36 Creality Ender 3 (Pro/V2) Upgrades To Consider

The Creality Ender 3 is a great printer that offers amazing prints from the minute it’s set up. That’s not to say it can’t be better, though! In this article, we’re going to talk about must-have Creality Ender 3 (Pro/V2) upgrades that will take your prints and boost them up to another level

1. BL Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor-

Manually doing bed leveling is quite an annoyance when it comes to printing as it can ruin prints without you realising it until it’s too late. Forgetting to level the bed manually can lead to hours, money and material waste. With the BLTouch sensor, your bed with be auto leveled for your prints all the time! And it is easy to install too!

Source: Creality

How BLTouch works 

BLTouch builds a mesh of points using a probe and determines if your bed is unleveled or not. It also senses directions and fixes them during your print as it changes the GCOE instruction when it has to for an imperfect build surface. This process is done at the beginning of every print automatically

BLTouch process

First, the hardware needs to be installed. The probe connects to the motherboard of the Ender 3 and mounts next to the print head. Then, the software. The firmware needs a little bit of tweaking to enable the BLTouch sensor. Finally, the slicer needs a few additions to make sure that each GCODE file includes all the necessary instructions at the start

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2. Silent Mainboard V1.1.5

Source: Creality

3D printers are not quiet and they definitely make enough noise to be distracting. This is especially true for the Ender 3 as it contains noisy fans and cheap stepper motor drivers that create a whirring sound. If this is a problem for you, we have just the Creality Ender 3 upgrade for you: The silent mainboard

The silent mainboard is a substitute for your Ender 3’s mainboard and it takes your cheap whirring stepper motor drivers and replaces them with quiet TMC2208 drivers. This upgrade alone reduces the drone of the printer from 48db to 36db. If you want to go full and quiet with these upgrades, the fans can be replaced to get quieter ones as well

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3. Steel Extruder Gear

The next Creality Ender 3 upgrade is the extruder. The Ender 3 comes with a stock brass extruder gear that lacks in quality. The brass gear wears down quickly and this can affect your prints. The Steel Extruder Gear, as the name suggests, is made of steel and is the perfect upgrade to the provided gears. This can ensure that your prints will come out great and without any problems, even after heavy use

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4. Glass Print Bed

Build plate surfaces come in all varieties of materials like metal, painter’s tape, magnetic, etc. The best prints come from glass, especially when it comes to the Creality Ender 3. These beds are very flat and doesn’t cause any warping that might come from the stock bed. They’re also easy to clean and prep. The print can also be taken out easily. A thin, borosilicate bed is needed and it has to be attached to the build plate with clips. A 235X235mm plate is best suited for the Ender 3

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5. Raspberry Pi Element 

Source: Creality

Octaprint has been in demand for people who own the Creality Ender 3. A raspberry Pi board is needed to run the web interface. You can handle your Ender 3 and access it from a browser with OctaPrint. OctaPrint is fully open source and offers a lot of different plugins made by the community. Through the browser, you can track the print with the integrated camera, adjust the print temperature, get info on the print condition and also stop or start the printer from anywhere. The setup is simple and more information can be found on octoprint.org 

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6. Improved Bowden Tube Couplings

The couplings that connect the Bowden Tube from the extruder to the hot ends are also prone to wear and tear. If these couplings fail, you’ll face issues where the Bowden Tube is no longer secure and the filament coils around the printer instead of printing. They can be reconnected but will keep causing issues until they are replaced. Plastic clips are used to secure the stock couplings in place. That’s why first layer couplings with metal clips should be used. They will stay secure for longer and not disconnect. Failure in the couplings is expected though and spare parts should be kept as a backup. A small coupling attaches to the extruder and a large coupling attaches to the hot end and both these sizes suffer from the same damage and need to be replaced accordingly. The Capricon PTFE tube isn’t a significant improvement and is not recommended. 

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7. Glass Bed and Hairspray

A heated glass bed and some hairspray have been found to be the most optimal bed adhesion combination. This gives a shiny and smooth finish to the base of the prints. Even though Creality offers its own coated glass panes, borosilicate glass seems to have the best bed adhesion. Some binder clips, from any local store, helps to clamp the glass bed to a printer. Glass also ensures that your print is easy to remove after it is cool. Even if it seems to stick, a few taps should make it come out easily. This is an added benefit as the stock bed only leaves room for peeling and can cause damage to the bed surface. 

