor.

Some metal bed sensors are unable to detect glass beds. The most accurate leveling sensors are from BL Touch. The normal deviations of these sensors are roughly 0.005 mm. A push pin and microprocessor chip come bundled.

It contains a hall sensor that works in tandem with the pushpin, making it ideal for a variety of bed types.

For its Ender models, Creality offers the Auto Bed Leveling Sensor from BL Touch and priced around $50.


Adaptable Build Platform from Wham Bam

The Wham Bam Build platform promises to adhere the 3D print on the print bed. It also helps easy removal when the printing is over.

This build platform outperforms sheets made of polyetherimide.

On completion of printing, get the build plate off and twist it slightly to slide off the print, much like getting ice cubes off a tray. 

The Wham Bam build platform’s magnetic foundation can withstand temperatures as high as 150°F.

Spring steel is used to construct the build plate, and the PEX build surface can be customized. The Wham Bam build system works with many 3D printer models. Make sure the size of the one purchased is right.


Steel and Rubber Vibration Dampers for Nema17 Stepper Motor from BIQU 

Get these rubber and steel vibration dampers if one wants to cut the vibrations on a 3d printer. 

These Steel and Rubber Vibration Dampers for Nema17 Stepper Motor from BIQU will not only reduce vibrations but also make the Creality Ender 5 quieter. 

Using them can also result in prints that are of higher quality. The package contains three units along with dozens of screws.

Make sure that every stepper or electric motor has its own damper. The fact that printing will be quieter by more than five decibels goes to show its caliber.


Enclosure of the Creality Ender 5

Users can purchase enclosures for their Creality’s 3D printers including the Ender 5. This enclosure kit has everything one needs to assemble it for the Creality Ender 5. There are 8 brackets with fixed angles, 12 various sizes of iron pipes, and a folding covering. 

This enclosure helps maintain a steady temperature throughout the printer. It thus protects prints from being destroyed by colder temperatures.

It can also reduce noise while keeping the printer dust-free. 

Aluminum film is used to create the interior. In case of a fire, the enclosure will prevent it from spreading.

When fully erected, the Ender 5 enclosure measures 35.4″ x 29.5″ x 27.6″, but when not in operation, it shrinks down to 17.5″ x 22.2″ x 27.0″ enabling a compact storage.


Extension Cable Adapter and Extender for Micro SD to SD Card from LANMU

Although the Creality Ender 5 comes with an SD card along with a reader in the package, one will need to purchase an SD card extension cable. 

The extension cable adapter and extender for Micro SD to SD Card from LANMU is composed of high-quality materials. 

It facilitates inserting and removing even the tiniest SD cards easier. 

The reading speeds on this extension are impressive.

This product can work with many 3D printers including the Ender 5. There is a 30 day refund option if unsatisfied with the product. And there is also a free replacement offer within 180 days.


Securing Creality Ender 5 using Cable Strain Relief

Creality ender 5 upgrades

The solder positions on the Ender 5 can be protected using the cable strain relief. The print bed and the hot end keep moving across, wired using solders on both sides. The movements make not much difference to the wires, but the soldering can get worn out quickly.

The cable strain relief upgrade that comes for the bed and the hot end is available and ready to print.


Reducing size of Bowden Tube

A few people have expressed dissatisfaction with the Ender 5’s stringing. One can cut the retraction value by reducing the size of the Bowden tube.

This change can help lessen the device’s drag when printing, with highly accurate print output.


Extenders for the Legs

Creality ender 5 upgrades

On most surfaces, the Creality Ender 5 may occupy expansive space. Thus one might have to keep everything they need for printing in a separate drawer or cabinet.

Alternatively, one can print extenders for the Ender 5’s legs that will raise it about 4 inches off the table, allowing one to store more items beneath.


SKR 1.4 Motherboard from BIGTREETECH

The stock motherboard’s stepper motor drivers are loud, which is one of the main issues with the Ender 5 Plus. Upgrade them with the Motherboard from BIGTREETECH.  It offers much more than a quieter experience.

And these motor drivers on the SKR 1.4 Turbo Motherboard are interchangeable.  This allows for an easy and affordable upgrade on new version releases. And hence not have to get the entire board replaced. 

