6 Anycubic Chiron Upgrades To Consider

Having Anycubic Chiron and want to make it more effective? The following Anycubic Chiron upgrades can make this printer a more reliable machine:

Extruder of Titan Aero Type (4×0.4mm)

Titan Aero Extruder is the best Anycubic Chiron upgrade so far in the market. Plated with 4 wear-resistant nozzles of 0.4mm, this extruder is a solid extruder with a nice filament drive. It has a great mechanical design with solid and smart detailing. 

Most importantly, the users can build a light configuration for a 1.75mm filament. This will help them get away without a full-blown Bowden arrangement in many machines. That’s not all. It has more enticing features that make it one of the best Anycubic upgrades.

Following are the features of this incredible extruder:

  • 0.4mm nozzle with M6 thread for 1.75mm filament.
  • The nozzle is made of brass for superior thermal conductivity. Besides, it is also given a nickel coating for extending the nozzle’s life and preventing surface oxidation.
  • Compatible with Ultimaker 2+ Olsson block hotend, 1.75mm V6 V5 hotend and Prusa i3 Mk3 mk3s.
  • Nickel plating is extremely strong and resistant to wear. Applying Nickel plating on the nozzle surface can help to reduce friction and make the filament input process smoother.

The product’s basic specification and family specification are as follows:

  • The size of the extruder is 4*0.4mm.
  • The Ean is 0791300410520.
  • The UPC is 791300410520.
  • The UNSPSC Code is 27111500.
  • The product family’s brand name is POLISI3D.
  • 27000000 is the UNSPSC code.
  • It is made of brass material.
  • The item weight is 2.12 ounces. 

Stepper Motor Driver Model TMC2208 

Stepper Motor Driver TMC2208 is another upgrade to Anycubic Chiron upgrades. For 3D printing and cameras, the TMC2208 is a motor driver with an integrated solution. It also provides solutions for scanners and other automated applications for devices. 

The device includes an inbuilt micro-stepping indexer. Apart from this, it also includes a StealthChop2TM noiseless current control mode to operate a bipolar stepper motor. 

The following are some of the additional features of the Stepper Motor Drive TMC2208:

  • TMC2208 is a two-phase stepper motor driving chip with a continuous drive current of 1.4 amps. It has a peak current of 2 amps, a voltage range of 4.75 to 36 volts, and 256 subdivisions.
  • Since stealthChop2 is utilized in 3D printing the microlayer interpolation unit provides 256 subdivisions. These subdivisions provide flawless sinusoidal control in systems with limited pulse frequencies.
  • Works with current 3D printer components, avoiding costly redesign expenditures. It can be used to replace the original TMC2100 A4988 DRV8825 LV8729, and it produces less heat, which is ideal for the 3D printing market.
  • One can test their Silent Step Stick with this adapter. Besides, he/she can use a USB-to-serial converter to flash the TMC2208 Silent Step Stick with this adapter.
  • The user may use the adapter directly on their 3D printer board because it comes with stackable headers. On a USB to serial adapter, the tester is pre-configured for standalone operation (VIO-VM jumper closed).

The details about the product and its family are as follows:

  • It comes in the color TMC2208.
  • It is made up of a TMC2208 V1.2 stepper driver module.
  • Its UNSPSC code is 26111500.
  • Its family’s UNSPSC code is 40000000.
  • It comes in the brand name DORHEA.

Premium Quiet Fan of Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX, 3-Pin (40x10mm, Brown) Type

This is a series fan that features Channels for Flow Acceleration and a frame for Advanced Acoustic Optimization. This is essentially built for a better quiet cooling performance. 

This is an ideal substitute for noisy or malfunctioning 12V 4cm fans in 3D printers and DVRs. 

