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What is the Strongest 3D Printing Filament You Can Opt For?

Although 3D printing is fun, some parts may not be strong enough to serve their purpose. This is often due to standard materials that have not been designed ...

How to Dry Filament Like an Expert – PETG, PC, TPU, Nylon, ABS, PLA

Why to dry 3D Filaments? Drying 3D filaments is important if you want to achieve consistent results while 3D printing. Most of the 3D filaments when ...

5 Best Filament Dryers to Boost your 3D Print Quality

In order to achieve top-quality 3D prints, the performance of the filament plays an important role and it depends on the filament’s dryness. The more the ...

Ultimate Guide on How to Start 3D Printing PETG Filament with FAQS

This article is a detailed guide that show you how to 3D print PETG filament like the pros.  What is PETG Filament? PETG, or Polyethylene ...

How Good Should be Your Computer for 3D Printing?

Overview of Using Computer for 3D Printing This is a question where a lot of hype is happening in the 3D Printing world. Most of the time, it is falsely ...

Ultimaker 2+ Review: Features, Specs, Pros, Cons

Ultimaker 2+ is the most recent model of the extremely popular desktop line for Dutch businesses, and it belongs to the market's premium category. ...

Artillery Genius Review: Features, Specs, Verdict

A year after the success of the Sidewinder X1, Artillery released a sibling, the Genius. Now, the Artillery Genius 3D printer has continued with its ...

Artillery Hornet Review: Features, Specs, Pros, Cons

The Artillery Hornet is a 3D printer using FDM technology for the desktop. It has a construction volume of 220mm x 220mm x 250mm (8.66" x 8.66" x ...

Elegoo Mercury Plus Review: Washing & Curing Machine For LCD/DLP/SLA Printed Models

Mercury Plus from Elegoo is a 2-in-1 wash and cure machine that is both lightweight and simple.  It facilitates cleaning of objects off ...

Glowforge Basic Review: Features, Specs, Pros, Cons

Laser Cutters are powerful and yet very expensive machines. For just $2,495 one can lay their hands on a much less expensive laser cutter called ...

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