Creality CR-6 MAX Review

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Creality CR-6 Max 3D Printer Review

Creality CR-6 Max is a FDM 3d printer, with a huge print size of 400x400x400mm to express your creativity and also offers more choices.

Creality CR 6 Max Review: Product Overview

Creality CR-6 Max Review: Following the success of the CR-6 SE on Kickstarter, many Creality supporters and admirers were looking for a machine with similar capabilities but a higher print capacity.

A few days before the Kickstarter campaign finished, Creality heard and introduced CR-6 MAX.

The Creality CR-6 MAX has all of the same features as the CR6 SE. This includes auto-leveling of the bed, a touchscreen display panel, and other enhancements. It also has a bigger build volume of 400mm x 400mm x 400mm.

As a result, the Creality  CR-6 MAX is around the same dimension as the famous CR10S4 and the larger CR10 Max.

With that in mind, the CR-6 MAX is a heavy lifter, with the potential to be one of the biggest and highest-quality large formats on the market.

Max is nearly twice as expensive as the Creality SE, and the asking retail is around $ 800.

Is the price justified by the mix of size and features? Let’s look at the features of this machine in greater detail.

Creality CR 6 Max Review: Salient Features

Given the CR6 SE’s hype-driven releases, there isn’t much information on the CR-6 MAX.

Yet, it is reported to perform identical activities to the CR6 SE, from insider sources. As Max develops, these features and specifications may change.

a. Sturdy Triangulated Axis

The supporting rods, called “The Golden Triangle” by Creality, keep the tall Z-axis in place.

As the bed starts moving forward and backward, these metal supports help to prevent vibrations.

The inclusion of these is a good, if rather an expected addition. This means taller prints by users without worrying about extreme Z-wobble, on approaching the construction volume’s top limits.

b. Auto Leveling of Bed

With a sensor that is force-based, CR-6 MAX offers the same CR6 SE’s unique leveling mechanism.

Max just places the nozzle on the bed at a certain location. The hot-end stress sensor then identifies the precise location where the nozzle makes contact with the glass.

This system is stunning for many different reasons. There are no extra sensing probes, for starters.

To put it another way, one doesn’t need to change anything but the Z height at the start, to obtain the right “squish” on the initial layer.

The auto-leveling technique also eliminates the need for control knobs on the bed’s underside.

Anyone who has leveled large-format machines before would appreciate this.

Other Functions

Creality CR-6 MAX comes with the following extra features:

a. Versatile Nozzle:  

The nozzle was created with versatility in mind by Creality. Users can deactivate the nozzle and replace the heat sink, heat block, Teflon tubing, or tip of the nozzle, using the available spare parts.

b. Better Extruder: 

The extruder is now improved to make filament loading easier.

c. Sensor for Filament Issues: 

A photoelectric filament sensor is built into the CR-6 MAX, which detects runout of filament or breaks.

d. Print Resume Feature: 

Power failure is not much of an issue because CR-6 MAX is fully restored and printing may resume immediately on the restoration of power.

e. Powerful Main Board: 

The Max uses 32-bit motherboards for increased performance.

f. TMC2209 Type Drivers for Motors: 

Creality has also included a TMC2209 type motor driver for more accurate and silent printing.

g. Good Power Unit:

 Creality CR-6 MAX comes with a good-quality MeanWell power supply. This will help extend machine life and offer better safety.

Creality CR 6 Max Review: Specifications on Technology

Following are the specifications that make the Creality CR-6 MAX:

General Specs

  • Print Technology : FDM
  • Launch Year : 2020
  • Factory Assembly : Semi-Assembled
  • Mechanical Architecture : Cartesian with X-Z head
  • Company : Creality

Printer Specs

  • Construction Space : 400mm x 400mm x 400 mm
  • System to Feed Filaments : Bowden type drive
  • Print Head Type : Single nozzle
  • Size of Nozzle : 0.4 mm
  • Hot End Temp (Max) : 260℃
  • Heated Bed Temp (Max) : 100℃
  • Material of Print bed : Glass perforated using Silicon Carbide
  • Type of Frame : Aluminum
  • Leveling of Bed : Automatic
  • Printer Connections : SD Memory card
  • Recover Print Feature : Yes
  • Sensor for Filament Run-out : Yes
  • In-Built Camera : No

Materials Specs

  • Diameter of Filament : 1.75 mm
  • 3rd Party Filament : Yes
  • Type of Filament Materials : ABS, PLA, PETG, and Flexibles

Software Specs

  • Suggested Slicer : Simplify 3D, Cura, Creality Slicer, Repetier-Host
  • Operating System : Mac OS, and Windows
  • Types of Files : OBJ, STL, and AMF

Size and Weight Specs

  • Dimensions of Frame : 725mm x 785mm x 680 mm
  • Weight : 15 (33 lbs.)

Cost of Creality CR-6 MAX

The machine retails for $800. The printer offers several unique features that are hard to come by for this price.

Initial Thoughts

The printer is safely sent to users in a lightweight foam box with a cardboard cover. The packaging assures that it will be able to handle most of the rigors of transportation.

Setting Up Creality CR-6 MAX

The CR-6 Max comes in a partially built state. As a result, users will have some effort putting together the parts that are not in one piece.

To finish the Cartesian XZ layout, connect the golden triangle to the gantry.

Make use of the user guide made available with the printer to get familiarized with the printer’s parts and settings.

Creality CR 6 Max Review: Final Thoughts

The CR-6 Max outperforms its competitors by providing a huge build volume. This enables customers to print bigger parts and working prototypes all at once.

Creality CR-6 MAX is an open-frame 3D printer employing FDM technology for the desktop. As a result, even though it has a limited layer resolution, the CR-6 Max’s print quality is acceptable.

So, one is able to gain much more in terms of the investment that the printer requires.

The machine might be a terrific tool for learning about 3D printing technology, especially if one is a newbie in this space.

The kind of unique features that the Creality CR-6 MAX offers is not available in other machines, in the price range.

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