Besides, it is also perfect for switches, NAS, routers, and other storage and network devices. It has various features that make it stand out in the market. The following are the eminent ones:

  • 4500/3700 RPM, max. 17.9 dB(A), >150,000 h MTTF, 40x40x10 mm, premium quiet fan, 3-pin Molex, 12V, 4500/3700 RPM, max.
  • Fan screws, Anti-vibration mounts, and the Low-Noise Adaptor are included within this item. Apart from this, an extension cable and an OmniJoin adaptor set for attaching the fan to proprietary fan headers are also included.
  • The 3-pin 12V FLX version may be fine-tuned for optimal airflow using the provided Low-Noise Adaptors. Besides, it can also be used for near-silent operation at 4500 or 3700 rpm.

 Further details regarding this upgrade are as follows:

  • The item’s brand name is Noctua. 
  • It is compatible with printers.
  • 170 grams is the item weight.
  • The Global Trade Identification Number is 00841501110443.
  • The model number is NF-A4*10 PWM.
  • The maximum rotational speed is 5000.0 rpm.
  • 12.90 decibels is the noise level.
  • The UPC number is 841501110443.
  • 0.48 watts is the wattage and 12.0 is the voltage.
  • The Part Number is NF-A4x10PWM.

Extruder Tension for UniTak Make

This metal extruder only works with the Chiron and I3 Mega or other DIY 3D printers. The tension of the extrusion spring may be modified by tightening the screw which improves the printer’s performance. 

The heavy-duty aluminum alloy material used in the left-hand extruder is more durable and sturdy than the plastic one. PLA/ABS/Wood/TPU/PTEG are all supported by the upgraded metal extruder. 

The 1.75mm filament is fed smoothly by a 40-tooth driving gear. Other product specifications are listed below: 

  • It comes in the left-hand size.
  • Its UPC number is 605175679923. 
  • UniTak 3D is the brand name of this product’s family. 
  • Its Ean number is 0605175679923. 

“Ultrabase” for Anycubic

On the glass bed, Anycubic has its own patented “Ultrabase” coating. When the Bed is heated, this gets sticky, and when the Bed is cool, it completely releases the parts. The users can achieve the same effect by using Hairspray on Glass (Mirror), but he/she has to buy the right kind and then spray it each time (optimally). 

Of course, having a permanent surface – a complete HeatBed surface (!!) – is far superior. 

For sure, their surface holds 100 percent of the pieces at all times. Hairspray was sometimes insufficient or not applied evenly and hence caused problems with some prints.

Control Panel with TFT Touch Screen

WF70GTIAGDNT0 is a 7-digit code “TFT-LCD with RTP touch screen display module with WVGA 800×480 dot resolution. This is number seven “MCUs such as the AVR, 8051, PIC, ARDUINO, and ARM can easily control the TFT touch screen LCD display module. 

It can be utilized in embedded systems, automation, and GPS that demand a high-quality, colorful image on a TFT display. Medical equipment, industrial devices, and security equipment also fall on the list as well. The WF70GTIAGDNT0 module can operate between -20°C and +70°C, with storage temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C.

The ‘earlier’ simple Display Screen with Rotary Control Knob methods are quite inconvenient to operate! As a result, it is preferable to stay away from this.

However, with the Touch Screen panel, it is simple, allowing users to use it far more frequently! As a result, it’s a terrific thing to feature on a 3D printer!

Upgraded Firmware

Marlin 1.3.0 “Anycubic version” is included with the Chiron. For the time being, there are two main alternative Firmware options available, both of which were created by the community. Marlin 1.3.1 and Marlin 2 are two different versions of Marlin.

These versions also have a variety of ‘bonus’ functions/features, making them a worthwhile upgrade. (It’s either one or the other.) The users can always chop and switch Firmware, but they will have to redo all the settings including bed leveling. 

Even if these other versions don’t get the AUTOMATIC Bed Leveling properly, that alone would be reason enough to switch. Instead of the Anycubic stock 25, at least one of the above does 100 points of Bed Leveling. (And it had better operate properly and automatically!!!)

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