Cetus 3D Printer Review(MK3) : Features, Pros, Cons, Verdict

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Cetus 3D Printer (MK3)

Cetus 3D Printer  by Tiertime borned as a minimalist device having Stainless Steel linear rails to print with high precision and stability.

Printing Quality
User Friendliness
3rd Party Filament Support
  • Constructed with sturdiness and simplicity in mind.
  • It's simple to set up and utilize.
  • Easy to keep up with
  • Printing that is precise and accurate
  • It works with a wide range of printing materials.
  • One can get even more out of the gadget with free application software.
  • For more skilled users, there are fewer options.
  • Extra charges apply for more technical and advanced features.

Cetus 3D Printer: Overview

Cetus 3D is the solution to all the printing problems. Tiertime, a well-known printer manufacturer.

In 2016, Cetus was crowdfunded by Tiertime. With a track record to their name, the initiative was embraced by many supporters. 

Cetus provides its consumers with extensive 3D printing capabilities. Their Cetus MK3 3D is easy-to-use and technically sound. It comes third in Cetus 3D printer line. For more sophistication, the MK3 has available modifications that can improve the driving experience.

Cetus 3D Printer (MK3)
Source: Cetus 3D

Exact Purpose of the Cetus 3D Printer

Various categories of people can benefit from such a product. Hobbyists like the manufacturing process and what new creations they can make.

There are others who seek to make a living by manufacturing and selling their own goods at home. 

Finally, there are the engineers, who have extensive experience with this procedure. The MK3 is easy to use. Users won’t need an engineering degree to master it effectively. The majority of people who opt to invest in this product will be pleased with the outcomes it may provide.

MK3 provides all the capabilities engineers expect from a high-quality 3D printer.  If one comes from the industrial field, they could find this one insufficient.

Users will be able to make adequate use of this device with some personal changes. Optional hardware upgrades and additional functions are also available.


Although the X/Z axis and mainboard/Y-axis rails are constructed, the Cetus ships are dismantled in kit form. The components are well packaged in a tiny box with interior Styrofoam trays, as expected.

 Items included in the package:

  • XYZ axes,  mainboard, build plate  
  • Three 50g PLA filament samples
  • Extruder unit
  • USB cable,  power cord,  power adapter  
  • Pliers, scraper, hex key   
  • Spool holder kit
  • Nozzles, nozzle wrench
  • Calibration stickers  
  • Filament guide tube
  • Quick start guide  

Tiertime provides instructional videos on their YouTube page. Thus, making the Cetus construction quite simple.

Installing the 4 connectors to the components, fixing the X/Z axis rails to the chassis on which the mainboard and Y axis mount reside via a pair of screws, fitting the extruder and fitting the bed plate to the Y-axis are all part of the procedure.

The Cetus MK3 3D printer assembly strikes a nice balance between accessibility and a handy kit. Tiertime hasn’t skimped on the details, as evidenced by small features like cable mounts linked to the vertical Z axis. 

The UP Studio software-assisted calibration is well-designed. The nine-point matrix does an outstanding job of ensuring that the bed is level. No need for paper.

Get the hot end temperature heated up, insert the material into the filament tube, and direct it into the extruder top end. It will perform as predicted, with no clogging or cracking. It comes with a spool holder that works well.

Cetus 3D Printer
Source: Cetus3d

What is the significance of Cetus 3D Printer?

With high-quality components and a minimalist design, it’s simple to put together.

It is made up of six simple to assemble pieces. Extruded aluminum makes up the body. The Axis is equipped with high-quality, self-lubricating linear rails. These rails provide hours of trouble-free, high-precision 3D printing.

A 3mm aluminum plate also serves as the construction plate guaranteeing that the build surface is flat. There are no moving elements between the slider and the construction plate because it is attached to the linear guide. As a result, the construction surface is smooth and parallel throughout the X-axis.

The Y-axis is factory calibrated, so users can start printing. Users don’t have to worry about leveling the machine before getting started!

Although Cetus has a small footprint, it has a large construction volume. Its dimensions are 18cm x 18cm x 18cm. Most comparable printers are less than or equal to 15cm in size.

Capabilities that are versatile, allowing users to be as creative as one wants. PLA, flexible filament, Woodfill, and more can be printed by Cetus.

It also comes with three hotends that can be swapped out to optimize the3D printing. Use the 0.2mm nozzle; otherwise, use the 0.6mm nozzle if speed is more important than XY resolution.

Feature Descriptions

Cetus strives to create products that are simple and easy to use, but never at the expense of functionality or features. The MK3 has all the features of a good 3D printer, plus a few more nifty and user-friendly ones.

A list of the MK3’s most notable features and functionalities:

  • Precision Linear Motion – Stainless steel linear rails provide extremely accurate printing.
  • 9-Point Matrix Leveling – this divides the platform into 9 different zones.
  • Supported Materials – the printer supports a wide range of different printing materials.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity are both available on the printer.


The Cetus comes with a normal one-year limited warranty. For further coverage, check with the place of sale. 

Tiertime’s website offers troubleshooting and tips, they are limited in quantity. The support crew is only accessible via email. But once contacted, they are quite knowledgeable and helpful.

A V2 hot end is used for abrasive metal-based materials and a Tinyfab CPU to make the Cetus 3D Printer open source. It is also compatible with RepRap-based software such as Slic3er and Cura. Cura is a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen and an auto-calibration probe.

All these can be added to MKIII models by attaching a modular extension board or replacing the part.

Final Verdict

The Cetus 3D Printer benefits greatly from Tiertime’s expertise and know-how. It produces high-quality prints despite its low price and tiny size. 

The modding and assembly design will entice seasoned 3D creators looking for a portable printer to add to their collection. Tiertime’s commitment to keep enhancing the Cetus 3D Printer model ensures any and all future upgrades. 

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