Anet A8 3D Printer Review : Features, Pros, Cons

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Anet A8 3D Printer

The 3D printer with dual extruders. Precise, reliable and affordable. Print simultaneously. Print on mirror and duplication mode. Reduce printing time. Fast and Accurate Prints.

  • Cheap 3D printer kit
  • Affordably priced 3D printer
  • Modifiable
  • Lots of 3D printable upgrades
  • Each Print/tweak increases performance.
  • Making a fun project
  • Bland assembly instructions
  • Difficult to build and use without basic 3D printing expertise
  • Steep learning curve
  • UI is impractical.
  • It takes practice to get the ideal print.
  • Awful manual calibration (auto-bed levelling available, but sold separately)
  • Negative

Introduction to Anet A8

Anet A8 3D Printer Review

Anet A8 3D printer is a complete do-it-yourself kit printer from China.Anet A8 is not the best fit for newbie users unless they learn how 3D printers work. They need to get ready to do a lot of tinkering at first. The Anet A8 costs roughly $150-200 in most regions, with a significant deal bringing the price down to $125. That reduced figure isn’t a mistake.

It’s crucial to check what theAnet A8 can achieve for the money. Instead of comparing it to devices that cost more than twice as much. Because, when compared to the large and costly printers, the Anet A8 appears to be a weak machine. It is one the top ten 3D printers for the same price range.

There are so many support groups to discuss more about these printers. It’s a good idea to follow them, which makes the user avoid making costly mistakes, especially during the first setup.

Anet A8 3D Printer Review
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Main Features of Anet A8

Anet A8 3D Printer Review

a) Do It Yourself kit

When the printer is delivered, it is almost disassembled. This is so obvious. It’s an unforgettable learning experience to put a 3D printer together. This experience will be forever. Step-by-step instructions are pre-loaded on an SD card inside.

In the files on the SD card, one will find links to instructional videos that users can watch. Overall, the assembly process appears to be a pleasurable experience.

b) Printer Design

The Anet A8 has a sleek and straightforward design, which is very appealing. All-metal pulley system of Anet A8 provides better performance while also increasing durability.

All the rods, gears, bearings, and connectors use stainless steel. Using stainless steel allows it to be more precise and smoother.

Additionally, it’s fitted with quick-release feed gears that link to the nozzle. With this, there will be continuous input to the filament.

Overall, the Anet A8’s construction and design are pretty impressive for the price.

c) Easy Instructions

While the assembly process may be challenging for some more novice users, anyone can build it.

The assembly process for this 3d printer takes approximately 4–6 hours. Thus, it is important to go slow and take a user’s time when assembling this printer.

Having such a large online following and support system, users will access all the help they need.

d) Variety of Filaments

The possibilities for printing and creating are limitless due to its wide range of filaments. This machine is capable of printing anything from standard PLA to wood. But, the PLA appears to work best when the printer is first turned on and running after testing.

The printer may need a few upgrades and modifications. This upgrade helps it to handle the different temperatures of other filament options. On the internet, you can find additional information about this.


Salient Features

Anet A8 3D Printer Review

Following are the key features of the Anet A8:

  • Economical; 
  • Open-source technology that is easily upgraded;
  • Supports Mac OS, Windows OS, and Linux OS 
  • SD card availability
  • Warm bed;
  • LCD display;
  • Extruder MK8, aluminum construction plate, Prusa frame

Technical Specifications:

Anet A8 3D Printer Review

Let’s check out the key specifications of the Anet A8:

  • Build Space : 8.6” x 8.6” x 9.5” 
  • Speed of Print : 100 mm per second
  • Types of Filament : Wood, PLA, Nylon PVA, Luminescent, ABS, PVA, PP
  • Resolution of Layer : 100 – 300 microns 
  • Thickness of Layer : 0.05mm – 0.35mm
  • Accuracy Position : 12 x 12 x 4 microns
  • Maximum Temperature : 500 °F  or 260 °C
  • Heated Bed Max. Temperature : 205 °F  or  96 °C
  • Dual Nozzle : Not available
  • Nozzle Diameter : 0.4 mm 
  • Levelling of Print Bed : Only manual
  • Print Bed : Aluminum Heated Print Bed
  • Display Screen : LCD Screen
  • Firmware : Open Source
  • Warranty : Not applicable
  • Cost : $163.99

Anet A8 3d Printer Advantages

Here are the most advantageous functions of the Anet A8 3D printer:

a) Support from a large online community

Easy-to-follow training videos, vast forums, and Facebook groups are all available online. Besides, there is continuous support from online communities, which is beneficial.

