BIQU BX Review: Features, Specs, Pros, Cons

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BIQU BX 3D Printer

BIQU BX is the Direct Extruder Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printer with the latest BTT (BigTreeTech) motherboard. Read our detailed review below.


BIQU BX Review: Introduction

[ BIQU BX 3D Printer Review ]

BIQU BX Review: For years, BIQU has been designing a printer that is highly secure and efficient. They are creating technological advances and extending product offerings. Now they’re ready to step out from underneath the hood. They’ll meet the demands of Kickstarter’s most ardent, amateurs and pros.

Biqu is a 3D printer maker with a tight relationship with BigTreeTech. BigTreeTech produces the attachments. They have a year of knowledge. They have introduced a fantastic 3D printer called the Biqu BX to the marketplace.

For years, most users have loved their motherboards, extruders, and software kits. But with this device, the user can see what a design, functional 3D printer appears just like the Creality CR-6 SE. Which was funded through Kickstarter and far above the intended goal.

This evaluation just goes over the fantastic features, benefits, drawbacks, and specifications. It also describes many such similarities. So read on to see if the Biqu BX 3D printer is something that consumers would consider before buying.

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BIQU BX Review: Assembling

[ BIQU BX 3D Printer Review ]

Because the BIQU BX arrives partly completed, it takes less than 30 minutes to put it together. Users just need four bolts to join the gantry to the foundation.

The user must next install the printer and link all the cables after the gantry has been installed. 

It is a completely painless procedure. Although all the v-slot wheels were tightened properly. It is recommended that users double-check them to make sure the settings are correct.

BX Design by BIQU

The BIQU BX has a great design. The entire printer is black, with carbon-fiber-like front moldings. The BIQU logo is printed on the head of the printer. The BIQU BX looks beautiful and tidy once it’s all put together.


BIQU BX Review: What Is Included in the Box?

[ BIQU BX Review ]
  • Spool holder for BIQU BX 3D printer
  • Vent
  • Filament made of TPU
  • A power cord
  • Cable for data transmission
  • Reader for credit cards
  • SD card (TF)
  • SD memory card
  • Ties for cables
  • Tubing made with PTFE
  • Hex keys are used during assembling
  • Pack of screws
  • Jolt and Splitter of wires
  • The Biqu Bx has the following features
  • CPU with the highest performance and the quickest processing speed
  • Motherboard Safety Features Have Been Improved
  • The Lightest Direct Extruder in the World
  • Two-times-more-precision stepper motor
  • Auto-Leveling Print Bed System
  • Filament Feeding Made Simple
  • 7-Inch High-Definition Touchscreen
  • 3 Operation Control Modes
  • OctoPrint has been integrated into OctoPrint
  • Recovery from a Power-Loss
  • Extruder-to-Board Solution with Only One Cable
  • Biqu Spring Steel Sheet is a flexible spring steel sheet
  • TMC2226 Trinamic Stepper Driver for Silent Printing
  • Meanwell Power Source, 24V 350W
  • Interior of Nozzle Surface Is Smooth
  • Structure with two Z-axes
  • Assembly takes around 5 minutes
  • Additional Driver Slots to Allow for Feature Expansion

BIQU BX Review: Technical Specifications

[ BIQU BX Review ]

Following are the printer specifications in general:

  • Print Technology: FDM
  • Print Space: 250mm x 250mm x 250mm
  • Printing Speed: 100mm/s (maximum)
  • Temperature (Maximum)
    • Hot Bed: 100°C
    • Extruder: 260°C
  • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
  • Layer Height: 100 Microns (Minimum)
  • Display Screen: Touchscreen
  • Prin Chamber: Open Structure
  • Frame: Metallic (Aluminum)
  • File Type: OBJ, STL, AFM
  • Slicer Application: Simplify 3D, Cura,  Repetier-Host
  • Extruder: Direct Drive
  • Filament Types: ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETG, TPE, TPU
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Bed Leveling: Automatic Leveling
  • Connectivity: Data Cable, TF Memory Card, USB

BIQU BX Review: Salient Features

[ BIQU BX Review ]

The salient features of the printer are as follows.

a. Highest Performance CPU.

This model comes with a 400 MHz clever high channel chip. It speeds up the numerical technique which is processing basically. This powerful and innovative CPU can assist 3D printer users.

It helps users achieve automated bed leveling. Bed leveling is achieved in the most effective and hassle-free manner possible. It also assists professional users in completing complicated projects with the necessary power. A 32-bit Building Automation Card is included with the BIQU BX. This ensures quick arithmetic processing and intelligent helper features like automatic leveling.

b. Elevated Safety Features.

All manufacturers’ primary priority ought to be the security of the user and the printer. so, Biqu BX has finally come up with a great safety mechanism.

They offer incorporated extra protection such as power failure prevention, and heating overloading safety. They also drive reversal plugs. The device is protected to give its users the greatest printer experiences. It also provides adequate durability and lifespan.

