Anet A6 3D Printer Review : Features, Pros, Cons

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Anet A6 3D Printer

The Anet A6 is an advanced version of the Anet A8 · User interface and frame are the major improvements. Read more for a detailed review


Product Overview

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

Anet A6 3D Printer Review : Who doesn’t love assembling and building stuff with their hands? Kit printers are the 3D printers that come without assembling. Kit printers are becoming popular these days in the 3D printer industry. All the parts inside it need to be set together by the user, like a do-it-yourself project.

These printers are low in cost and let the user learn about what’s inside the machine. This, in turn, helps the user to figure it out without reaching the service centers.

Anet A6 may not suit the people looking for a ready-to-print printer without getting their hands dirty. It also doesn’t fit users who can’t allocate time for it as it involves a lot of assembling.

All the tools and parts needed for assembling come with the package. The box also has a compact SD card containing manuals, test prints, and free slicer software. So, the user can start printing once the printer is installed.

Anet A6 3D Printer
Image: Source: Anet

In case of any trouble, Anet A6 tutorials on the internet provide the step-wise details, which helps in the assembling procedure.


Cores Features

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

a) Open Source System

Having complete control over 3D printer software as well as hardware is always a reward. However, some businesses appreciate it while others do not. 

The makers of Anet A6 encouraged it and opted for it. Anet A6 3D printer is an open-source printer that gives lots of freedom to its users. It provides the users the option to choose what suits their needs. As a result, Anet A6 users have complete control over the printer to print what they want and how they want.

b) Revised Design

Anet A6 is one of the most affordable and value-for-money 3D printers available in the market. Anet A6 is more solid with an acrylic frame which appears to be steady while printing.

The printer’s black style with visible metal and components gives a catchy look.

Anet A6 also comes with the redesigned knob. Using this knob, all the printing process (setup, adjustments, and refining) is easy and quick.

c) Construction Area

The highlight feature of Anet A6 is the size of the build area. The build space is as big as the print bed which affects what and how one can print. 

Such a low-cost printer coming with dimensions of 8.6” x 8.6” x 9.85” rather than 6” x 6” x 6 catches the eyeballs. 

A few extra inches in each direction make a significant impact on the kind of objects one can produce 


Advantages of Anet A6 

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

Now let’s look at some of the features that one can enjoy using this printer.

a) Do-it-Yourself

Building a machine using one’s hands is both satisfying and educational. The more hands-on, the more learning happens. As this allows the user to understand the printer very well, they can fix the issue independently.

It is no longer required to pay a fee to the service centers and there is no need for long queues. Furthermore, users can customize their printer to meet their specific requirements.

b) Value for money

Anet A6 is the best printer in the industry, in its price range,

A6 provides excellent quality in its prints and impressive specifications under the $300 price. The quality of this machine is in line with high-end machines that cost around $1500.

c) Online Groups

Anet A6 has a passionate online community on Quora, Facebook groups, and YouTube pages. Users can get help, tricks, and tips from these groups, which saves their time and energy.


Cons of Anet A6

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

Though the Anet A6 is adorable, it isn’t without flaws.

No Consistency and Issues with Parts

Even though Anet A6 has excellent advantages it also has its own drawbacks. This printer is coming for a significantly lower price with a lot many features that are not so perfect. 

There are reports from users who have encountered problems with missing pieces.

In some kits, washers, screws are missing, while others mentioned that screws weren’t threaded. The parts are also readily broken and worn. Be very careful while tightening the parts as it may give you split pieces of acrylic.

This is as obvious as the premium for a 3D printer is not being paid. However, this isn’t the most significant problem globally because the replacements can be found online or at the local hardware store.

If there are missing components or something breaks, always visit the online community for help. This problem may not be the most common one, yet it’s likely to be with so many people. This will not however demotivate someone in purchasing the A6. With this printer, the successes are many and the failures so few.


Upgrades are Easier

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

There is lots of data online to improve Anet A6 3D printer functionality. Here are some points on upgrades that need to be noted:

  • The time between prints reduces with auto-leveling.
  • A frame brace provides more support for the acrylic frame.
  • A spherical fan duct enables improved flow of air all over to cool the print.

Printable Upgrades for Anet A6

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

One of the coolest features of this printer is the vibrant community of makers. These makers love to create printable improvements for this printer. Clamps, for example, can be used to solve the circle problem. These are the most typical parts that users print to keep their printers up to date.

  • Belt for the Y-Axis
  • Braces for the Frame
  • Anet A6 circular fan duct 
  • Anet A6 Bed level nut and spring holders
  • Anet A6 Power supply cover
  • Anet A6 Z adjustable end-stop.

These are among the most typical upgrades for A6 3D printers.



Anet A6 3D Printer Review

a) Quality of Printing: 8/10

For print quality, this printer gets 80 points out of 100. This printer prints at 60 when built, but after lubricating the rods and fastening to a piece of wood, it prints at 80. By updating various features, such as the E3D type extruder, one can get it to 90 or higher.

b) Construction Quality: 7.5/10

This build is great because it seems sturdy enough to pick up while printing. This printer gets 75 because of its acrylic material.

c) Usability and Interface: 5/10

For user interface and navigation, it gets 50 out of 100. Unfortunately, it’s too low because fine movement control couldn’t be found as each click of the dial advances 3-4 positions.

So, if one wishes to shift the axis, they can do so. However, unless the user operates it via USB, they won’t be able to calibrate to 1mm.

d) Economic Sense: 9/10

Anet A6 gets 90 points in this category because it is the best printer at this price point.

e) Final Score 7.5/10

This 3D printer score is 75 out of 100 altogether. Navigation and acrylic frame reduced its score. If not, this printer would compete with other 3D printers 4 – 5 times.


Concluding Summary

Anet A6 3D Printer Review

Is the Anet A6 printer worth a good buy? Yes, for sure. This A6 gives a lot while it costs under $300. The A6 is a significant upgrade over the A8, to the Horizontal X-axis, from the entire graphics display. Where the A8 struggled or failed to print the flexible PTU and ABS, the A6 excelled.

Apart from that, the A6 features pleasant elements that the A8 lacks. Anet logo branding on the spool holder and the stepper motors and on-screen software is where A6 lacks. The A6 has a similar volume of construction but a smaller footprint. 

Even if you can afford the A8, A6 is the better option for its budget. 3D printing is a highly addictive hobby. It should be taught in all schools, and it’s going to be a part of almost every home item. So get Anet A6 and connect with the exciting and creative online community.

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