Best Table For 3D Printer / 3D Printer Workstation/ Desks & Workbenches

For the 3d printing to be effective and perfect, the printer should have a proper base on which it is being placed. 

A proper table for 3D Printer or a 3D Printer Workstation is highly essential to place the 3D printer which is very fundamental in order to avoid quality issues and inconsistent print results. 

Without the proper surface, a sudden movement in the extruder or print bed can spoil your model. That’s why it is worth investing in the best 3d Printer tables/desks & workstations to save time and money.

In this article, we will list out some of the best 3d Printer tables/workstations that are ideal for placing 3D printers without ruining the quality.

What Factors Classify the 3D Printer Workstation as a Good One?

Before discussing tables/workstations, let us first understand the factors that make a good 3D Printer Workbench so that we will be on the same page. 


The stability of the table is an important factor to be checked before buying it. Ensure that the table is sturdy and resistant to printer vibrations and bed movements. The table should be well built with proper weight and base. 

Sturdy, also means that the table should withstand the 3D printer weight without any hassle. The table should have a robust base with vibration-proof heavy legs. 

This keeps the printing operations to be smooth and helps the printer to print perfectly without errors.

Abundant Space

A workstation should offer ample space to accommodate the 3d printer comfortably along with sturdy and stability. This is useful while placing the large 3d printers needing more space. 

Check for the total surface dimensions of the table you are buying. The dimensions should be large enough to hold the printer and withstand its weight. 

Get a workstation that is spacious to host a 3d printer and also comes with shelves to hold all printing accessories. This should become a one-stop place for keeping all 3d related things.

One table, one 3D printing place with all 3d accessories in your home keeps you focussed. You dont have to search in different places if you need something. Thus, a good table can pave the way for having a full-in-full 3D printing area within your home.

The table should hold post-processing equipment, and tools used to configure the 3D Printer in it without any hassle. 

A Flat, Even Surface

This is an important and must-have feature for any table that holds a 3D print on it. A table should have a flat, even surface with enough space and sufficient temper to withstand the printer weight. Without these, any amount of durability or sturdiness is of no use. 

Many tables are built with designs on their surface and may not be suitable for 3D printing. Do your quota of inspection before buying the table. 

On the other hand, there are also tables whose leg heights are adjustable. These are ideal for 3d printers to set the correct height.

What kind of Impact on Print Quality Does a Wobbling / Shaking table have?

During 3D printing, many parts in the printer will work at higher speeds causing jerks, vibrations, and fast movements. This creates wavy print lines and imperfect layer surfaces. 

This problem gets doubled and tripled if you place your printer on a plastic table that is not firm and sturdy. Thus, it’s better to place printers on the floor rather than printing on these kinds of tables.

The vibrations of the surface also cause Ghosting or ringing, which is the terminology used in 3D printing.

A lot of users never realize it for a long time and they would have printed several models by then. 

Ringing is a wavy texture on the top layer of the print surface which happens when the 3D extrusion shakes or wobbles. This happens more when the printer table is more prone to vibrations.

Moving parts in a 3d printer are not steady at all times, especially at the corners while changing the direction. This is the point where Ghosting and ringing happen the most. 

Thus the artifacts caused by ringing are in the form of repeated lines that cause quality issues and sometimes ruin the entire print in itself.

Therefore, it is important to have a good table or workbench to place the 3D printer and that table should be sturdy and stable for any vibrations.

When you are planning to buy a 3D printer, plan your investment for the workstation also. This combination can really get amazing prints without any quality issues.

On the other hand, if the table is wobbling, then you may not be able to print at all due to high vibrations.

3D means accuracy and steadiness. All 3D printers will be designed having these things in mind. But when the table which holds the printer is shaky, then the 3D printer may/may not extrude at all. 

With a wobbling/shaking table, your printer vomits irregular lumps, and that’s why it’s important to have a good table that has strong legs, an even surface, and enough space to hold the 3D printer.

DIY Workbench – How to Make it?

Thinking of making your own Workbench? Well! It’s a good decision and workbenches can be easily made with proper guidance. DIY can make a workbench that is far cheaper than the ready-made expensive ones. 

Follow this tutorial to make a DIY workbench that is strong and sturdy.

You may not need complicated tools to make this workstation. The effort needed is minimal and yields a great output.

Below are the steps to make the DIY workbench yourself with some enhancements too:

  • Start with assembly. Arrange for the workbench surface and lower shelves while workbench frames will play their role here. 
  • Once you arrange the workbench surface, turn it upside down and fit in the legs by using screws. 
  • Now tighten the work table surface against the frames and fit in the top shelf frame.
  • Next, ensure that the top-shelf frame is having a fine finish and keep adding legs to it.
  • Finally, attach the top shelf to the workbench that is previously assembled using screws. Now the DIY work table is ready

You can also attach some extension cables and light strips to one of the top shelf legs to make it more lively.

Watch the below video for a detailed illustration of making a DIY workbench.

Best Tables for 3D Printer  

In this section, we are listing out the 2 best tables to place your 3D printer that is highly endorsed by positive reviews on Amazon. 