When the user needs extra parts or has encountered difficulty, they can check these groups for help. This issue might have been already raised by someone else and has posted a solution on the internet. If one is unable to discover a solution, always ask for help.

The Anet A8 online community is quite warm, accepting, and eager to assist. It’s advised to take part in online communities even if there are no difficulties at the user end. Participating in this may help the user to look out for new tips and methods. In this way, it assists the user in keeping the machine up to date, enhancing the printer’s performance.

b) Price Factor

Price is an important point that cannot be taken at ease. For less than $150, the user can have a Solid printer that can compete with some of the industry’s biggest brands. In the market, it has been as low as $130 and as high as $170. But it’s often heard people saying that they can’t afford it. How foolish it looks?

The Anet A8 is affordable and can fit any budget, lowering the barrier to entry into this business. The printer would be an excellent gift for someone else with such a lower price.

c) More Value for the Price

Together with the initial price point, this one is important. It’s reasonable to expect a $150 printer to provide results comparable to a printer in the same range. It’s not the case with Anet A8. This A8 printer can produce prints on par with some $800 and even $1000 machines that are available. It might be lacking some of the advanced technology ins and outs and prebuilt elements that are not required at this point.

Overall, Anet A8 is a printer that produces fine-made, faultless products for a lower price. This can be had for a fraction of the cost of a high-end printer. Anet A8 is an ideal choice for someone looking for quality and price.

d) DIY Assembling 

Keep in mind that the DIY part is both an advantage and a drawback in our opinion for this evaluation. Getting awareness of both sides of the DIY debate helps.

Who doesn’t like the process of creating something from scratch? Almost everybody is a 3D printing enthusiast that wants the process of creating. The assembling process will put the users’ building ability to the test and provide them with a valuable learning experience.

It is a straightforward task, but it will take some time to do it. All the Step by step instructions guide the user. Avoid taking any shortcuts at all costs, or else it will lead to the path of difficulties.

It’s a great experience and a sense of accomplishment to build a printer all by oneself. In addition, the feeling of making the equipment that will now perform the creating is incredible.


Anet A8 3D Printer Disadvantages

Anet A8 3D printer has many advantages, but it has its own drawbacks.

a) Building Pains

As said before, assembling it will put the user to the test and may be more difficult for some.

Some customers have reported that the assembly took them up to 12 hours. And for others, it took them only 3 hours. Success is dependent on the user’s patience and ability to follow directions. It might be fun and enthralling doing it by themselves. But, these printers are being purchased to have them complete the construction for us.

Lots of engineers and designers spend their time making models and printing them. They won’t spend hours building, tweaking, and upgrading machinery. It is up to the individual user and the printer experience they desire. Self-assembly might be an advantage or drawback entirely based on the user.

b) Missing Enclosure

As some people prefer an open machine to a closed device, this is only a minor inconvenience.  It’s good if there is an option for printing in a wholly enclosed setting. The enclosure helps to decrease warping and remove various other outside elements. This impacts the final print output.

c) Fakes Galore

Alerting the users about the existence of fake Anet A8 printers. Many illegitimate firms create similar printers but with parts of far lesser quality.

Many users complain that they received a printer with screws longer than rods. This happens because the screws were never threaded. Ensure this when purchasing an Anet A8. From a licensed vendor, such as Gear Best or Amazon, removes the risk of cheating.

Getting from the official retailers saves one a great amount of time and discomfort. As a result, the Anet A8 is safer to run than a sub-standard 3D printer.


Final Verdict

Anet A8 3D Printer Review

The Anet A8 3d printer is not suitable for everybody, which is understood. A large number of modifications are required out of the box for this low-cost 3D printer. It is required not only for performance enhancement but also for safety reasons.

Yet, once it’s optimized, it provides tremendous long-term value. By transforming itself, now it is capable of manufacturing excellent quality 3D models. Before committing to this low-cost DIY kit, make sure one is able to put in the time and effort. Then, play with it and be ready to encounter hundreds of failures.

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