It is advised to spray the bed with hairspray even 10 prints or so or if you face any issues with adhesion. The bed also needs to be cleaned regularly with any window cleaner to avoid problems with the base of the prints. It is very simple to install the bed as it clips onto the stock bed. Please note that the Ender Pro 3’s magnetic bed needs to be removed for this. After loosening two screws on the bottom left of the machine the Z end stop can be raised to fit the bed properly

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8. Metal Feeder Assembly

The Ender 3 has a plastic metal feeder assembly and it is not great. Feeder Gear skips can occur which causes irregular gaps in your final print. An ann metal feeder assembly adds a level of sturdiness that is not found with the stock feeder

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9. SD Card Extention Cable

If flexibility is what you need in your printer, consider the SD Card Extention Cable directly from Creality themselves! The cable is fairly straightforward and is easy to install. Printing a case for the cable is recommended to make it easy to insert and take out SD cards often

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10. Stepper Motor Dampers

Nobody likes noisy machines, and we’re here to help. This stepper motor damper which is added to the X and Y axis can reduce noise up to 10db. These dampers are very cheap, but give great results

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11. MeanWell Power Supply Upgrade

Noise reduction

The MeanWell PSU only runs its fans when needed. The stock PSU, on the other hand, always has the fans running. This results in the MeanWell PSU only using its fans around 20% of the time.


MeanWell PSUs use good quality components that make the stock PSU look very cheap in comparison. This provides power with lesser electrical spikes and safety hazards

Bed-Levelling Issues

The BLTouch or EZABL, which are auto bed levelling sensors, the MeanWell PSU reduces risks of power ripples and grounding. The PSU is also much thinner and is great if you need to move the printer often

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12. Direct Drive Extruder

The direct drive extruder offers a lot of benefits such as 

  • A sturdy, all-metal case
  • More precise feed-in with direct extruding
  • Works with a variety of filament
  • Quick and easy setup
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13. Petsfang Duct

The Creality Ender 3 has a great upgrade to make use of pipelines on the extruder called the Petsfang Duct. It is an extruder that needs many screws. This upgrade is great for improving airflow in between the extruder and the print. It also works great with the auto bed leveling sensor BLTouch

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14. LED Strip

With enough light on the print, you can quickly catch any problems early on. This also ensures that you can see how your print is going. There might be many ways to attach LED strips to the printer, but it is prefered to have on as high as it can go. This lets you see the whole bed instead of one small area 

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15. Bed Springs

Many people think bed springs are not worth worrying about, but it can heavily affect leveling and the sturdiness of the printer. The Creality Ender 3 definitely needs an upgrade as the stock springs are very mediocre. The metal used for the springs seem cheap and the design is rounded. The upgrade offer flat springs with high quality metal and it only takes a few minutes and is very cheap

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16. Cable Television Chain

Cables are always a problem with 3D printing and it is important to keep all the cables away. This upgrade is easy to do and makes sure all your cables are managed and are neat and organised

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17. cMagnet Build Plate

The Creality Ender 3 features a removable CMagnet build surface plate. This enables users to remove the plate and detach the print with ease. It is a flexible plate that slips onto the bed and can be peeled off and bent to retrieve the final print. The only problem is that the glass beds offer better adhesion and first layer quality

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18. E3D Titan Aero Extrusion Gadget

The E3D Titan Aero extruder is a great way to improve the quality of your prints. This upgrade has an extruder and a V6 hot end, made in collaboration with E3D. It results in a lightweight upgrade. The tight filament path ensures quality for multiple flexible filaments. The upgrade even works with temperatures that can range up to 300 degrees. It is easy to set up and mount, is reliable, and can tweak idler tension

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19. Tempered Glass Build Plate

The Creality Ender 3 can also be fitted with a tempered glass build plate that is made and sold by Creality themselves. This plate sits on the hotbed and can be clipped in place securely. The stock build plate is much worse compared to the tempered glass and makes it a worthy upgrade

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20. Strengthened Tool Steel Nozzle

This upgrade works great with the Ender 3 and can help with printing metals, carbon, and timber consumables. The TwinClad XT is a great option for a nozzle. It is made out of a nickel compound and resists corrosion. This upgrade also improves the longevity of the nozzle, which makes it a great option for daily printers