SHW Home Office Table For 3D Printer

SHW 48-Inch Table is a great suit for one who is starting their 3D printing journey. This table for 3D printer is listed as Amazon’s choice. The table comes with dimensions of 28″ H x 48″ W x 23.8″ D  which is ample enough to fit printers like Ender 3. There are metal chambers that will keep you away from installing screws and damaging the table. 

The material surface of this table is made using engineered wood and the rest is made with powder-coated steel. The table looks fully rectangular and adapts well to your 3d printing environment. 

The SHW table is a go-to product for many purposes apart from 3D printing usage. It has a good style with design and comes in 3 different colors. 

Speaking about the table quality, people have really praised it. Users say that it is the sturdiest table beyond their expectations. 

Its high grade and stability allow it to accommodate the 3D printer comfortably without any vibrations. The surface is smooth enough to hold a 3d printer and another handful of accessories.

Many people admire that this was the ideal table they were looking for. The strong foundation of the table makes it multipurpose and wobble-free while 3d printing. The table is easy to move and assembling takes only 10 minutes. 

Get SWH Home Office 48 Inch Computer Desk today from Amazon.

Foxemart 47-Inch Worktable

The Foxemart Worktable is another excellent option for your 3D printer. This table falls in the premium price range. But, considering its quality, and packaging many users said it’s worth every penny.

The table comes with a thick top surface wooden sheet with a thickness of 0.6’’ that is topped by metal. It can host large printers because of its high dimensions ( 47.27″ x 23.6″ 29.53″) and highly spacious. 

The design is space-savvy and its matte black legs keep it out of the crowd and value for money. There are many other expensive tables but they can’t compare in features with this best selling table. 

When it comes to 3d printing, this table can act highly sturdy with a great look and feel. It gives a luxurious impression with its wooden color and dashing blacktop. 

Many users agreed that the assembly of this table is too easy and literally needs minimum to no effort. The table is also waterproof with less maintenance because of its high quality. 

In conclusion, the Foxemart table looks like a premium product for anyone who looks at it. Its legs are adjustable up to 2 cm and stability is further enhanced. 

This table for 3D printer stands firmly even when the floor is not uniform.

The table also contains 2 shelves underneath that are useful to hold some 3d printing tools effortlessly.

You can check out many positive reviews for this product on amazon. Get yourself Foxemart 47-inch Office Table today from Amazon

Best 3D Printer Workbenches

To help you with more detailed information, we are introducing the 2 best workbenches that are highly suitable for 3D Printing. 

2x4basics DIY Workbench

If you are looking for a budget range DIY workbench, then this can be preferred. The beauty of this 2X4basics Workbench is that it is highly customizable and it can be assembled in an endless number of ways for multiple purposes. 3D users have massively benefited by using this DIY workbench. 

If you are into 3D printing, then this table can be a great addon to quality printing. Many reviews speak about the sturdiness and stability of this workbench.

In order to avail more customizations to the users, the manufacturer has not included lumber as this will limit the modifications. Without lumber, you can make the workbench to whatever size that is needed. 

Thus in order to fulfill user dreams, the workbench set is supplied with 4 legs and 6 shelf links. If you want lumber, it can be purchased at a low price and installed without any angular complications. Thus, setting this DIY workbench is very easy. 

In order to assemble this workbench, it wouldn’t take more than 1 hour. You can also paint this workbench before assembly to give it a beautiful look. 

The brackets that are included in 2X4basics are made with structural resin which is of high gauge. This makes the workbench withstand the harsh conditions which is a great boon in preventing the wrong 3d printing. 

Many people have praised how fun, lively, and easy to build this workbench without much effort. This could be a great 3D Printer workstation for you at a cheap price. 

Thus, order the 2×4 Basic Customizable workstation today for your 3d printing. 

CubiCubi 55″ Workbench

The CubiCubi 55’’ falls under the premium class of Workbenches that can perfectly hold the 3D printer with great stability. This smartly built worktable could be the perfect choice for your 3d printing. 

The table offers a vintage vibe and comes with many different contrast colors that make it get blended with other furniture in the home/office. This table is huge enough to accommodate a 3D printer effortlessly.

Many users who bought this table have said that it can accommodate more accessories along with a 3D printer and this huge space came as a surprise.

This workbench comes with 4 legs each 1.6’’ which are extra strong, highly durable, and powder-coated steel frames. Its load handling stability is backed by a triangular junction design that functions as an anti-wobble mechanism. 

Assembling this printer is easy, quick, and can be done in 30 minutes. The manufacturer will supply a detailed setup guide that gives step-by-step instructions A to Z. First, install all 4 legs promptly, and then fix the long desktop board on the top. 

Coming to the shape of the table, it has a modern shape with a fashionable look. The wooden boards are dark and rustic that boast a splice board design. 

The dimensions of the table are Length = 55’’ | Width = 23.6’’ & Height= 29.5’’ which indicates the strong base and stably withstand the 3D printer. 

This table package also includes another small table that can be used to place other accessories on the side of the 3D printer. It also comes with a hook too.

CubiCubi comes with a 2 years warranty and 24×7 customer support assistance. It has a lot of reviews and you can be confident in your investment in it. 

So get CubiCubi 55-Inch Office Desk from Amazon today. 

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