Biqu b1 Upgrades

Biqu b1 Upgrades in detail as follows:


MK8 Extruder with Twin Gear from BigTreeTech

Biqu b1 Upgrades

This twin gear extruder is constructed of high-quality fully metallic aluminum alloy. It has a long service life.  The combination of the metal clamp on the Direct Drive extruder and the stress spring produces a great pressure on the filament material, making it smooth.

The filament feeding becomes easy and relaxed. Thanks to the double extrusion mechanism, which prevents the tube from being clogged. 

However, users will have to construct the DIY aluminum block made of all-metal aluminum alloy themselves.


Salient Features

Biqu b1 Upgrades

a) Twin Gears (Upgraded): Extrusion structure with a double-pneumatic joint and gear, high extrusion force, improved feed strength, smooth feeding, better pressure pushes the filament into the printer, and without losing any steps.

b) Compatibility: For a filament of 1.75mm, this is a perfect replacement for 3D Printers. 

c) Stability and Durability: High-quality twin gear extrusion, all-metal aluminum alloy. This metal dual gear extruder is more stable and robust than a standard plastic motor. 

d) High Quality Imported Material: The product is made of brand-new, imported aviation aluminum and is processed using a CNC imported from Japan. Users can easily put it together on their own.

e) Good Warranty: A long-term warranty of up to 24 months will be provided. Users will be answered within twelve hours. Product exchanges, resends, and refunds are offered. Octobigtree is dedicated to offering great customer service. 

The price for this upgrade component is 17.99 dollars on Amazon.


Technical Specifications

Biqu b1 Upgrades
  • Name of the Brand : N-O
  • Color  : Red
  • Ean : 0779303889987
  • No of Items : 1
  • Part No : WGC000291
  • UNSPSC Code : 40000000
  • UPC : 779303889987

Smart Filament Sensor from BIGTREETECH

Biqu b1 Upgrades

This upgrade from BIGTREETECH is capable of detecting aberrant filament extrusion. For example, nozzle plugging, filament wrapping, and extruder failure.

It can detect filament failures such as filament breakage and filament depletion. This prevents filament from passing through the module.

It’s compatible with the Marlin 2.0.x open source firmware. Marlin2.0 makes use of tools, such as the Visual Studio IDE from Microsoft. 

It allows for online debugging, which is particularly useful for product development and performance optimization. Because it is written in C, it has a low development threshold.

There is support for a motherboard with a filament detection interface that is faulty.

TFT24 (12864 mode) and tft35 v3.0 are supported by screen 2004, 12864. (12864 mode). The module is undergoing optimization and will be touchscreen enabled in the long term.

Support for input voltages ranging from 3.3 to 5 volts. Long-range and short-range extrusion are both supported. Support filament with a diameter of 1.75mm. (Install the flexible filament before installing the extruder).

Installation is not required. The cost of this upgrade is $17.99 on Amazon.


Technical Specifications

Biqu b1 Upgrades
  • Consumable diameter Inspection :  1.75mm 
  • Consumable detection length: 7mm
  • 2.0.X marlin firmware
  • Dimensions of the module: 29.55mm x 75mm x 30mm

Parameters for Modules

Biqu b1 Upgrades
  • Size of module : 75mmX30mmX29.55mm
  • Fixed hole spacing : 20.35mm
  • Filament detection diameter : 1.75mm
  • Detection length : 7mm
  • Voltage : 3.3V~5V
  • Adapter firmware : marlin 2.0.X
  • Support extrusion : long – range extrusion, short – range extrusion

Improvised Hotend Fix for the Biqu B1

Biqu b1 Upgrades

Luke’s hot-end solutions are quite popular, and rightfully so. The original thing has more information, including the required length of PTFE tube.

A link to a specially built tube cutter, and more:

It is advised not to attempt this repair without first removing the nozzle and heater block.

Users must be able to confirm that the path is clear across the heat break. The newly installed PTFE tube from the patch arrives at the same location as before the fix.

What is the purpose of this remix? Just a few tweaks to the “washer” that was 3D printed. The extra “top flange” aids in keeping the “washer” centered. The extra “bottom flange” aids in keeping the PTFE tubing centered.

Printing Options: 

  • Printer : B1 BIQU
  • Rafts : Null
  • Supports : Null
  • 0.16 mm : resolution
  • 100 percent : infill
  • Filament manufacturer : 3D Solutech is a company that specializes in 3D printing.
  • Color of filament : Black
  • Material for the filaments : PLA

Dual Z-axis Upgrade

Biqu b1 Upgrades

If one wants to improve the performance and precision of their BIQU B1 3D printer, a dual Z-axis upgrade is a fantastic method to do it.

Dual leadscrews provide increased precision, load-bearing capability, and silent operation. Let’s see what else it offers:


Lead screw of excellent quality

Biqu b1 Upgrades

The printer runs smoothly thanks to a high-precision lead screw.


Stability has improved

Biqu b1 Upgrades

The upgrade kit improves the X-axis’ stability and decreases wobbling.

Following are the other features of this upgrade:

  • Leadscrew with a high degree of precision
  • Precision in guide rails is improved.
  • Wear-resistant
  • Application that is quiet

Technical specifications and product information

Biqu b1 Upgrades
  • Item number :     BIQU-UUU001880
  • Manufacturer Number :     UUU001880
  • Manufacturers :     BIQU
  • Content :     1 pc
  • Product types :     Other Spare Parts & Upgrades
  • Compatible with 3D Printers  :     BIQU B1, BIQU B1 SE Plus

New SSKR 2 Silent Control Board from BIGTREETECH

Biqu b1 Upgrades

The BIQU B1 Upgrades technology company’s 3D printing team refined and upgraded the BIGTREETECH SKR 2 Control Board to address the deficiencies of the SKR V1.4/V1.4 Turbo edition of the motherboard.

a) Salient Product Features:

Check out the important features of this product:

  • Main Control Chip with Lots of Power – STM32F407VGT6 main control chip from the M4 series ARM cortex having 168MHz core frequency.
  • Enhanced Security Design –Has a Thermistor protection circuit with advanced features. Thermal circuit protection has also been provided.
  • WIFI Interface Dedicated – Customers can utilize RepRap Firmware via an ESP8266 module (ESP12S or ESP-07).
  • 3 Fan Interfaces with PWM Control 
  • U disc interface with onboard push-pull TF Card Slot
  • Compatible with RepRap Firmware and Marlin

b) Product Description:

This control board for the printer base integrates an AOZ1284PI power regulator with a 12-24V input voltage.  Output is a current of 4A, which is enough to power external components like LEDs and even a Raspberry Pi;

By altering the onboard jumpers beneath each motor driver, motor drivers can be used in SPI or UART mode. 

Users can also use an onboard jumper to connect or detach the TMC DIAG pin. Thus, allowing them to use hard endstops or sensor less homing without cutting any pins.

Any possibility of a shorting of the circuits between the bed heating element and heater cartridge are protected by a protection circuit on the thermistor inputs. A lot of users make a mistake when the nozzles are being replaced or they are working on the hotend. Thus this feature will be quite useful.

A heater protection circuit on the bed and hotend heaters keep them from overheating. The heaters are turned off by default. So, if the MCU or MOSFETs are broken, the heaters will shut down rather than incur thermal runaway.

c) Main Specifications of the Product

  • Material used : PCB
  • No. of Items : 1
  • Part no. : KINGPRINTER-ZZB000528
  • Style : SKR 2 ONL

d) Product family’s specifications

  • Brand Name : BIGTREETECH
  • UNSPSC Code : 40000000

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