This is certainly not possible on the Creality’s “Quieter” Motherboard.

A Twin Z-axis interface, an RGB light bar header, and a 32-bit controller are just a few of the goodies on this board.


Upgrade to the Fully Metallic Extruder 

Creality printers come with a plastic housing for the extruder that is notorious for wearing out quickly. The filament has a tendency to rub against the feeder arm’s entry hole, degrading the plastic and creating drag. 

Due to this issue, extruders that are fully metallic have become a necessary upgrade on most Creality printers, including the Creality Ender 5.

This fully metallic extruder is more sturdy and resilient. It helps in minimizing filament drag and prevents filament wearing away at the extruder’s feeder arm. They’re also reasonably priced, making this an easy upgrade.

Ensure a firm grasp on the stepper motor when replacing the old extruder. The stepper motor is fixed just by the screws one will remove, so make sure to have something for support.

Otherwise, the motor will fall and get damaged or worse cause damage to other components of the printer. 


XS tubing from Capricorn

Creality ender 5 upgrades

On a Creality Ender 5 Plus, the Bowden tubing can be a little too big in comparison to the filament size. In some situations, especially with more flexible filaments, this might cause it to fold on itself and clog.

Capricorn XS tubing features a more precise internal diameter than the standard Bowden tubing. Thus, resulting in a more confined filament path. It’s also stick-proof, reducing clogging. 

This low cost upgrade is a must-have for most Ender 5 users like the metallic upgrade for the extruder.


More Sturdy Steel Nozzles

During the printing process, the filament vents across the nozzle and then placed onto the build plate. The nozzle that comes with the Ender 5 Plus is of cheap quality made of brass and needs upgrading. 

This will help in increasing the quantity of materials one can print with as well as the quality of the prints.

Check out our extensive selection of nozzles available to see which the right one is. If one wants to continue using the original hot end of the Ender 5, then getting a MK8 nozzle is a must.


Upgrades that can be Printed

Check out these improvements that can upgrade the Ender 5’s capabilities by simply printing them out.

a) Cooling Cover for the Hotend

For successful 3D printing, proper airflow and cooling are essential. The supplied cooling covers on the Ender 5 does not efficiently circulate the air through the nozzle and on the prints. 

This can cause stringing and prevent the plastic from retaining its shape. A Thingiverse user called Fpikus came up with a solution. 

A replacement cover or shroud that circulates cooling air better on the filament material. 

Installing this mod does not need any new tools or machinery. Only the filament is required. This upgrade can be downloaded from the following link on Thingiverse

b) Complete Cooling System 

Is the cooling cover upgrade for the hot end not enough? Then one might check out Mediaman’s excellent “Hero Me Gen5” cooling system. 

It provides cool airflow over nozzles on both sides and is compatible with a wide range of hot ends and ABL sensors.

As an added benefit, one can combine components to suit any Creality Ender 5 Plus, from standard to completely updated. 

Depending on the setup, the Hero Me Gen5 may need some extra nuts and screws. It’s well worth it because it’s one of the most compatible and adaptable cooling systems available.

Benefits of this upgrade include printing at faster speeds can be aided by part cooling to improve print quality.

This upgrade can be downloaded from the following link on Thingiverse.

c) Extruder of Direct Drive

The Creality Ender 5 Plus’s extruder uses a Bowden arrangement. This can cause stringing and make printing items using filaments like TPU challenging. 

To circumvent this, one can switch to an extruder of direct drive type. But this necessitates purchasing new parts. 

A user paydayxray has designed one that only requires one additional non-printed component.  A 400 mm extension cable for the stepper motor.

This upgrade can be downloaded from the following link on Thingiverse.

d) Cable Relief for Print Bed

A key part of a 3D printer is the heat bed, as most print filaments need one for successful and precise printing. 

The big issue with heated beds is poor support for the cables, causing break in connections in the future. Unfortunately, the Creality Ender 5 Plus has this problem as well.

The user BDDog has designed a bracket to accommodate the heated bed’s cord. One needs some extra screws and nuts to put everything together.  And they cost only $5, which is a bargain compared to the cost of repairing a heated bed.

This upgrade can be downloaded from the following link on Thingiverse.

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