These characteristics help to make the printing process more relaxing and pleasurable.

c. Feathery Direct Extruder

Biqu has fitted the BX with a world-beating light direct extruder. The Extruder minimizes inertia and improves the precision of this 3D printer.

The extruder, as per producers, isn’t just the lightest on its own. It also has an effective cooling fan and homing braking sensors. The printer boasts a 7:1 torque transmission ratio. Ensuring superb and well-crafted printing results.

This is truly changing things in terms of 3D printing advancement. How far humanity will progress in this decade in regards to 3d printers’ potential! It’s worth a thought.

d. Twice precision stepper motor.

If one examines just how stepper motors work, it is observed that they shift in steps. Normally at 1.8°, but the Biqu BX has a more accurate motion that moves half as much at 0.9°.

This function shortens the distance between every step and motor path. Which leads to increased exactness, as well as enhanced print quality. 

e. Automatic Auto-levelling.

The initial layer of each design is the most significant. Because it establishes the framework upon which the rest of the print will be built. With the help of an auto-leveling system, one has a far higher chance of getting a flawless initial layer. Which leads to more effective prints.

Although manual leveling isn’t awful, auto-leveling is just superior! One can only imagine how much time would have been saved if used an automatic leveling system instead of a manual one. It can be challenging to balance the print bed, and errors might result in useless prints. The BX boasts a cutting-edge automated leveling mechanism that employs proximity sensors.

Even 3D prints that have been going on for hours can fail due to uneven leveling.

f. Simple Filament Feeding.

The BIQU BX has an extruder of direct type, which makes loading filament into the extruder a breeze. Simply pick up the filament’s tip and plug it into the extruder to complete the task. The extruder handles the rest of the process.

If the user has a 3D printer that struggles to feed, attempting to line up. The end of the user’s thread back into those small holes may be a real pain. Even after attempting various angles, they simply don’t seem to fit. The irritation of improperly supplied filament lines.  Is it no longer an issue with this 3D printer?

g. HD 7-inch display.

The dynamic UI is more succinct and straightforward. All credit goes to the improved BTT Capacitive Touch operating system.  The Company is obtaining incredible printing and quality characteristics. And, the overall operation has improved exponentially.

One of the nicest and most visible features is the huge 7-inch screen!

h. 3 Functioning Control Modes.

There are three control options to choose from in addition to an amazing display screen. Marlin, BTT Touch, and Raspberry Pi + OctoPrint systems are the three options available. It Provides Users the flexibility and simplicity to get things set up. This gadget supports 15 languages. 

Which allows it to express love to individuals all around the world.

i. Merged OctoPrint.

The OctoPrint modular 3D printer is the globe’s first laptop-free 3D printer. The Biqu BX goes above and beyond to provide what many 3D printer users have been looking for.

This Printer includes all that one needs for 3D printing. Except for the Raspberry Pi, which one will have to purchase separately. It works with both the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Raspberry Pi 4 for a convenient plug-and-play extension.

j. Power-Loss Improvement.

The User wouldn’t want to have to abandon a 3D print because the electricity went out in the middle of the process. Their power-loss recovery feature on this 3D printer. This feature saves the last step before switching off and restarting. Concluding in a successful print! This function on my Ender 3 has saved time quite a few times, and it’s a great thing to have.

k. One Cable quick fix.

When it comes to the Ender 3, don’t they have a lot of cables? The Biqu BX is the polar opposite, with only one main cable connected to an HDMI cable. It provides a connection for all of the connectivity requirements.

One can be assured of a neat appearance and layout, as well as a robust data transfer technique. That is simple to modify and reassemble if necessary.

l. Flexible spring steel sheet.

Biqu steel sheet is a Flexible steel Sheet. Because of their simplicity of usage and efficacy in erasing prints. Elastic build surfaces have become increasingly popular. After a print is completed, just remove the surfaces from the machine. And thereafter bend it to allow the print to ‘show up’ off with ease.

In terms of product features, this is yet another appreciated feature. Because it makes the 3D printing trip a lot easier. Although it is still a 24V metal heat bed, it performs admirably. The heat bed is a little larger. Unlike many comparatively tiny printer manufacturers’ standard 230 X 230 offers.

m. TMC2226 for Noiseless Printing.

As everyone prefers a quiet 3D printer. Biqu has to include the TMC2226 dynamic stepper drivers. It offers flawless print quality.

Consumers need not get the feeling of those noisy, mechanical screams. As they get Biqu/BigTreeTech SKR Mini V2.0 controllers. The Company is specialists in this area.

n. Meanwell Power Supply.

In the 3D printing sector, the trademark power source is highly regarded. The Meanwell 24V 350W power supply that comes with the Biqu BX performs an excellent job. It delivers rapid heating. It also provides consistent power. Naturally, the BIQU BX would be incomplete without a name-brand power supply.

The fan, like other Mean Well power supplies, is dynamically regulated. It activates when a load is sensed. Unfortunately, the fan runs more frequently. This is likely due to the printer’s lack of breathing area in its container. In any case, this is solely a problem with the photocopier sound profile, not with its operation.

o. Effortless Inner Nozzle. 

