Creality CR-10s Pro V2 Review

Creality CR-10s Pro V2 Review
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Creality CR 10s Pro V2 3D printer

Overview of Creality CR-10s Pro v2

From first looks and extensive review, the Pro v2 is a standard CR10S Pro update.

The latter already had a decent combination of advanced features, overall adaptability. It came with a fairly large build space, and affordability. But newer models seek to enhance their strengths while minimizing their failings.

The overall design is similar. The bottom of the Creality CR-10s Pro v2 contains a partially assembled Cartesian architecture without a case, as well as its display and control board.

The build space is 300mm x 300mm x 400 mm and has remained the same.

It has a new HD touchscreen having a better angle for viewing and the same simple and clean user interface with large icons as with the original model.

The machine even now utilises the earlier control chip. There is also a revised motor driver that helps make the device quieter than the earlier model. 

Bed leveling has gotten better. The previous CR10S Pro was the nearest thing to fully automated bed leveling in Creality’s 3D printers when released. Yet Pro v2 delivers much more.

The measurement has become more precise because it employs the BLTouch sensor rather than the inductive detector for proximity sensing.

Finally, this device has completely automated leveling of the bed. This allows users to use both aided manual and totally manual leveling.

This machine still employs dual gear extrusion and a Bowden-style system.

According to a review, Capricorn tubes that come with the printer are of better quality and more heat resistant. The entire system ensures a steady supply of filament. This machine, like its predecessor, supports a variety of filament materials. This includes ones that demand excellent performance.

The filament runout sensor has been improved as well. Other features include an easy-to-use system for cooling, and the ability to print without pause.  It also has a highly adhesive build bed that can be a nuisance at times.

Creality CR-10s Pro v2 Specifications

Following are the specifications that make the Pro v2:

  • Print Technology : FFF, FDM
  • Architecture : Cartesian for X-Y head
  • Build Space : 300mm x 300mm x 400 mm
  • System of Filament Feeding : Bowden
  • Number of Nozzles : Single
  • Size of Nozzle : 0.4 mm
  • Hot end Temp. (Max) : 260℃
  • Heated Bed Temp. (Max) : 110℃
  • Material of Print bed : Steel
  • Material of Frame : Aluminum
  • Leveling System for Bed : Automatic
  • Connections : USB memory stick and SD Card
  • Resume Print : Yes
  • Sensor for Filament  Runout : Yes
  • Diameter of Filament : 1.75 mm
  • 3rd Party Filament : Yes
  • Type of Filament : ABS, PLA, PETG, and Flexibles Type
  • Software Application : Simplify 3D, Cura, Repetier-Host, and Creality Slicer
  • Operating System : MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Types of Files : OBJ, STL, AMF
  • Dimensions of Frame : 550mm x 490mm x 650 mm
  • Weight : 13.7 kg

Salient Features of Pro v2 

Let us check out the key features of the Creality CR-10s Pro v2:

1. Precise Dense Matrix Measurement Points and Auto Bed Leveling

The printer comes with matrix measurement enhanced with automatic bed leveling. There is also a measurement point for smart sensing compensation.  Combining this with a leveling that is dynamic provides one with an amazing experience.

2. Superb Hotbed for Quick Heating

A review of the Creality CR-10s Pro v2 shows that it is built with very good quality materials. It has features that work together to provide users with a positive and creative process. Efficiency and speed are also the two other important functions of this 3D printer to consider.

3. Power Outage Detection that is Intelligent

There’s no need to be concerned about a power failure. This machine includes a protection device for the power supply as well as the ability to restart printing post power outage. As a result, one need not have to worry about any sudden power loss.

4. Power Supply from Reputed Brand

The review of the Creality CR-10s Pro v2 shows that it is safe and protected thanks to the responsive automatic voltage control and the use of a top-quality and reliable power supply. Some 3D printers have power sources that limit their performance in some ways, but not with this 3D printer.

5. In-house Developed Motherboard for High Accuracy and Steady Performance

The Creality CR-10s Pro v2 comes with a Pro v2 .4.1 motherboard developed and updated by Creality. 

This 3D printer’s PCB incorporates an excellent filter capacitor for improved ESD protection and active performance. You will undoubtedly appreciate all of the world-class technologies included in this printer.

6. Quick Assembly in Two Steps

One of the best features of this 3D printer is its ease of installation and assembly. Extremely Steady Operation in sync with a Double Screw Rod

It has a twin screw rod for the Z-axis with stability in operation for better print quality. Single-rod designs work well in many situations, but the double screw rod goes the extra mile.

7. Simple Single-Row Line Design

The Single-Row Box header is designed for quick wiring and assembly.

8. Automatic Bed Leveling

The Creality CR-10s Pro v2 gets the height of the nine positions on the warm and heated bed automatically. This helps to determine the compliance configurations for the prints at all times.

9. Sensor with High Sensitivity

It now has a novel sensor switch made of highly sensitive materials. This switch aids in the detection of transparent filaments making it an important function of the 3D printer.

10. Motherboard with High Precision and Stability

The device contains a Pro v2 .4.1 motherboard designed for higher stability, as well as an integrated TMC super-silent drive with 256 sub-divisions to deliver high quality prints.

11. Touch enabled Digital HD Screen

Bigger viewing angles, the status of printing, parameters, and function settings are all visible on the HD touch screen of this printer. One can utilize the new user-friendly interface for learning.

12. Bondtech Gear Extrusion and Teflon Tube

It includes a foreign-made high heat resistant blue color Teflon tube. This provides improved print quality.  The Bondtech Gear extrusion Framework features two gears with high-density. It also comes with a large extrusion force for easy maintenance.

Is the Creality CR-10s Pro v2 a Good Buy?

When one reviews the features included in the Pro v2 model, the model seems pricier. Especially when compared to similar 3D printers from competing manufacturers.

It creates prints accurately and consistently. It also has enhanced capabilities to boost print output at much less cost than competitors.

What this 3D printer offers perhaps is a bit too much for novices in 3D printing.

The price of the Pro v2 from Creality cannot be warranted until the user has grasped the fundamentals and general concept of 3D printing. Otherwise, the features of the printer will remain underutilized.  

Final Thoughts

The Creality CR-10s Pro v2 is a fantastic improvement that takes the CR10S Pro to the next level according to most reviews.

The gadget is now even more silent, and because of the BLTouch sensor, it now allows completely automated bed leveling. 

There is also enhanced manual bed leveling thanks to greater support and larger, more accessible screws.

The touch screen is also high resolution. The user experience is even more elegant than before while preserving the minimalist style.

All of the previous safety mechanisms are kept as it is in the device. These include the sensor to detect filament runout. Also the printer will keep printing during a power failure.

The Bowden cable’s resilience has been increased even further, allowing for smooth power delivery and elevated heat.

The list of filaments that are supported as per the review is extensive. Some of the device’s flaws are closely tied to its advantages.

The print plate, for instance, may be so strongly bonded to the platform that the printed matter is too near to the platform and hard to remove. 

Although bed leveling is now totally automated, there are still some concerns to be resolved.

The Creality CR-10s Pro v2 is a great, low-cost device that adds helpful features. It is certainly a great improvement on earlier models, including solving some of the critical issues that plagued them. The adaptability and huge build volumes still remain as it is.

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