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21. 3D Print Enclosure

External elements can always affect the way prints look and this upgrade is perfect for keeping your print quality up. Coming directly from Creality, the 3D print enclosure is an easy to mount, flexible tool that also features pockets for storage. The enclosure is also transparent and has easy access to the printer at all times. The upgrade makes sure that internal temperatures are stable and external factors can’t affect the print. It also features a flame-retardant, aluminium film that stops any fires from breaking out. Finally, the enclosure greatly reduces the sound of the printer and keeps it free from dust

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22. TL Smoothing Component

The TL smoothing component is a great addition to the stepper motor which greatly enhances your prints. The smoothing component reduces the sounds made by the printer and also controls the vibrations. This upgrade will change your printing experience for the better

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23. Creality Laser Engraving Attachment

3D printing is great, but here’s something that makes it much greater. The 24V Ender 3 model can be upgraded to include a laser engraver. This upgrade is easy to install and use. It comes with a cooling fan, makes almost no noise, and it’s really cool!

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24. Springs

Springs might seem like a non-important part of a printer, but it can cause a lot of issues with stability and quality. The spring on the Ender 3 is not great and can be easily upgraded to withstand more pressure and can be released at greater speeds. Cheap, easy to install, and strong? Well worth it

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25. Metal Bed Leveling Nut

The Ender 3 is a printer that doesn’t offer automatic bed leveling, but manual leveling is made a bit easier with leveling nuts that are included with the printer. The only problem is that the included nuts are made of plastic and can break or bend easily. This upgrade offers metal nuts that will last long and make the printer more sturdy. They’re also red and bright to for an intense look

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26. Fluoro Tube

Changing the fluoro tube for the Ender 3 is an easy upgrade, even if it’s not essential. This makes it easier to print with adaptable filaments. The tube has a proprietary high performance additive mix that it comes with. 

This isn’t a very important upgrade, but it’s good to have nonetheless

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27. Pressure Devices Repair Work

If the Ender 3 runs into any problems with the PTFE tube, a joint can be 3D printed to fix or avoid the problem. The print is used to clamp pressure installations to the pipeline, securing the connection. There are multiple designs available online and you can choose the best one for your printer

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28. Ender 3 Dual Axis Upgrade

This upgrade is meant to reduce vibrations in the Ender 3 and eliminate any wasted movements. It can be a little difficult to install but is a great upgrade nonetheless. The PSU needs to be moved, but it has no wiring otherwise. 

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29. Hotbed handle

This upgrade is a bed that sits below the build bed and allows you to move the bed without any temperature issues. The leveling handle needs to be screwed out and the hotbed handle needs to be placed into it. This adds color and personality to the printer

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30. Polypropylene Build Plate

The Ender 3 has a ton of options available for build plates with different materials. For example, this Polypropylene Build Plate has a lot of advantages. This upgrade provides a better grip on models made with ABS and PLA. Additionally, the print pops out easily after the bed cools down. It’s also very easy to clean and mounts on the printer with clips. While this is a great build plate, the glass plate is recommended

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31. Cable television clamp

This is a simple upgrade that organizes your cables. The clip keeps the cables safe to the extruder and the stepper motor. This also ensures that the printer’s cable doesn’t get stuck in the print bed. This is a very simple upgrade but makes a world of difference

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32. Expand the extrusion arm

While the Creality 3D is a great printer, the extrusion arm is a little short for regular use. The printer is hard to hold while removing or adding filaments or when it needs to be moved. The extruder arm expansion simplifies the job by a lot. 

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33. MK10 Extruder Hot End

The MK10 Extruder Hot End is a great addition to the Ender 3 which is sold by Creality. This upgrade can be mounted on the Ender 3 directly and doing so should make sure there’s no risk of clogging or uneven extrusion which might happen with the original hot end

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34. Z-axis pole guide

The layout of the Bowden tubes and the extruder harness in the Ender 3 is too tight and makes using it a little awkward. It is mostly to keep the printer tidy, but it affects functionality. This upgrade gives you more room to work with in terms of the wiring and the Bowden tube. LED lights can be attached to the brace too.

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35. V-slot device holder tray

It’s always useful to have your tools nearby when 3D printing. Enter the V-slot device holder tray. This tray sits in the v-groove and has ample space for all your tools including cleaners, wrenches, glue sticks, cutters, and more. It sits right in and there is no installation required

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36. Buzzer silencer

While the Ender 3 is a great printer, there are a few things that can be bothersome. For example, there is a loud sound after every click on the LCD screen. This is where this upgrade comes in to reduce the sound and make it a non-issue. It can be attached directly to the LCD panels and takes no time at all

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