Creality CR-10 Bed Leveling

Creality cr-10 bed leveling : The Creality CR-10 S5 is a well-known 3D printer manufactured by the Chinese company Creality 3D, based in Shenzhen. It comes as a kit and features an open space for printing. It must be properly built in order to produce excellent 3D prints.

The right leveling of the printing bed is very critical.  The printer will provide satisfactory results only when the bed is properly leveled. 

One will find in the following pages, thorough instructions on leveling the bed of the Creality CR-10 S5 and create flawless 3D items.


Step by Step Bed Leveling of Creality CR-10 S5

Creality cr-10 bed leveling

The Creality CR-10 S5 comes disassembled in its different parts. The print bed and the associated glass plate, both measuring 51x51cm, are among them. 

Of course, one has to construct the printer before aligning the print bed. This includes refitting the screws, X-axis leveling, and examining the toothed belts’ tension.

The print bed is then leveled as follows:

  1. Use the clamps provided to fix and clamp the glass plate down on the print bed. It is important to use the screws to clamp down the glass plate as much as one can before leveling it. 

This is because the auto-home position is reached first, when the printer is turned on. 

This is found in the print bed’s front corner on the left. The Z-axis descends to this point. 

The print head may collide with the glass plate if the print bed is set too high.

  1. When the print head reaches the home point, start the menu to start leveling of the bed. 

The auto-level function can then be selected from the menu, which, in the best case scenario, automatically levels the printing bed. For this, press the Next Step button. 

The print head of the printer moves to a different point on the bed and descends each time one hits Next Step. 

The print head descends and accommodates itself to a maximum of five distinct locations.

  1. To enable auto-leveling, it is advisable to use a paper sheet and slide it on the glass plate. 

The printer can now calibrate the right distance using the distance between the print head and the sheet of paper on the glass plate. Let the weight of the thin paper sheet be 80 grams. 

Between the plate and the print head, there should only be enough area for a standard sheet of paper. Along with an enough amount of friction; to ensure the distance is not too great. 

When the paper sheet is shifted easily and still scratches the nozzle a little, then the distance is right.

  1. One can use the two glue tapes on the glass plate to improve the print object’s adhesion. These glue tapes one can find in the packing kit that came with the CR10 S5.

Use these glue strips to level the print bed in advance so the printer can adapt itself. 

  1. Before using the printer for the first time, it is advised that one level the Creality CR-10 many times in a row. To ensure the print bed is perfectly leveled.

The print plate is the cause behind this. The gap between the glass plate and the print head can be too big, when the printer is aligned first. Then all the positions that the print head had inspected were elevated. 

Thus the glass plate may be positioned too high, causing the print head to scrape on the plate when printing.

  1. To ensure that the 3D printer has established the right distance, repeat the leveling process at least 2 to 3 times. Before the plate is correctly positioned, it may need a maximum of ten rounds.

As a result, one should exercise patience. Diverse set of filaments will have varying geometries and thickness. Hence re-leveling of the print bed is required whenever the material used for printing gets changed.


Troubleshooting with Bed Leveling

Creality cr-10 bed leveling

The Creality CR10 S5 features an auto-leveling mechanism. Hence, adjusting the print bed alignment is usually not complex and hardly takes a few minutes.

The print bed will not be aligned over the surface in entirety for some situations, based on the printer model. Check twice a few parameters to ensure the print bed is correctly adjusted:

  1. Re-adjust the X-axis and double-check that the height is accurate.
  1. Also, make sure that all the printer’s rails are properly aligned.
  1. If the resistance from the springs on the 3D printer is too little, one can replace them with stronger springs if necessary.
  1. To get the most precise result, measure the table as correctly as possible with a measurement tool. 
  1. Position the print head somewhat higher than the first time. Also add an extra point in the center of the print plate to fine-tune it. 

This position should be slightly off center, to avoid the sensor being forced against the surface.

  1. If none of the above methods work, one can replace the springs between the print bed and the printer frame with locknuts.

When utilizing this suggestion, keep in mind that the leveling of the print bed will need a lot more feeling using the fingertips. The procedure is also more time consuming than usual.

The print bed is now considerably firmer than ever and the levels stay in their present position for extended time. Thus, one may correct the alignment even more perfectly. 

It’s also possible that the printing plate is simply deformed and hence cannot be leveled properly in some rare circumstances. 

In this instance, contact Creality’s customer support to request a replacement part or to buy a new one.

One can also add another printing plate to the Creality CR-10 S5 as an alternative. It’s critical that this plate matches the dimensions of the printer’s normal printing plate. These are 51x51cm for the Creality CR-10 S5.

The other alternative is to buy magnetic printing plates from the Chinese company. These are highly flexible and provide strong adherence of the print objects. 

A popular printing plate from Creality 3D is the carborundum-coated plate. The print objects attach quite effectively to the glass plate thanks to this layer. But they can also be easily extracted from the print bed, on cooling the heating bed.


More Information

Creality cr-10 bed leveling

The Creality CR-10 S5 is particularly popular due to its enormous build area, which allows for the printing of larger things. 

Another benefit of this printer is replacement of the print plate when required. It also has a decent cost per performance rating.

However, the Creality CR-10 S5 takes a long time to heat up. The printer’s feet also don’t do a good job of stabilizing the print bed. 

Installing extra, sturdier printer feet can be beneficial. There are various templates available for this on Thingiverse.

Exercise extreme caution when using filaments that are sensitive to temperature variation. Due to the Creality CR-10 S5’s open build area and heated print bed, it is unsuitable for ABS.


Final Conclusions for Creality CR-10 S5 Bed Leveling

Creality cr-10 bed leveling

With the Creality 3D’s CR-10 S5 3D printer, the procedure of leveling of the print bed is essentially quite simple and explanatory. The exact distance between the plate and the print head can be established in a few steps with no effort. This is thanks to the printer’s automated leveling.

Complications or problems can develop with the Creality CR-10 S5, just as they do with any other technical equipment. 

If the 3D printer’s print bed can’t be adjusted properly, there are a few tactics that can help. 

Alternatively, one can buy a viable replacement component straight from the manufacturer.

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