Creality CR-X PRO Review

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Creality CR-X PRO Review

The Creality CR-X Pro is a FDM 3D Printer by Creality. It is liked by hobbyists because of its features like Dual Extruders.etc. Read our detailed review below:

Product Overview

Creality announced a double extruder printer CR-X PRO that enables 4 color printing settings.

Creality is well-known for its low-cost large-format printers. They are reputed for their continuous innovation across their entire product line. They appear to be at it again with the debut of the Creality CR-X PRO.

Creality debuted the first CR-X PRO in the summer of 2018. The company released their latest model at multi-color printing on their CR-line printers.

The model comes with multiple upgrades over its predecessor, including a new motherboard and auto-leveling. 

And, as if that weren’t enough, the list cost is around 100 dollars lower than the initial. Is there a way to upgrade for less money than the initial? 

What a fantastic value! Let’s review this model in greater depth.

CR-X PRO’s Salient Features

The Creality CR-X PRO that comes up for the review offers wonderful features, but they are the same as the initial CR-X PRO.

The machine has a 4” LCD color touch enabled display screen that is simple to use. The all-metal extruders are more wear resistant and should assure reliable results over time.

1. Double Extruders

Creality focuses on product innovation as a rapid-growing professional 3d printing company. It is equipped with the same dual-color double extruder, single-nozzle as its predecessor.

The filament material is passed from the extruder using Bowden tubes. It meets in a Y-coupler before entering the hot end.

Filament is fed from the extruder using Bowden tubes. This means one won’t be able to “blend” the filaments to create gradient colors.  Instead, the current extruder must drag the filament back past the Y-coupler.

Because there is only one nozzle, multicolor prints require the use of a purging tower or “erasing into infill” settings. 

In the review, it is noticed there may waste some material. It minimizes leaking from dormant nozzles. It also reduces the need to care about nozzle offsets while changing colors.

The slicer software under review, Cura analyzes models that have been divided for multi material printing. This enables users to allocate various colors to separate areas of the model. It also produces the purging tower, resulting in dual color prints. 

Additional commands direct the machine to withdraw the current color. Thus, loading the new one before starting the print, reflecting these color allocations in the G-code.

2. Power Supply (MeanWell)

The Creality CR-X PRO has a UL passed MeanWell power source as per the review. It is becoming typical among Creality’s newest printers. Users will never have to bother about scorching their printer by using it in the incorrect setting for their country’s AC voltage.

The CR-X PRO’s output is powered by 24 V and has a peak power of 480 W.

Compared to the prior CR-10 printers’ 12V 360 watt systems, the review finds the Creality CR-X PRO should be able to warm up to extreme temperatures quicker. 

Thus, removing one of the major gripes about previous printers. Another benefit of a Mean Well supply is enhanced reliability and a longer life. 

This means users will have less to bother about as their printer ages.

3. Automatic Leveling (BL-Touch)

Another noteworthy review is the absence of auto bed leveling was a common complaint about the initial CR-X PRO. This simple modification was lacking from a printer that cost twice a normal CR-10.

The Creality CR-X PRO comes with a Antclabs BL-Touch probe and 9-point auto bed-leveling. 

Hence it overcomes this problem. Once the first leveling and calibration is finished, this should improve the simplicity of use. 

Those looking to print large can rest certain that the complete bed is balanced and that their prints will adhere as desired.

4. Silent Motherboard (Upgraded)

Creality has a tendency for designing their own printer control boards.  It  is powered by TMC2208 stepper motor drivers and a “industry self-developed motherboard.”

These drivers are recognized for their “stealth” modes. It allows printers to be silent. The Creality CR-X PRO is home-friendly, making those nighttime prints a lot more bearable.

5. CR-X  PRO ‘s Stable Structure & Integrated Design

Modularized elements make it simple to complete a DIY project. The sheet metal device base conceals the majority of the electronic parts.

The tidy design extends the product’s service life.

6. Bigger  Print size in Fully Metallic Frame

With a wide print size of 300x300x400mm and all-metal profiles, the Creality CR-X PRO 3d printer offers plenty of room for creativity.

7. Z-axis dual screws with steady printing

The Creality CR-X PRO’s Z-axis dual screws ensure consistent operation and print accuracy.

8. Platform made of Carborundum Glass

The model may be extracted easily without glue from a carborundum glass platform with great stickiness. It withstands temperatures up to 60 degree celsius.

9. Twin Cooling fans to Dissipate Heat

Dual fans distribute heat more uniformly. They efficiently cool the nozzle, ensuring steady long-term printing.

10. Resume Print Function

Post power outage, the printer may preserve the print job and resume printing when the power returns. There are less concerns about print failure.

Specifications of CR-X PRO

  • Printing technique : Fused Deposition Molding
  • Nozzles : 1
  • Size of Printer : 400x300x300mm / Twn-color 400x270x270mm
  • Speed of printing : 100 mm/s
  • Print Accuracy : +/- 0.1mm
  • Height of Layer : 0.05–0.4mm
  • Diameter of nozzle : 0.4mm, compatible 0.2-0.3mm
  • Filament : 1.75mm, ABS, PLA, TPU, Wood, PLA metal, and Carbon
  • Temperature of Bed : =100°C
  • Connections : PC or using SD Memory card
  • Supported files : OBJ, AMF, and STL
  • Compatible software : Repetier-Host ,Simplify3D, Cura
  • Power supply : DC Output 480W 24V , AC 110/220V

Important Points

  1. The CR-X PRO offers low-cost twin extrusion 3D printing functions.
  2. Enormous print size while single extruding. The print size is 400x300x300 mm; when dual extruding, the print size is 400x270x270 mm.
  3. Capability to work with a variety of materials.
  4. CR-X PRO’s extrusion technology uses a solitary nozzle and 3 fans to assist cool extruded filament. It enhances layering consistency. It also contains a tempered glass hot bed with a print surface using nanotechnology. It simplifies adhesion and part removal for the user.
  5. Integration of a completely metallic ( aluminum) feed drive for extruder on the CR-X PRO.
  6. Design that is integrated: Most electronic components are stored on the foundation of the sheet metal.
  7. The LCD touchscreen display on the CR-X PRO permits users to traverse and select settings more easily.
  8.  The Motor on the Z-Axis uses twin Z rod screws made of lead, to manage the Z-axis on both ends for preciseness or output.
  9. Overall, it’s a metal build without any parts printed using a 3D printer.
  10. Adjustable knobs of a wide size for simple bed leveling in accordance with ergonomics.
  11. Auto-Resume,  MeanWell Power Supply post  power outage or interruption, print.

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