It’s great to really be likely to dodge clogging through meticulous design. Biqu has done so by employing titanium alloy electronic channels. It distributes temperature equally. It also slightly elevates the nozzle with a slicker surface from the inside. The BX Direct Extruder may efficiently reduce clogs. It does that by providing more exact filaments, feeding, and removal.

With this function, clogging is greatly reduced.

p. Structure with two Z-axis

A dual Z-axis construction is required for a bigger volume. 3D printers to achieve the degree of stability required to make precise 3D prints. Single Z-axis constructions are used in certain big 3D printers, and they do not perform well. The two Z-axis lead screws will enhance overall print quality.

The dual Z-axis construction and carbon fiber-like aluminum profile. That ensures a very steady work environment for excellent printing output. In addition, the 3D printer can be put together in about 5-10 minutes.

q. Assemblage

Another excellent feature that most people love. About this printer is the ability to construct this 3D printer in 5 minutes only. There are no difficult confusing guidelines to follow. The assembly is fast and easy, so one can be up and running very soon.

r. Additional Slots to Expand on Features

There is room on your Biqu BX to add some extra features and capabilities, such as:

  • Detector for Filament Runout
  • Module for Wi-Fi Printing 
  • Interface for CAN Bus
  • RGB Light Source

s. Product Price

As said, online networking teasers reveal the price, with a $249-shaped pit in the wallet. That represents the fee for extremely early birds. There are additional price tiers, but the final Kickstarter special price will be $339. Implying that the standard retail price would be similar to, or somewhat more than this. These prices appear to be very affordable. For what might be a very competent machine, assuming Biqu could live up to expectations.


Advantages of BIQU BX

[ BIQU BX Review ]

Users won’t be complaining about printability or smoothness. Since this printer includes the necessary features. Features such as auto bed leveling and decreased inertia.

  • The touchscreen interface allows for quick installation and simple use.
  • There is built-in upgrading, so one never has to update the activity level or update it.
  • Users can print with a variety of filaments, including ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETG, TPE, and TPU.
  • Biqu’s technical support team has a lot of expertise and is only an email away anytime one needs them.
  • It has a pleasant and elegant appearance.
  • It offers 15 languages, which makes it simple to use.
  • Its print nozzle is made of titanium alloy, which reduces the risks of blockage to a minimal level.
  • A dual Z-axis is included in the printer. It makes the printing more robust and ensures consistent printing output.
  • Some driver positions have been set aside for future growth.
  • Biqu Bx comes with open source firmware, and the code available on Github.
  • One HDMI cable connects the extruder to the motherboard. It carries all data communications and is simple to construct.

BIQU BXs Drawback

  • The printer offers a lot of great features and benefits. With few noticeable drawbacks, which is usually a good indicator!
  • There is no confined compartment to attain and sustain a maximum temperature. It happens throughout the printing process because the printer is an open construction. User may either build their personal enclosure or get an expert to do it for them.
  • To suit this 3D printer, look at the bigger Creality Fireproof Enclosure. Its usefulness, as well as the security it provides, are quite popular.

Heating Time and Energy Consumption.

[ BIQU BX Review ]

Here are the findings of testing the heating time for both the hotend and the heat bed:

a. Hotend

In 50 seconds, the temperature will rise to 200°C. 70 seconds at 250°C

b. Heatbed

In just 120 seconds, it can reach 60 degrees Celsius. 6 minutes at 100°C.

c. PowerDraw

The Stationary energy consumption of a printer is roughly 12 watts. The BIQU BX absorbs roughly 290W when heating the hotbed and the heat bed. The power demand stabilizes at roughly 100W when it starts printing.

Each of these readings was acquired with a Blitzwolf savvy plug socket. Which can remotely switch the printer on and off and displays the electricity use.


BIQU BX Review: Verdict

[ BIQU BX Review ]

The BIQU B1 is a low-cost portable fused filament 3D printer. It has a large build capacity and a wide range of materials. This has started by setting extrusion that can achieve temperatures of 260°Celsius.  It also has a magnetic heated build plate that can quickly reach 100°C.

The B1 ships in a quasi-configuration, requiring hand assembly and leveling. It does have some design issues, but they aren’t too difficult to repair. Because it can be improved with a variety of beneficial add-ons. This 3D printer produces outstanding results while manufacturing using PLA. It is a very good choice for creative types and enthusiasts. It can also be utilized for some moderately professional applications if properly upgraded.

The characteristics, pros, drawbacks, and specs are listed above. Lead specialists believe that the Biqu Bx might be one of the top 3D printers of all time. The business has spent years developing equipment that is precise and well-designed. It is more rapid than currently available 3D printers.

The printer contains all of the capabilities that a rookie needs to get started. It has the ability to be an effective and strong machine for an expert.

It’s also a wonderful machine for novices because it’s simple to put together and use right away. When compared to the Creality CR-6 SE, which is similarly aimed at first-time users, it’s a better buy. It is strongly advised that consumers should get the BIQU BX 3D.

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